FFR-CA3280SY FILTER-Air(Baldwin PA2814, Fleetguard AF1843)

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  • Part Number FFR-CA3280SY
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FFR-CA3280SY
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge Inner Safety)
    Category: Filters-Air, Cartridge, Inner
    Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin PA2475. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included F-Gasket
    Updated: 17/11/2019

    Height: 473mm
    OD/Width Max: 141mm
    OD/Width Min: 130mm
    ID/Depth Max: 119mm
    ID/Depth Min: 18mm

    Alco MD7056, MD-7056, Allis Chalmers 239463-7, AP Lockheed AP3662, LK3662, Atlas Copco 16195698, 1619-5698, 1619569800, 1619-5698-00, 2601874, 29000520, 2900-0520, 2900052500, 2900-0525-00, Baldwin PA2814, Bomag 5821307, Bosch 1457429824, 1-457-429-824, S9824, Case IHC 534152, 60533124, Claas 178443.1, 1784431, 643331, 643331.0, 6433310, Coopers Fiaam AZA450, FLI6788, Crosland 9745, Demag 988765, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 02394637, 04144966, 4144966, Donaldson P532003, P775370, P776697, Donit 4930487, Eurofilter 4606, 46-06, Faun Frisch 1470717, 4134415, Fendt F291200090110, F926200090020, Fiat 01902132, 2394637, 42032856, Filtration Control FCL2192, Filtrex FH1790, Fleetguard AF1843, Fleetrite AFR81843, Ford 430287, CA4684SY, Forgeville 833FV, Fram CA3280SY, CA9872SY, Greyfriars 1309A, Hengst E117LS, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA11793, In Line Filters FA10339, FFRCA3280SY, FFR-CA3280SY, FINFA10339, FIN-FA10339, Ingersoll Rand 92686955, Iveco 1902132, 1909132, 42481020, 42481021, John Deere AZ48196, Kaelble 24000505, 240-00-505, Kalmar 9231100217, Kralinator LA1765, Leyland Daf BL 691280, Liebherr 5106575, 510657508, 73667182, 7367182, Luberfiner LAF1719, Mahle Knecht LKS43, LX5431, LXS43, LXS43/1, LXS431, SE210, MAN 45.65055.149, 4565055149, 81.08304.0065, 81083040065, Mann 4465075304, 4565075474, CF1300, CF1300SY, Mercedes 3500947104, Nelson Winslow 84909S, New Holland 80430287, 86509129, Orenstein and Koppel 1415870, 8003752, Permatic FA3436, Poclain E2750574, Purflux A890, Purolator Facet A78103, AF3103, Renault 6005019719, Sakura A5311, A-5311, A6304S, A-6304-S, Savara 923518, 92351817, SA518, Scania 368016, SF Schupp SL8454, Sofiltra 125204, Sofima S1450A, Sogefi Pro FLI6788/SGP, FLI6788SGP, Steyr 99012190030, 990-12-190-03-0, 99112190030, 991-12-190-03-0, Sure SFA1300S, SFA6501SET, Tecfil AR840, AS840, Tecneco AR541, Tecnocar A541, UFI 27.979.00, 2797900, Valtra Valmet 800032310, 836331744, Virgis ST13529, ST-13529, Volvo 11033783, 110337839, 11110151, 11110151-5, 4785749, 47857495, 4785749-5, Wix 42609, 49108, 542609, Woodgate WGA96S

    Atlas Copco AB1804(Deutz BF6L913C Engine), PTS1500(Deutz BF12L413 Engine), ST95DD; STS95DD(Deutz BF6L413 Engine), XA120; XAS120; XASS120(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), XA160; XAS160; XASS160(Deutz F6L912 Engine), XA80; XA80D; XAS80; XASS80(Deutz F3L912, F6L912 Engine), XAS1600(Detroit 8V-92 Engine), Auwaerter Auwaerter Coaches fitted with Mann Air Filter, Claas 405 Lexion(Perkins Engine), 420 Lexion(Mercedes Engine), 430 Lexion(Mercedes Engine), Commander 115 CS; 116 CS(OM421A, OM422 Engine), Commandor 115CS; Dominator 115CS; Commandor 116CS; Dominator 116CS(Mercedes OM421A Engine), Dominator 115CS; 116CS(OM421A, OM422 Engine), Dominator 116CS(Mercedes OM421A Engine), Dominator 118SL Maxi(OM366LA Engine), Lexion 410; 415(Perkins 1006.6T Engine), Lexion 410; 415(Perkins 100606TA Engine), Lexion 420; 430(Mercedes OM366LA Engine), Lexion 420; 430(OM366LA Engine), Mega 204; Mega 208(Mercedes OM366LA Engine), Mega 218(Mercedes OM441A Engine), Demag SC10; SC10D; SC10DS(Deutz F6L912 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD DX230; DX230A(Deutz BF6L913 Engine), DX250V Allrad, DX8.30, DX8.30, Faun Frisch F3000B(Deutz BF12L413 Engine), F3000B, Faun Frisch Loaders fitted with Mann CF1300 Air Filter, Faun Frisch Trucks fitted with Faun-Frisch Air Filter, HZ36.40/45 6x4; HZ36.40/45 6x6; HZ36.40/45W 6x6; HZ46.40/49 8x6;8x8; HZ46.40/49W 8x6; HZ46.40/49W 8x8; HZ50.40/45W 6x6(Deutz BF12L413 Engine), Fendt Favorit 622LS; 622LSA(MAN D2566ME Engine), Favorit 626, Favorit 626LSA, Favorit 824(MAN D0826 Engine), Favorit 924 Vario; 926 Vario(MAN D0826LE, D0836LE Engine), Grove GMK6300(Mercedes OM502LA Engine), Iveco 150.23, 159.20(8220.02 Engine), 159F(Unic X200 Engine), 159N(8220.02 Engine), 159NC20(8220.02 Engine), 159NC20; 159NR20(Unic X200 Engine), 160.23, 160NC; 160NCU; 16NT, 170.26, 170.30, 170.33; 190.33; 170NC33; 190NC33(8280.01 Engine), 170.35(8280 Engine), 170.35, 170.35, 170.35; 190.35; 220.35; 240.35(8280.02 Engine), 170F(8210 Engine), 170F(8220.02, 8280.02 Engine), 170N(8200.03 Engine), 170NC; 170NT(8200.03 Engine), 170NC; 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330.30HT(8210.22 Engine), 330.32(Deutz F10L413F Engine), 330.35, 330F; 330R, 370.24, 9156; 9157, HE260.26(8210.02 Engine), Jenbacher JW1000K; JW2000KL, John Deere 1450AL; 1450CWS; 1450WTS, 2056; 2058, 2064; 2066(6076 PowerTech Engine), 2256, 2258; 2264; 2266, Kaelble KK25; KK35(MAN D2566MTE Engine), KK50(Mercedes OM404A Engine), KV33(Mercedes OM423 Engine), Kobelco WLK35(Deutz BF6M1013E Engine), Leyland Daf BL 2100(Daf DH825, DHTD825, DHR825, DHT825 Engine), 2300(Daf DHR825, DHT825, DHU825 Engine), 2500(Daf DHS825 Engine), F2000DH; F2000DT; F2100DH; FA2100DH; FT2100DH; FA2100DHT; FAR2100DHT; FT2100DHT; FAS2100DHT; FT2100DHTD; F2105DHT; F2105DHTD(825 Engine), F2100(DH825, DHT825, DHTD825, DHR825, DU825 Engine), F2100EHD, F2100EHD; F2300EHD(DH825 Engine), F2205, F2300(DH825, DHT825, DHU825 Engine), F2300DHT; FAT2300DHT; F2305DHT(DHT825 Engine), F2300EHD, F2500(DHS825 Engine), F2500DHS; F2505DHS; FT2505DHS; F2525DHS; F2535DHS(DHS825 Engine), FA2105, SB3000(DKV 1160 Engine), TB2100(825 Engine), Liebherr A932; R932(D906T Engine), A932; R932HD(D914 Engine), A932Li, A934 Litronic; R934, A944 Litronic; R944 Litronic; R944V Litronic(D926T-E Engine), A944B Litronic; R944B Litronic, LT1035(Mercedes OM422 Engine), LT1045; LT1050; LT1075(Mercedes OM403 Engine), R932 Li, R942 Li, MAN 16.256(D2538 Engine), 16.280(D2566MT Engine), 16.320(D2538 Engine), 16.320, 19.256(D2538 Engine), 19.280(D2566MT Engine), 20.280(D2566MT Engine), 20.320(D2538 Engine), 20.320, 22.280, 22.320, 22.320, 26.256(D2538 Engine), 26.280, 26.320(D2538 Engine), 26.320, 30.256(D2538 Engine), 30.280(D2566MT Engine), 30.320(D2530 Engine), 30.320(D2538 Engine), 32.280(D2566MT Engine), 32.320(D2530 Engine), 32.320(D2538 Engine), 38.320, 38.320, 40.280, 40.320, 40.320, New Holland TX34, TX34, TX36(Ford 678HTA Engine), TX62, TX64, TX64, TX65, TX65, TX65, TX68(7.5L Engine), TX68(Fiat Engine), Renault Cruisair PR2; PR3; PR3A(Detroit Diesel Engine), Cruisair PR2A; PR3A(G.M. 6V53N45 Engine), Cruisair PR2A; PR3A;PR100(V800 Engine), ER100(Renault MIDS 06.20.30 Engine), PR100; 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F180DN; F180DN10(Deutz F6L413R Engine), F230D; F230D10; F230D12; F230DN; F230DN10(Deutz F8L413Y Engine), VME L120; L120B(Volvo TD71G Engine), L120C, L150(Volvo TD102GC Engine), L160(Volvo TD101G Engine), L180(Volvo TD122 Engine), Vogele Super 1900, Super 1900-2, Super 2100(Deutz BF6M1013 Engine), Super 2100-2, Super 2500, Vision 5200-2; Vision 5203-2(Cummins QSB6.7 Engine), Volvo 120C, 4400(TD60B Engine), 4400; 4500, 4500(TD70H Engine), 4600(TD100A Engine), 4600; 4600B, 4600B; 5350, 5350, 5350, A20(TD71G Engine), A20(Volvo TD71G Engine), A20C, A25, A25(Volvo TD71K Engine), A25; A25B(TD71K Engine), A25C, A25C 4x4; A25C 6x6(TD73K Engine), A25D(D10BACE2 Engine), A30, BM308(TD100 Engine), DR5350(TD70G Engine), DR860; DR860A; DR860S(D50A Engine), DR860S, DR861(TD60B Engine), L120, L120; L120B(Volvo TD71G Engine), L120B, L120C(TD73 Engine), L120C(Volvo TD71G Engine), L120E(D7D Engine), L150(TD102GC Engine), L150; L150C(Volvo TD102GC Engine), L160, L160; L160 High-Lift(Volvo TD101G, TD102, TD102GB Engine), L180(TD122 Engine), LM1640(Scania D11 Engine), LM1640STD; LF1641; LM1641(D100, TD100 Engine), VHK3500; VHK3700(TD70E Engine), VHK510(TD100A Engine), Wirtgen SP500(Deutz BF6M2013C Engine), W1000F, W1000F, W1200F; W1300F, W1200F; W1300F

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