FIN-FA14915 FILTER-Air(Alco MD-152K, Baldwin PA1690-FN, Fleetguard AF435KM)

Price(Ex Vat): £6.76

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  • Part Number FIN-FA14915
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    PartNo: FIN-FA14915
    Stock Level: 12
    Description: FILTER-Air(Cartridge with Fins)
    Category: Filters-Air > Cartridge > Fins
    Details: For inner safety filter use FIN-FA14747, FBW-PA2535 or FIN-FA14909. Air Element with Fins. Outer element on some applications. Use with Baldwin PA2861, PA4740. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also G103-N F-Gasket.
    Remarks: FIN prefix products are our main catalogue items so carry all our Cross Reference and Vehicle Application data. They are not Brand Specific but will usually be better Priced and have a better Stock Level than our Brand Specific items.
    If stock level shown above is zero then delivery is usually 3-4 days.
    Updated: 16/10/2020

    Height: 263mm
    OD/WidthMax: 130mm
    OD/WidthMin: 104mm
    ID/DepthMax: 63mm
    ID/DepthMin: 20mm

    AC Delco A297C, A297CL, PC138, PC138K, Agco 330071420, 33-0071420, Air Refiner ARM101275, ARM10-1275, ARM410K, Alco MD152K, MD-152K, Allis Chalmers 0025796, 0239518-4, 0257597, 2097035, 20970356, 2097035-6, 2103129, 235918, 239513, 239516, 239518, 2395184, 239518-4, 250699, 257597, 25796, 4841879, 4907794, 49077943, 4907794-3, 4996253, 49962530, 4996253-0, 7023951-8, 7209703-5, 72097371, 72103129, 7210312-9, Ammann 5612112012901, 56-121120-12901, Antonio Carraro 6155539, AP Lockheed AP3422, AP3422K, LK3422, LK-3422, LK3422K, LK-3422K, Asahi AMC IA377, IA-377, MA588, Atlas Copco 1318209, 1503255600, 1503-2556-00, 29006488, 2900-6488, 2900648800, 2900-6488-00, Aveling Barford 28111070, ABP3003085, GDH621001, GOH621001, Baldwin PA1690FN, PA1690-FN, Bauer N02206, NO2206, Becker 84040507, 84040507000, Benford 800518, BluePrint ADL ADXX2201, MA2, Bobcat Melroe 15D1357, 6646494, Bomag 05730113, Bosch 1457433200, 1-457-433-200, 1987430009, 1-987-430-009, 9451160009, 9A, S3200, Carrier 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Industrial Engine), 220(VW Engine), 730(Wisconsin Engine), 610(Wisconsin Engine), 630(Wisconsin Engine), 600(Wisconsin Engine), 610(Wisconsin Engine), 730(Wisconsin Engine), 600(Wisconsin VF4D; VH4D Engine), M600; M610(Wisconsin VF-4D; VH-4D Engine), 700; 720(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 620(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 620; 630(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), M700; M720(Wisconsin VH-4D Engine), Bonser G45; H45(Lister ST2 Engine), G35; H35(Lister ST2 Engine), 35G; 35H; 45H(Lister ST2 Engine), Bristol Pneumatic 170P2(4.236 Engine), ATS115(Electric Engine), ATS60(Electric Engine), ATS192(Electric Engine), ATS70(Electric Engine), ATS135(Electric Engine), ATS160PD2; ATS160PD4(Ford 2701E Engine), ATS191PD2(Ford 2701E Engine), 144F2(Ford 2712E Engine), ATS160PD2; ATS160PD4(Ford 2712E Engine), 144L2(Leyl. 4-98 Engine), 170L2(Leyl. 4-98 Engine), ATS192, 192, Carrier Transicold Thunderbird NDF-425; NDJ-425(Carrier Transicold 4-114 Engine), Thunderbird NDJ-425; NDF-425(Carrier Transicold 4-114 Engine), 69GN15-124(CT4-114 Engine), 69GC15-104; 69GC15-114; 69GC15-134; 69GC15-144; 69GC15-154; 69GC15-174; 69GC15-184; 69GC15-194(CT4-114; CT4-133-DI; CT4-134-DI Engine), 69GC15-164(CT4-134DI Engine), Thunderbird(CT4-134DI; CT4-114 Engine), Advantage(CT4-134DI; CT4-134TV; CT4-114 Engine), Eagle(CT4-134DI; CT4-134TV; CT4-114; CT4114DI Engine), Case IHC DH4; FH4; W4(1.8L Engine), W4(1800D Engine), DH5(188 Engine), DH4; DH4B; FH4; W4(2.1L Engine), 21B 31kW 42hp(504.2 Engine) From 1995 To 1999, 221B 36kW 49hp(504.2T Engine) From 1995 To 1999, 2300A(BC144 Engine), 354; D354; 364; 414; 444; D444(BC144; BD144; BD154 Engine), D354; D444(BD 154 Engine), 354(BD144A Engine), 2300A(BD144A Engine), 364(BD154 Engine), 384(BD154 Engine), 203(C153 Engine), 375(C153 Engine), 210; 225; 230; 275(C153 Engine), 3514(C153 Engine), 105(C153 Engine), 275; 375(C-153 Engine), 210; 225; 230; 275; 375(C-153 Engine), 203(C-153 Engine), 105(C-153 Engine), 375(C175 Engine), 3514(C175 Engine), 3616(C221 Engine), 606(C221 Engine), 606(C221 Engine), 2606(C221 Engine), 606(C-221 Engine), 3514(D188 Engine), 3514(D239 Engine), 1737(G148B Engine), 310; 310D; 310E; 310G; 311B; 420B(G148B Engine), 1740(G188D Engine), 580; 580B; 580F(G188D Engine), 450; 450D(G188D Engine), 4140(Gas Engine), 4130(Gas Engine), 1830(Gas Engine), H25(IHC BD154 Engine), W4(Mitsubishi Engine), 245 15kW 21hp(Mitsubishi Engine), 245(Mitsubishi 21bhp Engine), Maxi-Sneaker, Maxi-Sneaker, Maxi-Sneaker, 450, Mini-Sneaker B, 310G, 150; 150M, 275, 265, 245; 255, 244; 254, 350; 350D, 1740, 1737, 580, 4140, 580F, 384, BH25, 444, 1830, W4 1800D, C175, 1530; 1530B; 1537, 150, 350; 350B; 350C; 350D, 30 Fleethoe(Wisconsin Engine), 430 Scatback(Wisconsin Engine), 25+4XP(Wisconsin Engine), 1530; 1530B; 1537(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), 360(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 30+4; 40+4(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 25+4(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Clark C500 Y40D; H500 Y40D; C500 DEX; H500 DEX(4.203 Engine), C500 Y50D; H500 Y50D(4.203 Engine), Clarklift 40D(4.203 Engine), Clarklift 45D(4.203 Engine), Clarklift 50D(4.203 Engine), C500 Y45D; H500 Y45D(4.203 Engine), C500 Y60D; H500 Y60D(4.203 Engine), C500 Y55D; H500 Y55D(4.203 Engine), Clarklift 55D(4.203 Engine), DC30; DC40; DCY40; DC50(4.203 Engine), Clarklift 40D; Clarklift Y40D; Clarklift 45D; Clarklift Y45D; Clarklift Y50D; Clarklift 55D; Clarklift Y55D(4.203 Engine), IT40, C500Y, C500, H30; H40; H50; H30D; H40D; H50D; HY40; HY50; HY40D; HY50D; Y40; Y50; Y40D; Y50D, F235; FY235; Y235; Y355; H355; HY355; Y355; H355D; HY355D; Y355D; H355PD; HY355PD; Y355PD, 12B(Waukesha 180DLC Engine), 12B(Waukesha 180GKB Gas Engine), Compair Holman 280D(6.354 Engine), 152GT; 180GT; 280D; D370(6.354 Engine), GT(Ford 2701E Engine), GT Portable 130; 180(Ford 2701E Engine), 152GT; 180GT; 280D(Ford 2704E; 2711E Engine), 152GT; 180GT; 280D, 152GT; 180GT, Davis 70-4(Hatz Z108 Engine), 25-4(Kohler Engine), 25+4(Kohler K582S Engine), Maxi Sneaker(Leyland Engine), Mini Sneaker(Onan Engine), D100, D100, D4; W4, 40+4(Wisconsin Engine), 30-4; 40-4; 70-4(Wisconsin Engine), Demag Demag Construction Equipment fitted with Donaldson P101275 Air Filter, Deutz AG Fahr KHD Agrokid 25A; 25HST 18kW 25hp(Mitsubishi K3F-D Engine) From 2003, Agrokid 25 20kW 27hp(Mitsubishi K3F-DE Engine) From 2000, Agrokid 45 31kW 42hp(Mitsubishi; Typ: K4 F-D Engine) From 1997 To 2003, Agrokid 35 35kW 48hp To 2003, Ditch Witch 2300(Wisconsin Engine), 3210(Wisconsin Engine), R30; V30; R40(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Doosan Daewoo 170, Drain Jetter TE20, Dresser S4-6B, Dynamic 4000B Swinger, Swinger 160B, Dynapac CG11; CG12, CC10(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Erickson FB5, LC4D(Wisconsin Engine), FAI 222(103.X Engine), 230(Yanmar Engine), 235(Yanmar Engine), 245(Yanmar Engine), 333(Yanmar Engine), Min Trak 218(Yanmar 3TNC78E Engine), PC10(Yanmar 3TNE82 Engine), PC20; PC30(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), Ford CL40(104GF Gas Engine), CL35, CL25, 104D; 105D; 106D, 204D; 205D, 404D; 405D, 104D; 105D; 106D; 204D; 205D; 404D; 405D, 340, CL40(V4 Engine), 340(Wisconsin Engine), CL30(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Furukawa FL170(6BFI Engine), FL70(C221 Engine), FL70(C221 Engine), FL60; FL60A(C240 Engine), FH115(H843-1K Engine), FH115(H843-1K Engine), CD5; CT5; CD5-P-PM; CT5-P-PM, CD3-B-P; CT3-B-P, FL60; FL70, FL70A, CD5-P-PM; CT3-B-P; CT5B, CT5; FH30; FL60, Galion S4-6(Waukesha Engine), Gehl HL4400(134 Ford Engine), HL4400(134 Ford Engine), HL4400(4.108 Engine), SL4615(4.108 Engine), HL4600(4.108 Engine), HL4400(4.108 Engine), SL4610 33kW 45hp(4.108 Engine), SL4610(4.108 Engine), SL4610; SL4615(4.108 Engine), HL4600(4.108 Engine), 4600; 4610(4.108 Engine), SL4610(4.19 Engine), SL4615(4.19 Engine), SL3725(411 VSG Ford Engine), SL4525(413 VSG Ford Engine), SL4525(413 VSG Ford Engine), HL4500(Ford Engine), HL4700(Ford Engine), HL4400 HydroCat(Ford 134 Engine), 4400 Hydrocat(Ford 134 Engine), 4500(Ford 1600cc Engine), 4700(Ford 1600cc LPG Engine), SL4510; SL4515(Ford KSG Engine), SL3510(Ford KSG Engine), SL3510 21kW 29hp(Ford KSG411 Engine), SL4510; SL4515(Ford VSG Engine), SL3725(Ford VSG411 Gas Engine), SL4525(Ford VSG413 Engine), SL3510(I-67 KSG Ford Engine), SL3510(I-67 KSG Ford Engine), SL4510(I-79 VSG Ford Engine), SL4515(I-79 VSG Ford Engine), HL4700(I-98 KSG Ford Engine), SL4515(I-98 KSG Ford Engine), HL4700(I-98 KSG Ford Engine), SL4510(I-98 KSG Ford Engine), HL4500(I-98 KSG Ford Engine), HL4500(I-98 KSG Ford Engine), SL3610(Isuzu QD27 Engine), SL1625 16kW 22hp(Isuzu QT23 Engine) From 1992, SL2610 18kW 25hp(Isuzu QT23 Engine) From 1995, SL3610 25kW 34hp(Isuzu QT35 Engine), SL3615(Isuzu QT35 Engine), SL3725(Kubota B1305E Engine), SL1610 15kW 20hp(Kubota D850BW Engine), SL3825 25kW 34hp(Kubota V1305B Engine) From 1992, SL3825SX(Kubota V1305B Engine), SL4625(Kubota V2203 Engine), SL4625 35kW 48hp(Kubota V2203B Engine) From 1992, HL2600(NHC Onan Engine), HL2600(Onan NHC Engine), 2600(Onan NHC-M5 Engine), SL3610(QD27 Isuzu Engine), SL3610(QD27 Isuzu Engine), SL3615(QT35 Isuzu Engine), HL4400 HydroCat, 1439, Hydrocat HL3030, 3610, SL3825(V1305-B Kubota Engine), SL3825(V1305-B Kubota Engine), SL4625DX(V2203-B Kubota Engine), SL4625DX(V2203-B Kubota Engine), SL4625DX(V2203-B Kubota Engine), SL4625SX(V2203-B Kubota Engine), SL4625SX(V2203-B Kubota Engine), SL4625SX(V2203-B Kubota Engine), HL4300(VH4D Wisconsin Engine), HL4400(VH4D Wisconsin Engine), HL4400(VH4D Wisconsin Engine), HL3030(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), HL4300(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), HL4400 HydroCat(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), HL3030 Hydrocat(Wisconsin VH-4D Engine), 300 Hydrocat(Wisconsin VH-4D Engine), 4300(Wisconsin VH-4D Engine), 272(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 292(Yanmar 3TNE88 Engine), 502(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 362(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), 342(Yanmar 4TNE88 Engine), Goldoni 3050DT(VM Engine), Hanix N21(3-AD1 Engine), N350-2(K4E Engine), N300-2(K4E Engine), N31(SD16 Engine), N450-2, Hesston SL30(Isuzu Engine), SL20(Isuzu Engine), SL10(Onan 18XSL Engine), Hokuetsu Kogyo AX20U(Kubota D1105E Engine), AX30(Kubota V1505E Engine), PDS90S(Yanmar 3TNC 78L-RHK Engine), Hough H25, Huerlimann H325DT Prince 19kW 26hp(Mits. K3F-D Engine), H335DT Prince 26kW 35hp(Mits. K4F-D Engine), Prince 435 26kW 35hp(Mitsubishi K4F-D Engine) From 1997, Prince 325 XV 18kW 25hp(Mitsubishi K3F-D Engine) From 1997, Prince 445 33kW 45hp(Mitsubishi K4F-DT Engine) From 1997, Prince 435 H.D., Hustler 4500(Ford Engine), 4600(Kubota V1205; V1505 Engine), Hydramac 12C(4.108 Engine), 12C(Chrysler; Isuzu; Ford 98 Engine), 18D(Ford 172 Engine), 18(Ford 172 LPG Engine), 10; 12C(Ford 98 Engine), 10(Ford 98 Engine), 9C(Isuzu Engine), 2050(Isuzu 4JB1 Engine), 6C(ONAN Engine), Hydrovane HV4P; HV4PG; HV5P(4.108 Engine), HV6P(500 Engine), 152GT; 180GT; 280D(6.354 Engine), GT Portable 130; 180 c.f.m.(Ford 2701E Engine), 152GT; 180GT; 280D(Ford 2704E; 2711E Engine), Hyster C330A(Gas Engine), S2.50XL(Gas Engine), H25XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H35XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H40XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S60XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H60XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S25XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H50XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S35XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S40XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H2.50XL, H25XL; H35XL; H40XL; H50XL; H60XL, S25XL; S35XL, Hyundai R320LC-3(LT10 Engine), IHI 40F(Isuzu Engine) From 1988, 50F(Isuzu Engine), 35F(Isuzu Engine), 30F(Isuzu Engine), 28G(Isuzu Engine), 40F(Isuzu Engine), 35G-2(Isuzu Engine), 35F(Isuzu 3AB1 Engine) From 1988, 35G(Isuzu 3KA2 Engine), 30F(Isuzu 3KR1 Engine) From 1988, 28G 21kW 29hp(Isuzu 3KR2 Engine) From 1990, 50F(Isuzu 4JA1 Engine) From 1988, 75F(Isuzu 4JB1 Engine) From 1988, 50G 35kW 48hp(Isuzu 4JC1 Engine) From 1990, 50G(Isuzu 4JC1 Engine), 40G(Isuzu 4JE1 Engine) From 1990, 40G(Isuzu 4JE1 Engine), Iseki TS3510(3ADI Engine), 4370, Isuzu 3KR1, QT35, Jaeger 4PTD, JCB 6C(Ford 2703 Engine), 1000(Ford 2703 Engine), 802, 802, John Deere 700; 734(Gas Engine), 880(Gas Engine), 900HC 18kW 25hp From 1986 To 1990, 215, 125, 125, 24G, 1050, 50, 40, JD600 Hy-Cycle, JD700 Hy-Cycle, JD24AG, JD24AD, JD24A, JD850, JD950, JD900HC, 170, 30, JD24(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), 850 16kW 22hp(Yanmar Engine) From 1978 To 1989, 1050 24kW 33hp(Yanmar Engine) From 1980 To 1989, 950(YANMAR Engine) From 1978 To 1989, Johnson Humper(Lister SR3 Engine), Kobelco K903; KW903B(Isuzu C240 Engine), K903B(Isuzu C240 Engine), SK027(Yanmar Engine), SK024(Yanmar Engine), SK030(Yanmar 3TN84 Engine), SK035(Yanmar 3TN84 Engine), SK024(Yanmar 3TN84L Engine), SK035 20kW 27hp(Yanmar 3TN84L Engine) From 1992, SK024(Yanmar 3TN84L Engine), SK032(Yanmar 3TN84TL Engine), SK027(Yanmar 3TN84TL Engine), SK032(Yanmar 3TN84TL Engine), SK027(Yanmar 3TN84TL Engine), SK035-2(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), SK030-2(Yanmar 3TNE84 Engine), Koehring 6608(Isuzu 4JB1 Engine), 6605(Isuzu C240 Engine), Kohler 15EORD; 15EORZD(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 12.5EORD; 12.5EORZD(Yanmar 4TNE84 Engine), 20EORZ; 20EORZD(Yanmar 4TNE84-T Engine), Komatsu D10S Mk II(2D94 Engine), PC15-3(3 D 84 N- 2 Engine), PC05-5(3 D 84-1 Engine), PC20-2(3 D 84-1 Engine), PC20-3(3 D 84-1 Engine), PC40-5; PC40-6(3 D 95 S Engine), PC10-5; PC10-6(3D75-2c; 2I Engine), WA20-1(3D781 Engine), WA20-1(3D78-1 Engine), PC15-1; PC15-2(3D78-1 Engine), WA20-1(3D78-1 Engine), PC15-1(3D78-1C Engine), PC15-1; PC15-2(3D78-1C; 1E Engine), PC28-1(3D781D Engine), PC28-1; PC28UU-1(3D78-1D Engine), PC15-2(3D78-1E Engine), PC20-7(3D82E Engine), PC15-3(3D82E Engine), PC20-7(3D82E; 3D84N Engine), PC25-1(3D82E; 3D84N Engine), PC28UU-2(3D82E; 3D84N Engine), PC15-3(3D82E; 3D84N-2 Engine), PC30-7(3D84 Engine), PC20-7(3D84 N Engine), PC30-3(3D841 Engine), WA30-2(3D841 Engine), PC30-1(3D84-1 Engine), PC20-5; PC20-6(3D84-1 Engine), PC20-2; PC20-3(3D84-1 Engine), PW20-1; PW30-1(3D84-1 Engine), WA30-2(3D84-1 Engine), PC05-5(3D84-1 Engine), PC20-2; PC20-3; PC20-5; PC20-6; PC20-6F(3D84-1; 1F; 1FA Engine), PC30-1; PC30-3; PC30-5; PC30-6; PC38-1(3D84-1; 1G; 1GA Engine), WA30-2; WA30-3(3D84-1; 3D84-2A Engine), PC20-2(3D84-1A Engine), PC20-5(3D84-1F Engine), PC20-6(3D84-1FA Engine), PC30-5(3D84-1G Engine), PC30-6(3D84-1G Engine), PC30-6(3D841GA Engine), PC38-1(3D841GA Engine), PW20-1; PW30-1(3D84-1H; 1J Engine), WA30(3D842A Engine), PC25(3D842DH Engine), PC25-R(3D84-2DH Engine), PC30-R(3D84-2E Engine), WA30-5(3D84E Engine), WA30-5(3D84N-2AA Engine), WA30-5(3D84N-2AA Engine), PC20-6R(3D84N-2H Engine), PC15-2R(3D84N-2K Engine), PC40-5; PC40-6(3D95S Engine), PC40-6(3D95SE1E Engine), PC40-5(3D95S-W1C Engine), PC40-5; PC40-6(3D95SW-1C; 1E Engine), PC40-7(4 D 84 E-3 Engine), PC45-1(4D84 Engine), PC50UU-2(4D84; 4D88E Engine), PC40-R; PC45-R(4D84-2A; 2B Engine), PC45(4D842B Engine), PC40-7(4D84E Engine), PC45R-8; PC45R-8E 28kW 38hp(4D84E-3FAE Engine), FD20(4D95 Engine), FD30(4D95 Engine), FD20(4D95 Engine), FD30(4D95 Engine), FD20-12; FD20T-10(4D95S Engine), FD10L; FD10N(Isuz. 4FA1/FE1 Engine), FD30-8(Isuzu Engine), FD20; FD30-7; FD20; FD30L-8(Isuzu Engine), FD10L; FD10N(Isuzu 4FA1/FE1 Engine), FD18L; FD18N(Isuzu 4FA1/FE1 Engine), FD15L; FD15N(Isuzu 4FA1/FE1 Engine), FD25L(Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 Engine), FD10L; FD10N(Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 Engine), FD18L; FD18N(Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 Engine), FD15L; FD15N(Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 Engine), FD14L; FD14N(Isuzu 4FA1; 4FE1 Engine), FD20H(Isuzu C240 Engine), FD25H(Isuzu C240 Engine), FD30H(Isuzu C240 Engine), FD25H(Isuzu C240 Engine), FD20H(Isuzu C240 Engine), FD30H(Isuzu C240 Engine), FD30S(Isuzu C240 Engine), FD23; FD28; FD30; FD30S(Isuzu C240 Engine), PC30R-8(Komatsu 3D84E-3F Engine), FG20ST-04; FG20ST-4(Nissan Engine), FG30SHT(Nissan Engine), FG10(Nissan Engine), FG10; FG15; FG18H-1; FG10; FG15; FG18H-14; FG10; FG15; FG18S-2; FG10; FG15; FG18-2(Nissan Engine), FG20/20-7; FG20/25L-8; FG20/30-8; FG20/30S-3; FG20/30S-4(Nissan Engine), FG15(Nissan D11-PU Engine), FG20(Nissan D11-PU Engine), FG14(Nissan D11-PU Engine), FG20(Nissan H20 Engine), FG23(Nissan H20 Engine), FG30(Nissan H20 Engine), FG25(Nissan H20 Engine), FG27(Nissan H20 Engine), FG30; FG30S; FG30-4(Nissan H20 Engine), FG27; FG28(Nissan H20 Engine), FG25(Nissan H20 Engine), FG20(Nissan H20 Engine), FG23(Nissan H20 Engine), FG10ST-15(Nissan H20 Engine), FG23; FG25; FG28; FG30; FG30S(Nissan H20 Engine), FG25L(Nissan J15 Engine), FG07L-1(Nissan J15 Engine), FG20L-6; FG20L-7(Nissan J15 Engine), FG23L-7(Nissan J15 Engine), FG25L-6; FG25L-7(Nissan J15 Engine), WA40(S3D84-2B Engine), WA40; WA40-3(S3D84-2B; S3D84-2BA Engine), WA40(S3D84-2BA Engine), WA50-3(S3D84E Engine), WA50-3(S3D84E-3B Engine), PC40-7, PC25R-8, FD40-4, FD60-3, FD25S-5, FD25ST-5, FG18ST-15, FD20; FD30-7; FD20; FD30-8, FG25ST-4, FG20ST-12, FG20ST-11, 25 Graylift, 2FD25S-5, PC28UU-2, PC20-7, PC28UU-1, PC10-2; PC10-3(Yanmar 3D75-1; 7 Engine), PC30-7; PC30MRX-1 20kW 27hp(Yanmar 3D84E-3KJ Engine), Kubota KH10(D 1101 Engine), KH91(D 1402-BH-5 Engine), KH001.1D(D1100BH Engine), KH10; KH10D(D1100-BH Engine), KH1; KH1D(D1100-BH Engine), L295F 19kW 26hp(D1301-A Engine) From 1979, L295; L295DT(D1301-A Engine), KH014(D1301BH Engine), KH015(D1301BH Engine), KH14; KH15(D1301-BH Engine), KH060 17kW 23hp(D1302 Engine), KH011(D1302BH Engine), KH11; KH12FD; KH16(D1302-BH Engine), LL2250F 15kW 21hp(D1302-DI-A Engine) From 1985, LL2250DT 15kW 21hp(D1302-DI-A Engine) From 1985, KH66(D1402 Engine), KH066 19kW 26hp(D1402BH Engine), KH016W(D1402BH Engine), KH027(D1402BH4 Engine), KH026(D1402BH4 Engine), KH60(D1402-BH4 Engine), KH030(D1402BH5 Engine), KH91(D1402-BH5 Engine), L2550F; DT(D1402-D1 Engine), LL2650DT; LL2650DTGST(D1402-DI-AE Engine), LL2650F 17kW 23hp(D1402-DI-AE Engine) From 1991, LL2650DTW 17kW 23hp(D1402-DI-AE Engine) From 1990, LL2650DT 17kW 23hp(D1402-DI-AE Engine) From 1991, LL2950F(D1462-DI-AE Engine), LL2950DTGST(D1462-DI-AE Engine), LL2950DT(D1462-DI-AE Engine), L2900(D1503-LA Engine), L3010DT; L3010F(D1503L-AN Engine), KX71-2 Alpha(D1505-EBH-8 Engine), GV1125-Q60(D1703B Engine), U15T3(D782E2U15 Engine), KH051 14kW 19hp(D950BH Engine), KH050(D950BH Engine), KH50(D950-BH Engine), KH51; KH55(D950-BH2 Engine), GV3250QSW(F2803-B Engine), L235 18kW 24hp(Kubota Engine) From 1981 To 1985, KX71-2(Kubota Engine), L295DT 22kW 30hp(Kubota D1301-A Engine) From 1978 To 1982, KH14; KH14-3; KH15; KD15(Kubota D1301-BH Engine), L305 25kW 34hp(Kubota D1301-DA Engine) From 1979 To 1985, L275 21kW 28hp(Kubota D1302-A Engine) From 1981 To 1985, KH60(Kubota D1302-BH Engine), KH16W(Kubota D1402-BH Engine), KH91(Kubota D1402-BH Engine), KH66(Kubota D1402-BH4 Engine), KH26; KH27; KH30(Kubota D1402-BH4 Engine), L345; L345W 25kW 34hp(Kubota D1501-DA Engine) From 1978 To 1985, M4000 35kW 48hp(Kubota S2200-A Engine) From 1977 To 1981, L285 22kW 30hp(Kubota V1500-A Engine) From 1975 To 1981, KH028(S 2600 Engine), M4000(S2200A Engine), KH18; KH28; KH28L(S2200D; S2600D Engine), L3602 From 1978 To 1985, L4202 From 1978 To 1985, L355SS, LL2002, LL2202, KH10, L3202 From 1978 To 1985, LL2802, LL2402, LL2602, V1502; V1702B; V1902-B, V1200-B, KH66, RW25, L275, L2850, KH1D, D1302B; D1402B, KH60, U45 Alpha, L3450; L3450DT; L3650; L3650DT; L3650GST, L345; L345DT, L305, L3750, L355SS, L2550, L2500, L2250; L2550, L2250; L2550, L2650; L2650DT; L2950; L2950DT, L275, L285, L2650DTGST; L2650F, KC120, B6000; B6200, KH70, KH65, L3410DT; L3410GST; L3410HST, L3450DT-W; L3650DT-W, L305, L355; SS, M4000; M4050, L2350, L2550, L2250DT; L2250F; L2550DT; L2550F; L2550F2T, L285, L2950DTW, L2650DTW, L275; L295; L295DT; L345; L345W, M4400, M4500; DT, V1502BC, RW25(V1500BWD Engine), RW25(V1500BWD Engine), L345(V1501-DA Engine), KX71-2(V1505 Engine), KX91-2(V1505 Engine), KX91-2(V1505-BH-7 Engine), KX91-2S(V1505E Engine), KX91-2S(V1505-EBH-7 Engine), KH090 22kW 30hp(V1702 Engine), L355SS 21kW 29hp(V1702-A Engine) From 1982, LL2850F 20kW 27hp(V1702-DI-A Engine) From 1985, LL2850DT(V1702-DI-A Engine), LL2850DTGST(V1702-DI-AE Engine), KH101 25kW 34hp(V1902BH Engine), KH20L(V1902-BH Engine), KH020(V1902DH Engine), L3650DTGST(V1902DI Engine), L3450F 22kW 30hp(V1902-DI-AE Engine) From 1991, L3450DTGST(V1902-DI-AE Engine), L3450DT 22kW 30hp(V1902-DI-AE Engine) From 1991, L3650DTGST(V1902-DI-X-A Engine), GV3190Q(V2203 Engine), Lamborghini Runne RUN350 From 1994, Runne RUN450, Runne RUN250 From 1994, 1600, Lancer Boss 3/66D(3.152 Engine), 300(3.152 Engine), 3/66D(3-152 Engine), 2-35D; 2-45D(4.107 Engine), 200(4.107 Engine), 2/35D; 2/45D(4.107 Engine), 2-35D; 2-45D(Ford Engine), 200(Ford Engine), 2/35D; 2/45D(Ford Engine), 10KW(Lister-Petter Engine), Land Legend 254 Chinese, Libra 125S, 135 S, Lincoln Classic 300D, Linde Lansing H15(F2L 912 Engine), H12; H15(F2L912 Engine), Lister Petter LPA2 DSL 2 Cyl, AB; AB1, AA1, AC2; AC2W From 1972, AC1; AC1Z; AC1ZS; AC1W, PDL, PDK, LR3, LR2; SR2; SR3, SR3, ST1; ST2; ST3, SR1; SR2, LR Mk II, LPW3A081, LPW4, TR1; TS1, ST1, LPW3; LPWS3, LPW2; LPWS2, LPA2, LPA3, LPWT4, LT2; LV2, LPW4; LPWS4, Manitou MB21C; MB26C(IHC BD154 Engine), 4RM20C; 4RM25C(IHC BD154 Engine), MB26C(IHC BD154 Engine), 4RM 20C(IHC BD154 Engine), 4RM 25C(IHC BD154 Engine), MB21; MB21C(IHC BD154 Engine), Massey Ferguson MF811(4.108 Engine), MF775(Chrysler 6 Cyl Engine), MF655(Chrysler 6-225 Engine), 205, MF210; MF210-4, MF220; MF220-4, MF1035, MF1040, MF1030L, MF1030, 135, MF785, Matbro Bray M40(3-152 Engine), M40(Leyland 120 Engine), C40; C50; C60; C70; C80(LPG-152; P3-152 Engine), Economat 70; 80; 90(LPG3-152; P3-152 Engine), Miller Electric Big Blue 251D(F3L1011 Engine), Mitsubishi FG10(4G23-32 Engine), FGC15(Mitsubishi 4G33 Engine), FGC25(Mitsubishi 4G52 Engine), FGC30(Mitsubishi 4G54; 4G63; 4G64 Engine), FDC30(Mitsubishi S4E Engine), FDC25(Mitsubishi S4E Engine), FDC20(Mitsubishi S4E Engine), Mustang 1700(4.108 Engine), 440; 441; 445(4.108 Engine), 770(Ford Engine), 441(Ford 4-98 Engine), 1700(Ford V4-104 Engine), 342(Kubota Engine), 332(Onan Gas Engine), 1700(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), 1000; 1200(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), 930E; 930A E(Yanmar 3TN82E Engine), 920; 920E(Yanmar 3TNA72 Engine), New Holland L250(Onan B43G; P218G Engine), LS120(Onan P218 Engine), L250, L225(Wisconsin TJD Engine), L325(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), L445(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), L425(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), L451; L452(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), L452(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), L-425(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), L445(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Nissan PJ01(H20 Mk2 Engine), FJ01; FJ02(TD27 Engine), Onan ES18.5; 20(Ford LSG-4231 Engine), JB, MDTA25, JB; JC, RCCK, MDTA, NH, DJE, DJA; DJB; DJBA; DJC, Owatonna 440(4.108 Engine), Mustang 441(4.108 Engine), Mustang 445(4.108 Engine), Mustang 1700(4.108 Engine), Mustang 440(4.108 Engine), 440(Ford Engine), 35; 81; 92(Ford Engine), Mustang 770(Ford Engine), 345(Ford Engine), 770(Ford 172 Engine), 342(Ford 2274E Engine), 440(Ford 4-98 Engine), Mustang 441(Ford 4-98 Engine), 275(Ford Gas Engine), Mustang 445(Ford I98 Engine), 1000; 1200; 1700(Ford V4.104 Engine), Mustang 1700(Ford V4-104 Engine), 270(Gas Engine), 332(Kubota D950B Engine), 1000; 1200; 1700(Wisconsin Engine), Mustang 1700(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), Mustang 1000; 1200(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Parsons UD37(Wisconsin VG4D Engine), Pel Job EB36(VM Engine), EB36 27kW 37hp(VM 394HR Engine) From 1988, EB406 25kW 34hp(VM 394HR Engine) From 1993 To 1994, Putzmeister P30 Mortar Machine(Wisconsin V44D Engine), Ransomes Jacobsen 213D(Kubota D950 Engine), Ransomes Jacobsen Mowers fitted with Ford 2261E engine, Raygo Romper 2-36, SF-54A; SM-54A Rumbler, Reform Werke Muli 30(Kubota 1402 Engine), Metrac 2002(Kubota V1200 Engine), Metrac 3003; 3003S(Kubota V1402/1902 Engine), Renault Cruisair PR2; PR3; PR3A(Detroit Engine), Ruston 22RH; 22RW(Ruston 3YWA Engine), Same Solaris 25(K3F-D Engine), Solaris 35 29kW 39hp(K4F-D Engine), Solaris 45 32kW 43hp(K4F-TD Engine), Satoh Bull, Saxby Tracma 1500B(Peugeot 4-88; 4-90 Engine), Shire 330C, 330C, Still M15, Stothert and Pitt T133(Lister LR2 Engine), T133(Lister LR2 Engine), D71; R95(Lister SR1 Engine), D95(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), D71(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), D76(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), T135(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), D95; D95SS; T135(Lister SR2 Engine), D81; D81SS; R91(Lister ST1 Engine), D81(Lister ST1 Engine), R91(Lister ST1 Engine), Takeuchi TB250(3T84HLE Engine), TB025(3TN84L-RTBZ; 3TNE84-TBZ/TBY Engine), TB1200; TB1400(Isuzu Engine), TB1400(Isuzu 2AB1 Engine), TB1400(Isuzu 3AB1 Engine), TB2200D(Isuzu 4 Cyl Engine), TB45 29kW 39hp(Isuzu C240 Engine), TB045(Isuzu C240 Engine), TB035, TB36, TB35S(Yanmar Engine), TB250(Yanmar 3T84HLE Engine), TB36 S 22kW 30hp(Yanmar 3T84HLE Engine) From 1986 To 1991, TB25(Yanmar 3T84HLE-TBS Engine), TB36(Yanmar 3T84HTLE-TB Engine), TB025 14kW 19hp(Yanmar 3TN84L Engine) From 1986 To 1999, TB035 25kW 34hp(Yanmar 3TN84L Engine) From 1990 To 2001, TB035(Yanmar 3TN84TL-RTBY Engine), TB25(Yanmar 3TNA84L Engine), TB35(Yanmar 3TNA84TL Engine), Target Pro 30(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), TCM FG20; FG25; FG30; FCG20; FCG25(H20 Engine), FCG25T71, Tennant 355(Ford Engine), 275, 280, 8400, Thermoking SNWD, SB I, Thomas T83 14kW 19hp(Kubota D 850 B Engine), Thwaites All Drive 3.5 Ton; All Drive 5 Ton Giant(Ford 2711E Engine), Alldrive 8 Ton(Ford 2711E Engine), Alldrive 5 Ton Giant(Ford 2711E Engine), Alldrive 3.5 Ton(Ford 2711E Engine), 9000(Ford P500 Engine), Nimline(Lister SR1 Engine), Nimline (Lister SR1 Engine), All Drive 6000(Lister ST2 Engine), All Drive 6000(Lister TS2 Engine), All Drive 4000(Lister TS2 Engine), Alldrive 4000 (Lister TS2/TS3 Engine), 6000(Lister-Petter PH2 Engine), 4000(Lister-Petter PH2 Engine), 7000(Lister-Petter TS3 Engine), 9000(Lister-Petter TX3 Engine), All Drive 3000; All Drive 5000; All Drive 6000(Petter BA1; BA2 Engine), All Drive 4000(Petter PH2 Engine), Alldrive 4000 (Petter PH2 Engine), All Drive 3 Ton(Petter PJ3 Engine), All Drive 5 Ton, All Drive Swivel 6000; All Drive Swivel 6000E, 3 Ton, Toro Groundsmaster 345(Ford Engine), Reelmaster 223(Mitsubishi Engine), Groundsmaster 322D(Mitsubishi Engine), Groundsmaster 72(Mitsubishi Engine), Groundsmaster 62(Onan Engine), Groundsmaster 220(Onan Engine), Reelmaster 335D(Peugeot Engine), Reelmaster 6500; Reelmaster 6700, Groundsmaster 325D, Groundsmaster 327, Groundsmaster 225, Reelmaster 2300, Groundsmaster 224, Greensmaster 3000D, Groundsmaster 217D, Groundsmaster 220D, Groundsmaster 223D, Reelmaster 2600, Reelmaster 223D, Reelmaster 450, Reelmaster 350D, Reelmaster 4500, Reelmaster 4500D, Reelmaster 350, Reelmaster 450D, Reelmaster 3500D, Reelmaster 335, Reelmaster 5300D, Groundsmaster 455D, Reelmaster 5100D, Toyota FG25, 40-4FG25, Turner 320 Hustler, Venieri VF1.33, Vermeer V440(4.108 Engine), V3550; V3550A(F3L1011 Engine), LM42(F3L1011 Engine), V434(Ford Engine), M50; M450; M475; M485(Ford Engine), V440(Ford 98 CID Engine), M460, M437, 630, V440, V434, V430, V430, 630B(Wisconsin Engine), T300A(Wisconsin VH4D Engine), Waldon 5000(Ford Ind Engine), 100H, Weidemann 914D; 914P(103 Engine), 919D; 919P(104-19 Engine), 914D; 914M(K3D Engine), 1802DMBL 24kW 33hp(Mits. K4E Engine) From 1991 To 1998, 916D; 916M(Mitsub. K4C+K4E Engine), 2002DM(Mitsubishi 3DQ50 Engine), 3002DM(Mitsubishi 4DQ50 Engine), 912D; 912M(Mitsubishi K3D Engine), 1002 DM(Mitsubishi K3D Engine), 919D; 919M(Mitsubishi K4E Engine), 2002DM(Mitsubishi K4E Engine), 1702DM(Mitsubishi K4E Engine), 917D; 917M(Mitsubishi K4E Engine), 1050 DM(Mitsubishi S3L Engine), 1070 DM(Mitsubishi S4L2 Engine), 1504DM(S3L Engine), White MA30; MA40; MA50; MA60(F163 Engine), 2-30; 2-35(Iseki 3 Cyl Engine), Winget 101/45(Ford 2704E Engine), ST42(Hatz Engine), ST73(Hatz Engine), ST80(Hatz Engine), ST85(Hatz Engine), CG12(Hatz Engine), CG11(Hatz Engine), CG11; ST42; ST60; ST73(Hatz E89FG Engine), ST80; ST85(Hatz E89FG Engine), CG31(Lister HR2/HR3 Engine), CK42(Lister HR2/HR3 Engine), CH44(Lister HR2/HR3 Engine), CH47(Lister HR2/HR3 Engine), CK31(Lister HR2/HR3 Engine), CH45(Lister HR2/HR3 Engine), CK42; CK47(Lister HR3 Engine), CG31; CH44; CH45; CH47; CK31; CK42(Lister HR3 Engine), 4/60(Lister HR3 Engine), 3.5TS(Lister LD1 Engine), 3 1/2TS(Lister LD1 Engine), 3 1/2TSD; 5TSD(Lister LR1 Engine), 3TA(Lister LR1 Engine), 3.5TSD; 3.5/100T; 3/85T(Lister LR1/LR2 Engine), 10NTR(Lister LR1/LR2 Engine), 7P; 7HP/H; 7HT/L(Lister LR1/LR2 Engine), 5TSD; 5/150TSD(Lister LR1/LR2 Engine), 6/175TSD(Lister LR1/LR2 Engine), 3T; 3TA(Lister LR1/LR2 Engine), 10NTR(Lister LR2 Engine), 7P; 7TH/H; 7TH/L(Lister LR2 Engine), 4/40E(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), 4S(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), 5S; 5ST; 5SHD(Lister SR1/SR2 Engine), 10NTR; 10R(Lister SR1/SR2/SR3 Engine), 12R(Lister SR1/SR2/SR3 Engine), 14R(Lister SR1/SR2/SR3 Engine), 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE; 2ST; 3S; 3SE; 3SHD(Lister SR1; LD2; Petter PH1; PH2 Engine), 10NTR(Lister SR1; SR2 Engine), 4S; 4SVHD; 4S190; 4/45; 4/40; 4/40E; 4/50; 5S; 5SHD; 5ST(Lister SR2 Engine), 10R 300R; 12R 333R; 14R 400R(Lister SR2; SR3 Engine), 7P(Lister SR3 Engine), ST80; ST85(Lister ST1 Engine), 4S(Lister ST1/ST2 Engine), 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE; 2ST(Lister ST1/ST2 Engine), 5SE; 5ST(Lister ST1/ST2 Engine), 5S; 5SE; 5ST(Lister ST1/ST2/ST3 Engine), 4/40; 4/50; 4/70(Lister ST1/ST2/ST3 Engine), 2E; 2F; 2S; 2SE; 2ST; 3S; 3SE; 3SHD(Lister ST1; ST2 Engine), 4S; 4A30E; 4/40; 4A40; 4/50; 4/70; 4A50; 4A50E; 5S; 5SE; 5ST(Lister ST1; ST2; ST3 Engine), 3 1/2TSD; 5TSD(Petter AV1 Engine), 3TE(Petter AV1 Engine), 3 1/2TSD; 5TSD(Petter PAZ1 Engine), 7P; 7TH/H; 7TH/L(Petter PH1 Engine), 3S; 3SE; 3SHD; 3SHP(Petter PH1/PH2 Engine), 7P; 7TH/H; 7TH/L(Petter PH1/PH2 Engine), 2S; 2SE; 2ST(Petter PH1/PH2 Engine), TU107(Petter PH1; PH2 Engine), 10NTR; 10R(Petter PH2 Engine), 4/25HD; 4/25T; 4/30(Petter PH2 Engine), 4/30; 4/30T; 4/40E(Petter PH2 Engine), 4/45; 4/45HD; 4/45T(Petter PH2 Engine), 12R(Petter PH2 Engine), 14NTR; 14R(Petter PH2 Engine), 5S; 5SHD; 5ST(Petter PH2 Engine), 4FL; 4S; 4SVHD(Petter PH2 Engine), 10NTR(Petter PH2 Engine), 4/30; 4/30T; 4A30E; 4A40E; 4/45; 4/45HD; 4/45T; 4/50HD; 4A50E; 4FL2500; 5SE(Petter PH2 Engine), 4B 2000(Petter PH2 Engine), 14NTR(Petter PH2 Engine), 4S; 4SVHD; 4S190; 4/45; 4/40; 4/40E; 4/50; 5S; 5SHD; 5ST(Petter PH2 Engine), 10R 300R; 12R 333R; 14R 400R(Petter PH2; PJ1 Engine), 4/25HD; 4/25T(Petter PJ1 Engine), 4/25; 4/25HD; 4/25T(Petter PJ1 Engine), 10R(Petter PJ1/PJ2/PJ3 Engine), 14R(Petter PJ1/PJ2/PJ3 Engine), 12R(Petter PJ1/PJ2/PJ3 Engine), 4/60; 4/70(Petter PJ2/PJ3 Engine), 4/60(Petter PJ2; PJ3 Engine), 4B2000, Wisconsin VH4D; VH4DG-LPG, VE4; VE4D; VF4; VF4D; VF4DG-LPG; VG4D; VG4DG-LPG; VH4, W2-1230, W2-1250, W4-1770, Yale and Towne 6000(Ford 2701E Engine), 6000lb(Ford 2701E Engine), 6000(Ford 2701E Engine), GC020; GC030; GL035A; GL040A; GP020; GP030(Mazda 1600 Engine), GPO3 VASO85P, Yanmar YB35; YB301C; YB351C; YB1200SS L; YB1800S(3T 75H; 3T 84H Engine), YB30; YTB1400S.H(3T 84H Engine), YB1800S(3T 90T Engine), YB301(3T84H Engine), YB351(3T84H Engine), YB30(3T84H Engine), YB251W(3T84H Engine), YFW30DW(3T84HL Engine), YFW35WA(3T84HTL Engine), YB231C; YB251C(3TN 78L Engine), YB251C(3TN78L Engine), YB231C(3TN78L Engine), B27(3TN82E; 3TNE82A Engine), B32(3TN84L Engine), YB281X(3TN84L Engine), B37(3TN84L Engine), YB301C(3TN84L Engine), B27(3TN84L Engine), YB351(3TN84TL Engine), B Mk III(3TNA84L Engine), B27-2B(3TNE82A Engine), Vio 30; Vio30-1(3TNE82A Engine), V3-5(3TNE84T Engine), Vio 40; Vio40-2(3TNE88 Engine), B37(3TNE88 Engine), YB551X(4TN78L Engine), YB401W(4TN82E Engine), B5X(4TN82L Engine), B50(4TN84E Engine), B5; B6(4TN84E Engine), B50(4TN84L Engine), B5(4TN84L Engine), B50-2 27kW 37hp(4TNE88 Engine), Vio 50(4TNE88 Engine), B50; B50-2(4TNE88B Engine), YM135; YM135D; YM155; YM155D; YM195; YM195D; YM240; YM240D, 3T80; 3T90LE, 3T80; 3T90 Diesel, 3TN82E; 3TN82TE, 3TN75E, 3TN82E; 3TN82TE, 3TNC78E, B6, YTB1300 S, YTB1400 S, YB271, T3T80LE, T3T84HLE-S/G1, T3T90LE, 4TN82E; 4TN82TE, 4TN82E; 4TN82TE, Vio 30, 3T80LE, 3TN75E, 3T90LE, 3TNC78E, 3TN82E; 3TN82TE; 3TN84E, B27-2, B37-2A; B37-2B, B3, 4TN82; 4TN82TE; 4TN84E; 4TN84TE, 3T84HLE, YM220; YM220D; YM226; YM226D, YM330; YM330D, YM3110, YM155; YM155D; YM165; YM165D, YM180; YM180D; YM186; YM186D; YM187; YM187D, V2-1; V2-2, V3-3, V4-3, Vio 50-1, YM135; YM135D, YM1310D, 3T84HLE, B22.2(Yanmar 3 Cyl Engine), YB25E(Yanmar 3T72H-T Engine), YB301(Yanmar 3T84H-T Engine), YB35(Yanmar 3T84H-T Engine), YB25(Yanmar 3TLTBS Engine), YB351(Yanmar 3TN84LRBS Engine), B37(Yanmar 3TN84LRBS Engine), B27(Yanmar 3TN84LRBS Engine), B37-2(Yanmar 3TN88LRB1 Engine), B27-2(Yanmar 3TNC80LRB1 Engine), B37; B37.2(Yanmar 3TNE84E Engine), B50(Yanmar 4TN84LRBA Engine), B50-2(Yanmar 4TN88LRB Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded filters of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Racor, Parker, Alco, SF Filter, MP Filtri & Solberg.

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    Unless labelled Brand Specific the Manufacturer, Size & Image may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data is provided as a guide only, for full compatibility ensure all our Specifications match your requirements. We sell on a Business to Business Model with highly competitive Trade Pricing. All orders must be placed via the Website.

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