FIN-FA14979 FILTER-Air(Baldwin PA2798, Fleetguard AF4895, Mann C913/1)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA14979
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Part No: FIN-FA14979
    Description: FILTER-Air Breather(Outlet-25mm)
    Category: Filters-Air, Breathers, Engine
    Details: Air Breather Element. Clamp. Also [1] Attached Grommet
    Remarks: Breather filter.
    Updated: 01/07/2020

    Height: 92mm
    OD/Width Max: 87mm
    OD/Width Min: 85mm
    ID/Depth Max: 25mm
    ID/Depth Min: 0mm

    Alco MD730, MD-730, Baldwin PA2798, Coopers Fiaam AZA187, FL6918, Crosland 9215, Donaldson P528708, Eurofilter 5001, 50-01, Filtration Control FCL2248, FCL2407, Filtration FTA3903, Filtrex FH1763, Fleetguard AF1989, AF4895, Fleetrite AFR81989, AFR84895, Fram CA5146, Greyfriars 1200A, Hengst E566L, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA11939, Inline Filters FA14979, FFGAF4895, FFG-AF4895, FFRCA5146, FFR-CA5146, FINFA14979, FIN-FA14979, FMHC913/1, FMH-C913/1, FMHC9131, FMH-C9131, FMH-C913-1, FMHC913-1, Kalmar 1396882, 9225920001, Leyland Daf BL BBU9269, Linde Lansing E780095295, Lister Petter 60142520, 601-42520, P60142520, PN60142520, Luberfiner LAF1751, Mahle Knecht LX1245, Mann 4501151100, C913/1, C9131, Multipart BBU6910, Napa 9908, Orenstein and Koppel 1447315, Sakura A5101, A-5101, SF Schupp SL8212, Sofima S7091A, Sure SFA9215, Tecfil AP780, UFI 27.091.00, 2709100, 770, Volvo 1080362, 1082111, 10821114, 1082111-4, 10821119, 11172907, 156868821, 1586882, 15868821, 1586882-1, 3944785, 4881323, 48813232, 4881323-2, 6888780, 8052009, 8152009, 81520090, 81520091, Wix 49908, Woodgate WGA452

    VME L120; L120B(Volvo TD71G Engine), L120C, L120C, L120C, L150C(Volvo TD103 Engine), L160(Volvo TD101G Engine), L160(Volvo TD101G Engine), L180(Volvo TD122 Engine), L180C, L180C, L190(Volvo Engine), L50(Volvo D45B Engine), L50C, L70(Volvo TD45B Engine), L70C, L90; L90B(Volvo TD61G Engine), L90C(Volvo TD63 Engine), L90C(Volvo TD63 Engine), L90C(Volvo TD63 Engine), Volvo 4200B, 4300; 4300B, 4400; 4500, 4600; 4600B, 4600; 4600B, A25D(D10BACE2 Engine), A35D(D12CADE2 Engine), B10M Mk I, B10M Mk II, B10M Mk III, B10M Mk IV, B6, F10(TD 100A Engine), F10(TD 100B Engine), F10(TD 100G, 101G, 101F, 102F Engine), F10(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engine), F10, F12(TD 100, TD 120C, D, F, G, GA, TD 121F, G, FH, TD122F, FH, FS, TD123E, ES, D12A Engine), F12(TD100, TD101, TD102 Engine), F12, F16, F16(Volvo TD 162F, FL, 163ES Engine), F16(Volvo TD162 Engine), F4(D39, D39C Engine), F4(D60 Engine), F4(TD 40, TD 40A, TD 41G Engine), F4, F4, F6(D60 Engine), F6(TD 60 Engine), F6(TD 60A, B, C Engine), F6, F6, F6S, F7(TD 70F, G, GE Engine), F7, F84; F85; F85M; F85T; F86; F86T; F87; FB87; N84; N86; N86T; N88; NB88(TD 100 Engine), F86; FB86; F87; N86; NB86(D70A, D70B, TD70A, TD70B, TD70C, TD70D, TD70E Engine), F88; F89; FB89; G89(D120, TD120A, TD240 Engine), F88; F89; FB89; N12(TD 290 Engine), F88; FB88; G88; N88T; F88T(D100A, D100B, TD100A Engine), FE6, FE7, FL10, FL10(Volvo TD101/102 Engine), FL10; FS10(D10A320, TD100G, 101F, 101G, 102F, 103ES Engine) From 1993 To 1998, FL12(TD 120C, FC, D, F, 121F, 121G Engine) From 1995 To 1998, FL12, FL12, FL4, FL4; FL408(TD 41 Engine), FL6, FL6, FL6, FL6, FL6; FL608; FL609; FL610; FL611; FL612; FL613; FL614; FL615; FL616; FL617; FL618(TD 61G, TD 61GB, TD 61GC, TD 61GS, TD 61F, TD 63E Engine) From 1993, FL7, FL7(Volvo TD71/72 Engine), FL7; FS7(TD 71F, TD 71FS, TD 73E Engine) From 1999, L120, L120B, L120C(TD73 Engine), L120C(TD73 Engine), L120C(TD73 Engine), L120C(Volvo TD71G Engine), L120E(D7D Engine), L150, L150; L150C(Volvo TD102GC Engine), L150C(TD103 Engine), L150C(TD103 Engine), L150D(TD103 Engine), L160, L180(TD122 Engine), L180; L180C(Volvo TD122 Engine), L180C, L180C, L180D(TD122 Engine), L180E(D12C Engine), L190B(Volvo Engine), L220D(TD122 Engine), L330C(TD164 Engine), L330C(TD164 Engine), L330C(TD164 Engine), L330D(TD164 Engine), L50, L50C(TD40 Engine), L50C(Volvo TD40KAE Engine), L70, L70C(TD61, TD63 Engine), L70C(Volvo Engine), L70D(TD63KGE Engine), L90; L90B(TD61 Engine), L90C(TD63 Engine), L90C(TD63 Engine), L90C(Volvo Engine), L90D(TD63KBE Engine), N10, N10, N10, N12, N12, N12, N7, N7, NL10, NL12, T450D(D12D Engine), Volvo Trucks fitted with Compressor Breather

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