FIN-FA14399 FILTER-Air(Baldwin CV15000)

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  • Part Number FIN-FA14399
  • Manufactured by: Baldwin

    Filters-Air, Breathers, Engine. FILTER-Air Breather(Engine). Genuine In-Line Filters Part No. Crankcase Breather.

    Height: 68mm
    OD/Width Max: 283mm
    ID/Depth Max: 227mm

    Baldwin CV15000, Cummins 3683918, 3685528, 4312011, 4312013, Fleetguard CV50601, CV50607, CV50617, CV50633, CV50634, In-Line Filters FA14399, FINFA14399, FIN-FA14399

    Autocar ACL(Cummins ISM Engine), ACX Xpeditor(Cummins ISM Engine), Xpeditor WX(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), Xpeditor WXLL(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), Xpeditor WXR(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), Xpert(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), Xspotter On Road(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), Cummins ISM Series(ISM Series (10.8L) Engine), ISX(ISX Series (15.0L) Engine), Freightliner Cascadia(Cummins ISX (15.0L) Engine), Cascadia Evolution(Cummins ISX Engine), Coronado(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), Coronado(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), Coronado(Cummins X15 (15.0L) Engine), Coronado SD(Cummins ISX (15.0L) Engine), International 2554(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 5500i(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 5500i PayStar(Cummins ISX Engine), 5600i(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 5900i SBA(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), 5900i SBA(Cummins ISX (15.0L) Engine), 7400(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 7600 WorkStar(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), 7700 WorkStar(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), 8600 SBA(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 8600 TranStar(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), 8600 TranStar(Cummins ISX Engine), 9100 SBA(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 9200 SBA(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), 9200i SBA(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 9400 SBA(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), 9400i SBA(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 9900i(Cummins ISX 15.0 Eng. (To 2017) Engine), 9900ix(Cummins ISX Engine), LoneStar(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), ProStar(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), ProStar(Cummins ISX Engine), TranStar(Cummins ISM Engine), WorkStar(DT466 Engine), 5600i PayStar(Cummins ISX Engine), 9200i SBA(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), 9400i SBA(Cummins ISM (10.8L) Engine), Kenworth C500(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), C500(Cummins ISX Engine), C550(Cummins ISX Engine), K270(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), K370(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), T170(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), T2000(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), T2000(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), T270(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), T300(Cummins ISM Engine), T370(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), T409(Cummins ISX Engine), T600(Cummins ISX Engine), T600B(Cummins ISX Engine), T660(Cummins ISM Engine), T660(Cummins ISX 11.9 Engine), T660(Cummins ISX15 Engine), T6600(Cummins ISX Engine), T680(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), T680(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), T700(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), T800(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), T800(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), T800(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), T800(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), T800(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), T800(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), T800(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), T880(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), T880(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), W900(/Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), W900(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), W900(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), Mack CL703(Cummins ISX Engine), CL713(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), CL733(Cummins ISX Engine), CT713(Cummins ISM Engine), MCI J4500(Cummins ISM Engine), Paccar PX-6(PX-6 (6.7L) Engine), PX-7 (6.7L)(PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), Peterbilt 210(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), 220(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), 320(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 320(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 320 HE (Hybrid)(Cummins ISM Engine), 325(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), 330(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), 337(Paccar PX-7 (6.7L) Engine), 357(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 357(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 365(Cummins ISM Engine), 365(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), 365(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 367(Cummins ISM Engine), 367(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), 367(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 378(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 378(Cummins ISX Engine), 379(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 379(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 384(Cummins ISM Engine), 384(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 385(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 385(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 386(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 386(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), 386(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 386(Cummins ISX-G Engine), 387(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 387(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 388(Cummins ISM Engine), 388(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), 388(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 389(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), 389(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 567(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Engine), 567(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 579(Cummins ISX 11.9 (11.9L) Diesel Engine), 579(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 587(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 379x(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 379x(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), Volvo VHD(Cummins ISX Engine), VN Series(Cummins ISX Engine), VN430(Cummins ISX Engine), VN630(Cummins ISX Engine), VN670(Cummins ISX Engine), VN730(Cummins ISX Engine), VN780(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL300(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL300(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL430(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL630(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL660(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL670(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL730(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL780(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL780(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL780(Cummins ISX Engine), VNL780(Cummins ISX Engine), VNM630(Cummins ISX Engine), VT Series(Cummins ISX Engine), VT800(Cummins ISX Engine), VT830(Cummins ISX Engine), VT880(Cummins ISX. Engine), Western Star 4800(Cummins ISM 10.8 (10.8L) Engine), 4900EX(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 4900FA(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), 4900SA(Cummins ISX 15.0 (15.0L) Engine), Wirtgen W200i(Cummins QSX15 Engine), W250i(Cummins QSX15, QSL9 (Interim Tier 4) Engine), WR240(Cummins QSX15 (Tier 3) Engine), WR240i(Cummins QSX15 (Interim Tier 4) Engine)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Fleetguard, Mann, Alco, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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