FMH-CUK22000-2 Filter-Air(Brand Specific-Mann)

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  • Part Number FMH-CUK22000-2
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: Mann CUK 22 000-2
    Our Stock Level: 0
    Stock at Mann 3-4 day lead: 5
    Stock at Mann(EU) 7-14 day lead: 381
    More Stock: Any further stock usually 4-6 weeks
    Details: Filter Type: Air. Cabin
    Updated: 08/08/2022

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    Height: 46mm
    OD/WidthMax: 229mm
    OD/WidthMin: 199mm
    Micron: Unspecified

    AC Delco PUK10792E, PUK1079-2E, Alco MS6384C, MS-6384C, MS63984C, MS-63984C, Behr 352200001, 352200-001, 7100326, 7401377, 8FL352200001, 8FL352200-001, 8FL352215001, 8FL352215-001, Bosch 1987432533, R2533, Coopers Fiaam PCK83632, PCK8363-2, Filtron K1220A2X, K1220A-2X, Fram CFA116502, CFA11650-2, Hengst E2973LC2, E2973LC-2, E996LC, Inline FMHCUK220002, FMH-CUK220002, FMH-CUK22000-2, FMHCUK22000-2, Lautrette JKR7088, Mahle Knecht LKK72/S, LKK72S, Mann 4405651130, CUK 22 000-2, CUK220002, CUK22000-2, HF021, Mercedes 2108300218, 2108300318, 2108301118, 2208300118, 2208300218, A2108300218, A2108300318, A2108301118, A2208300118, A2208300218, Nippon Denso DCF167K, Purflux AHC3942, AHC394-2, Quinton Hazell QAP581, SF Schupp SKL 2488AKSET, SKL 2488-AK-SET, SKL2488AKSET, SKL2488-AK-SET, Sofima S4141CA, Tecnocar EC6852, EC685-2, UFI 54.141.00, 5414100, Valeo 698698, 698772, Wix 24778, WP9195

    Mercedes CL 500 C215 4966cc Petrol 225kW 306hp(M113.960 eng). CL 55 AMG C215 5439cc Petrol 264kW 360hp(M113.986 eng). CL 55 AMG C215 5439cc Petrol 367kW 500hp(M113.991 eng). CL 600 C215 5513cc Petrol 367kW 500hp(M275.950 eng). CL 600 C215 5786cc Petrol 270kW 367hp(M137.970 eng). CL 63 AMG C215.378 6258cc Petrol 326kW 445hp(M137.980 eng). CL 65 AMG C215 5980cc Petrol 450kW 612hp(M275.980 eng). E 200 CDi W210 2148cc Diesel 85kW 115hp(OM611 eng). E 200 CDi W210 2151cc Diesel 75kW 102hp(OM611 eng). E 200 Kompressor W/S210 1998cc Petrol 120kW 163hp(M111 eng). E 200 Kompressor W210 1998cc Petrol 137kW 186hp(M111 eng). E 200 W/S210 1998cc Petrol 100kW 136hp(M111.942 eng). E 200D W210 1997cc Diesel 65kW 88hp(OM604.917 eng). E 220 CDi W/S210 2151cc Diesel 105kW 143hp(OM611.961 eng). E 220 CDi W/S210 2151cc Diesel 92kW 125hp(OM611.960 eng). E 220D W210 2155cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(OM604.912 eng). E 220D W210 2155cc Diesel 70kW 95hp(OM604.912 eng). E 230 W/S210 2295cc Petrol 110kW 150hp(M111.970 eng). E 240 W/S210 2398cc Petrol 125kW 170hp(M112 eng). E 250D W/S210 2497cc Diesel 83kW 113hp(OM605.912 eng). E 250TD W/S210 2497cc Diesel 110kW 150hp(OM605 eng). E 270 CDi W/S210 2688cc Diesel 125kW 170hp(OM612 eng). E 280 (V6) W/S210 2799cc Petrol 150kW 204hp(M112.921 eng). E 280 W/S210 2799cc Petrol 142kW 193hp(M104.945 eng). E 290TD W/S210 2874cc Diesel 95kW 129hp(OM602.982 eng). E 300D W/S210 2996cc Diesel 100kW 136hp(OM606.912 eng). E 300TD W/S210 2996cc Diesel 130kW 177hp(OM606.962 eng). E 320 (V6) W/S210 3199cc Petrol 165kW 224hp(M112.941 eng). E 320 4-Matic V6 W/S210 3199cc Petrol 165kW 224hp(M112.941 eng). E 320 CDi W/S210 3226cc Diesel 145kW 197hp(OM613.961 eng). E 320 W/S210 3199cc Petrol 162kW 220hp(M104.995 eng). E 36 AMG W210 3606cc Petrol 200kW 272hp(AMG M104.992 3.6L eng). E 420 W/S210 4196cc Petrol 205kW 279hp(M119.975 eng). E 430 W/S210 4266cc Petrol 205kW 279hp(M113.940 eng). E 50 AMG W210 4973cc Petrol 255kW 347hp(M119 eng). E 55 AMG W/S210 5439cc Petrol 260kW 354hp(M113.980 eng). Maybach 5.5 V12 57/62 W240.078/178 5513cc Petrol 403kW 550hp(M285.950 eng). Maybach 6.0 V12 57S/62S W240.077/079/177/178 5980cc Petrol 450kW 612hp(M285.980 eng). Maybach 6.0 V12 57S/62S W240.077/079/177/178 5980cc Petrol 463kW 630hp(M285.980 eng). Maybach 6.0 V12 57S/62S Zeppelin W240.077/079/177/178 5980cc Petrol 471kW 640hp(M285.980 eng). S 280 W220 2799cc Petrol 150kW 204hp(M112 eng). S 320 CDi W220 3226cc Diesel 145kW 197hp(OM613 eng). S 320 CDi W220.025/125 3222cc Diesel 150kW 204hp(OM648.960 eng). S 320 W220 3199cc Petrol 165kW 224hp(M112 eng). S 350 W220 3724cc Petrol 180kW 245hp(M112.972; M112.975 eng). S 400 CDi W220 3996cc Diesel 184kW 250hp(OM628 eng). S 400 CDi W220 3996cc Diesel 191kW 260hp(OM628 eng). S 430 W220.083/183 4266cc Petrol 205kW 279hp(M113.948 eng). S 500 W220.084/184 4966cc Petrol 225kW 306hp(M113.966 eng). S 55 AMG W220.074/174 5439cc Petrol 367kW 500hp(M113.991 eng). S 55 AMG W220.075 5439cc Petrol 265kW 360hp(M113.986 eng). S 600 W220 5513cc Petrol 367kW 500hp(M275.950 eng). S 600 W220 5786cc Petrol 270kW 368hp(M137 eng). S 63 AMG W220 6258cc Petrol 326kW 445hp(M137 eng). S 65 AMG W220 5980cc Petrol 450kW 612hp(M275.980 eng)

    This is a Mann Brand Specific product so you will receive a genuine Mann branded filter NOT an alternative. The only reason we prefix Mann Part Numbers with FMH- is to separate them out within our catalogue and internal database systems.
    If our Stock Level shown above is Zero then this is a Special Order item, once ordered it cannot be cancelled or returned.

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