FMH-WK980-1 FILTER-Fuel(Mann WK980/1)

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  • Part Number FMH-WK980-1
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-WK980-1
    Description: FILTER-Fuel(Mann WK980/1)
    Category: Brands, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Fuel. Genuine Mann product.

    Height: 0mm

    Alco SP1302, SP-1302, Caterpillar 1R-0712, 1R-0749, 1R-1712, Claas 00079920.80, Coopers Fiaam Z622, Donaldson P551319, Freightliner ABP/N10G-FF5264, ABP/N10G-FF5319, ABPN10GFF5264, ABPN10GFF5319, Hengst H175WK, In-Line Filters FB24835, FMH-WK980/1, FMHWK9801, FMH-WK9801, FMH-WK980-1, FMHWK980-1, Mahle Knecht KC255, Mann and Hummel 6650859490, WK 980/1, WK980/1, WK9801, Schupp SF SK3484, TRP 1535469, Wirtgen 119391

    Caterpillar 16G, 16G, 16H 198kW 265hp(Cat 3196 ATAAC VHP Engine), 16H 210kW 286hp(Cat 3406 T Engine), 24H 373kW 509hp(Cat 3412E HEUI Engine) From 01/96 To 06/07, 3176C, 3196, 3406 Prime Power 256kW 348hp(3406 DITA-GP-1 Engine), 3408B, 3408C, 3408E, 3412 DITA-GP-3 580kW 789hp, 3412C, 3412E, 3456, 375 319kW 434hp(Cat 3406 ATAAC Engine) From 01/95, 375L, 375L 319kW 435hp(Cat 3406 C Engine), 5080(Cat 3406 B Engine), 5080 319kW 434hp(Cat 3406 C Engine) From 01/93, 5110(Cat 3412 Engine), 5110B 519kW 708hp(Cat 3412 E Engine), 583R 228kW 311hp(Cat 3406C TA Engine), 621F(Cat 3406 Engine), 621F(Cat 3406 C Engine), 621G, 623E(Cat 3406 Engine), 623F(Cat 3406 Engine), 623G, 627F(Cat 3406 B Engine), 627G(Cat 3306 Engine), 627G, 631E Series II 365kW 498hp(Cat 3408 Engine), 631G, 633E Series II, 637E(Cat 3408 Engine), 637G, 637G, 657E, 657E 328kW 447hp(Cat 3408 TA Engine), 657E 452kW 615hp(Cat 3412 TA Engine), 65C, 65D, 735 272kW 371hp(Cat 3406 Engine) From 01/01, 740 309kW 421hp(Cat 3406 Engine) From 01/01, 740 Ejector 309kW 421hp(Cat 3406 Engine), 768C(3408 Engine), 769C(Cat 3408 Engine), 769D, 771 C(Cat 3408 Engine), 771D, 772B, 772D 485kW 661hp(Cat 3412 TA-HEUI Engine), 773D, 775D, 784D 962kW 1312hp(Cat 3412 TA-EUI Engine), 824C, 824G, 825G 235kW 320hp(Cat 3406 TA Engine), 826C(Cat 3406 Engine), 826G 235kW 320hp(Cat 3406 TA Engine), 834G 359kW 490hp(Cat 3456 EUI Engine), 836G 359kW 490hp(Cat 3456 EUI Engine), 85C 261kW 355hp(Caterpillar Engine) From 01/94 To 12/96, 85D 272kW 370hp(Caterpillar Engine) From 01/96 To 12/97, 85E(Caterpillar Engine), 980C(Cat 3406 Engine), 980F(Cat 3406 C Engine), 980F Series II(Cat 3406 C Engine), 980G 229kW 312hp(Cat 3406 C Engine), 988B(Cat 3408 Engine), 988F(Cat 3408 Engine), 988F Series II(Cat 3408 E Engine), 988G 354kW 483hp(Cat 3456 ATAAC-EUI Engine), 990(Cat 3412 Engine), 990 Series II 463kW 631hp(Cat 3412E HEUI Engine), 992C(Cat 3412 Engine), 992D(Cat 3412 Engine), AD30 298kW 405hp(CAT 3406E EUI ATAAC Engine) To 12/05, AD45 380kW 517hp(CAT 3408E HEUI Engine), AD55 485kW 659hp(CAT C18 DITA ATAAC Engine), C10 From 01/98, C13, C13, C15, C18 From 01/01, C18 480kW 653hp, Challenger 65D US(Cat 3306 Engine), Challenger 70C US(Cat 3306 Engine), Challenger 75 US(Cat 3176 Engine), Challenger 75C(Cat 3176 Engine), Challenger 75C 242kW 329hp(CAT 10.3 6 cyl. turbocharged Engine), Challenger 75D(Cat 3176 Engine), Challenger 75D US(Cat 3176 Engine), Challenger 85C(Cat 3176 Engine), Challenger 85C US(Cat 3176 Engine), Challenger 85D(Cat 3196 Engine), D10(D 348 Engine), D10(D 348 Engine), D10N(Cat 3412 Engine), D10R 433kW 590hp(Cat 3412 E TA Engine) From 3KR1; AKT1, D10R US(Cat 3412 Engine), D350E(Cat 3406 Engine), D350E; D350 E Series II 265kW 361hp(Cat 3406 E Engine), D35HP(Cat 3406 Engine), D400(Cat 3406 B Engine), D400D(Cat 3406 Engine), D400E 302kW 412hp(Cat 3406 Engine), D400E Series II 302kW 412hp(Cat 3406 E Engine), D40D(Cat 3406 Engine), D7E, D7E LGP 173kW 235hp(Caterpillar C9:3 ACERT Engine), D7R Series II 179kW 244hp(Cat 3176C Engine), D8L(Cat 3408 Engine), D8N(Cat 3406 Engine), D8N, D8R 228kW 311hp(Cat 3406 DITA Engine), D8R Series II 231kW 315hp(Cat 3406 E TA Engine), D9L(Cat 3412 Engine), D9N(Cat 3408 Engine), D9R 302kW 412hp(Cat 3408 C Engine), PM465 373kW 509hp(Cat 3406C TA Engine), PM565(Cat 3408 Engine), PM565B 466kW 635hp(Cat 3408 HEUI Engine), PR450C(Cat 3408 Engine), PR750B(Cat 3412 Engine), Prime 1600 ekW 2000 kVA 1500kW 2039hp(3516B TA Engine), RM350B, Claas Lexion 450 220kW 300hp(CAT C 9 Engine) From 10/01 To 12/03, Lexion 550 Machine type 584 236kW 320hp(CAT C 9 Engine) From 11/03, Lexion 560 Machine type 584 250kW 340hp(CAT C 10 Engine) From 11/03, Lexion 560 MONTANA Machine type 580(CAT C 10 Engine), Lexion 570 Machine type 585 273kW 371hp(CAT C 12 Engine) From 11/03, Lexion 580 316kW 430hp(CAT C 12 Engine) From 11/03, Lexion 620 Typ C63 224kW 305hp(Caterpillar C 9.3 Tier 4i Engine), Lexion 630 / 630 MONTANA Typ C63 264kW 359hp(Caterpillar C 9.3 Tier 4i Engine), Lexion 650 Typ C64 264kW 359hp(Caterpillar C 9.3 Tier 4i Engine), Lexion 670 / 670 MONTANA / TERRA TRAC Typ C64 330kW 449hp(Caterpillar C 9.3 Tier 4i Engine), Lexion 740 Typ C65 294kW 400hp(Caterpillar C 9.3 Tier 4i Engine), Lexion 750 / 750 MONTANA / TERRA TRAC Typ C65 330kW 449hp(Caterpillar C 9.3 Tier 4i Engine), Lexion 760 TERRA TRAC / MONTANA Typ C65 360kW 490hp(Caterpillar C 13 Tier 4i Engine), Foden Alpha 2000; Alpha 3000; Alpha 4000 A3-4T(Caterpillar C12 Engine) From 01/98, Alpha 2000; Alpha 3000; Alpha 4000 A3-6R; A3-6R.M; A3-6R.T(Caterpillar C10/C12 Engine) From 01/98, Alpha 2000; Alpha 3000; Alpha 4000 A3-6T. A3-6T.T(Caterpillar C12 Engine) From 01/98, Alpha 2000; Alpha 3000; Alpha 4000 A3-8R; A3-8R.M; A3-8R.T(Caterpillar C12 Engine) From 01/98, Alpha 2000; Alpha 3000; Alpha 4000 A4-4T(Caterpillar C12 Engine) From 01/98, Alpha 2000; Alpha 3000; Alpha 4000 A4-6T. A4-6T.T(Caterpillar C12 Engine) From 01/98, Ford L Series 8000 L/LS(Cat 3176 Engine), L Series 9000 L/LL/LNT/LT/LTL(Cat 3176 Engine), Sisu C500-450 327kW 445hp(Caterpillar C13 Engine) From 03/06, C500-490 362kW 492hp(Caterpillar C13 Engine) From 03/06, C600-520 384kW 522hp(Caterpillar C15-520 Engine) From 10/06, C600-550 410kW 557hp(Caterpillar C15-550 Engine) From 10/06, C600-630 465kW 630hp(Caterpillar C15/C18 Engine) From 03/06, E Series E 18-630 464kW 630hp(Caterpillar C18-630 Engine) From 07/02, Van Hool C20 C2045E 331kW 450hp(CAT C13 ACERT Engine) From 01/05, Wirtgen W Series 2000 06.20 470kW 639hp(Cat C15ATAAC Engine), W Series 2100 09.21 470kW 639hp(Cat C16ATAAC Engine), W Series 220 05.22, W Series 2200 08.21 596kW 810hp(Caterpillar 3412E Engine), WR Series 250 08.WR

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