FMH-W950-17 FILTER-Lube(Brand Specific-Mann W950/17)

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  • Part Number FMH-W950-17
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-W950-17
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Brand Specific-Mann W950/17)
    Category: Filters-Lube, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Details: Filter Type: Lube
    Remarks: Brand Specific Mann product.
    Updated: 01/07/2020

    Height: 0mm

    Alco SP1043, SP-1043, SP1054, SP-1054, Asahi AMC NO-229, Bosch 0451203227, Case IHC 1133270R1, 3055230, 3055766, 3059246, 3132737, 3136460, 3136737, 397868, 398080, 528250, 784373R91, 84518337, A-184775, A-44081, A-58672, Caterpillar 9Y-4476, 9Y-4482, 9Y-4483, 9Y-4489, 9Y-4490, 9Y-4504, Coopers Fiaam Z476, Fil ZP537C, ZP541B, Guiot GH2883, Inline Filters FB24156, FMHW950/17, FMH-W950/17, FMHW95017, FMH-W95017, FMH-W950-17, FMHW950-17, Mann 6750559606, W 950/17, W950/17, W95017, Noitech NO022380, Savara 2943/110, 2943110,, SF Schupp SP4158, Sofima S3106R, Standard SH8223, Teho OK43, TRP 1534581, Union C-260, Vapormatic VPD5017, VPD5087

    Case IHC 1046; 1046A 74kW 101hp(D 358 Engine), 1055; 1055XL 74kW 101hp(D 358 Engine) From 01/82 To 12/82, 1056; 1056XL; 1056XLA 77kW 105hp(D 358 Engine) From 01/82 To 12/92, 11150C 73kW 100hp(A451BD Engine), 11150D(D 504 Engine), 11155D(D 504 Engine), 1246; 1246A 88kW 120hp(DT 358 Engine), 1255; 1255XL; 1255XLA 92kW 125hp(DT 358 Engine) From 01/82 To 12/94, 1440; AF1140(D 436 Engine) From 01/77 To 12/84, 1450B 104kW 142hp(504BDT Engine), 1455 From 01/79 To 12/96, 1455; 1455XLA 107kW 146hp(DT 402 Engine) From 01/79 To 12/96, 1460; AF1460 From 01/77 To 12/84, 1470, 1640(D 466 Engine), 1660(DT-466 Engine), 1670(DT-466 Engine), 1680 173kW 235hp(DT-466 Engine), 2090(504BD Engine), 2094(504BD Engine), 2294(504BD Engine), 2390(504BDT Engine), 2394(504BDT Engine), 2470(504BDT Engine), 2590(504BDT Engine), 2594(504BDT Engine), 2670(504BDT Engine), 4210 Pro 52kW 71hp(D 239 Engine) From 01/94, 4220 Pro 57kW 78hp(D 246 Engine) From 01/94, 4230 Pro 60kW 82hp(D 268 Engine) From 01/94 To 12/97, 4240 Pro 68kW 93hp(D 268T Engine) From 01/94 To 12/98, 4366(DT-466 Engine) From 01/73 To 12/76, 4368(DT-466 Engine), 4386(DT-466 Engine), 4470(504CI Engine), 4490(504BDT Engine), 4494(504BDT Engine), 4690(504BDT Engine), 4694(504BDT Engine), 531 92kW 125hp(D 358 Engine), 856XL; 856XLA 63kW 86hp(DT 239 Engine) From 05/83 To 12/96, 946; 946A 66kW 90hp(D 310 Engine) From 01/71 To 12/77, 955; 955A; 955XL; 955XLA 66kW 90hp(D 310 Engine) From 01/77 To 12/79, 956XL; 956XLA 70kW 95hp(D 358 Engine) From 01/82 To 12/92, CM1255A From 01/79 To 12/94, CM1455A From 01/79 To 12/96, Maxxum MXM130 96kW 130hp(Iveco Engine), W18(401B Engine), W20(401B Engine), W20(A504 Engine), W20B(401 Engine), W24(A504 Engine), W24C(504 Engine), W30(504BDTI Engine), W36(504BDTI Engine), David Brown 2090(504BD Engine), 2094(504BD Engine), 2290(504BD Engine), 2390(504BTD Engine), 4690(504BDTI Engine), Fini Rotar C50, Rotar Plus 40, Rotar T60 10bar, Rotar T60 8bar, Hymac 3654, 510, 515, 520; 520A, 530; 530A, 540; 540A, 620; 620W, 630; 630LGP; 630W, 640HD, 640L, 650; 650HD, H50B, H60, H60B, H65C, L125B II, L165, Lister Petter CD4, CD6, CDT4, CDT6, Manitou 4RM 26N(IHC D179 Engine), 4RM 30N(IHC 179D Engine), 4RM 35(IHC D179 Engine), 4RM 36(IHC D179 Engine), 4RM 36K(IHC D239 Engine), 4RM 40(IHC D179 Engine), 4RM 40K(IHC D239 Engine), 4RM 50(IHC D179 Engine), 4RM 50K(IHC D239 Engine), MB26(IHC D179/D239 Engine), MB30(IHC D179/D239 Engine), MB40(IHC D179/D239 Engine), MB50K(IHC D239 Engine), MC50K(IHC D239 Engine), MC60K(IHC D239 Engine), Massey Ferguson 3635 59kW 80hp, New Holland 5640 49kW 66hp(Ford Engine) From 11/91 To 12/98, 6640 56kW 76hp(Ford Engine) From 11/91 To 12/98, 7740 63kW 86hp(Ford Engine) From 11/91 To 12/98, 7840 From 11/91, 8160 From 09/95 To 01/00, 8160 66kW 90hp(Ford Engine) From 01/96 To 12/99, 8240 71kW 96hp(Ford Engine) From 01/92 To 12/97, 8260, 8260 74kW 100hp(Ford Engine) From 01/96 To 12/99, 8340 78kW 106hp(Ford Engine) From 01/92 To 12/97, 8360 From 09/95 To 01/00, 8360 85kW 115hp(Ford Engine) From 01/96 To 12/99, 8560 From 11/95, 8560 96kW 130hp(Ford Engine) From 01/96 To 12/99, 8670 126kW 145hp(Ford Engine) From 09/93 To 12/00, 8670 A 126kW 170hp From 01/01, 8770 140kW 190hp From 09/93 To 05/01, 8770 A 140kW 190hp From 01/01, 8870(NH 6/456T Engine) From 01/99 To 12/00, 8870 155kW 210hp(Ford 6/456T Engine) From 01/93 To 12/99, 8870 A 155kW 210hp From 01/01, 8970 178kW 240hp(Ford Engine) From 01/93 To 12/00, 8970A 178kW 240hp From 01/01, CS540 175kW 238hp(NH 675TA Engine) From 01/03, CS640 190kW 258hp(NH 675TA Engine) From 01/03, CX720 160kW 218hp(NH 675 TA Engine) From 04/01, CX740 175kW 239hp(NH 675 TA Engine) From 04/01, CX760 190kW 259hp(NH 675 TA Engine) From 04/01, CX780 207kW 282hp(NH 675 TA Engine) From 04/01, CX820 207kW 282hp(NH 675 TA Engine) From 02/01, CX840 220kW 300hp(NH 675 TA Engine) From 02/01, G170, G190, G210, G240, M100; M100DT, M115; M115DT, M135DT, TC54 125kW 170hp(NH 675T Engine), TC56 136kW 185hp(NH 675T/TA Engine), TC56 Hydro Plus 168kW 229hp(NH 675TA/VJ Engine), TF76 191kW 260hp(NH675 TA/VN Engine), TM115 From 11/99 To 06/02, TM115; TM115DT 78kW 106hp(NH 675/TH Engine) From 11/99, TM120 91kW 124hp From 01/00, TM125 From 11/99 To 06/02, TM125; TM125DT 86kW 117hp(NH 675/WS Engine) From 11/99, TM130 96kW 131hp From 06/02 To 12/07, TM135 From 11/99 To 06/02, TM135 Brazil From 07/01 To 01/08, TM135; TM135DT 93kW 127hp(NH 675/WT Engine) From 07/99 To 12/07, TM140 106kW 144hp From 01/00, TM150 From 11/99 To 06/02, TM150 Brazil From 07/01 To 01/08, TM150; TM150DT 104kW 142hp(NH 675/WV Engine) From 11/99 To 06/02, TM155 114kW 155hp From 01/00, TM165 From 11/99 To 06/02, TM165; TM165DT 119kW 162hp(NH 675/WW Engine) From 11/99 To 06/02, TM175 130kW 177hp From 07/02, TM190; TM190DT 142kW 194hp From 07/02, TS100 From 01/98, TS100 Emissionised From 11/98 To 07/03, TS110 From 01/98, TS115 Emissionised From 07/01 To 07/03, TS115; TS115EDCA; TS115EESA 86kW 110hp(PowerStar 6 Engine) From 01/98, TS80 From 01/98, TS90 From 11/97, TS90 From 11/97 To 07/03, TS90; TS90 Eco From 01/98, TX62 168kW 229hp(NH 675TA/VJ-VR Engine), TX63 168kW 229hp(NH 675TA/VJ-VR Engine), TX64 Plus 195kW 266hp(NH 675TA/VK-VP Engine), TX65 Plus 195kW 266hp(NH 675TA/VK-VP Engine), TX66 202kW 275hp(NH 675TA/VU Engine), TX67 202kW 275hp(NH 675TA/VY Engine), TX68 243kW 331hp(NH 675 TA/VY Engine), Seddon Atkinson 200 67kW 91hp(IH D358 Engine) From 01/76 To 12/82, 201 R16N35B(IH D358 Engine) From 01/82 To 12/86, 201 R17N13(IH D358 Engine) From 01/82 To 12/86, Sennebogen 630 SB HC WA(Deutz Engine), 630 SB HC WAH(Deutz Engine), 630 SB VF WA(Deutz Engine), 630 SB VF WAH(Deutz Engine), 643 HC WA(Deutz Engine), 643 HC WAH(Deutz Engine), 643 VF WA(Deutz Engine), 643 VF WAH(Deutz Engine), 683 HC WA(Deutz Engine), 683 HC WAH(Deutz Engine), 683 VF WA(Deutz Engine), 683 VF WAH(Deutz Engine), Sole SF100 New Holland 73kW 100hp, SF130 New Holland 95kW 130hp, SF160 New Holland 117kW 160hp, SF210 New Holland 154kW 210hp, Yumbo 3964(IHC D310 Engine), 3965(IHC D310 Engine), 3980(IHC D358 Engine), 3984(IHC D358 Engine)

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