FMH-W930 FILTER-Lube(Mann W930)

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  • Part Number FMH-W930
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-W930
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Mann W930)
    Category: Brands, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Hydraulic. Genuine Mann product.

    Height: 0mm

    AC Delco X4193E, Ammann 280226124, 2-80226124, Case IHC 3055134, 3059134, Claas CT7701029279, Coopers Fiaam AZL110, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 12153176, 12272454, Digoema DGM/O930, DGMO930, Fiat Allis 1930327, Fiat 82407227, Fil Filter ZP3502B, Filtron OP550, Fram PH2838, Gehl 571732132430, GKN MOF93X, Guiot GH2863, Hatz 40120100.509, In-Line Filters FB24095, FMHW930, FMH-W930, M Filter MH363, Mann and Hummel 6750359016, W 930, W930, Mazda 016414310, 0164-14310, MWM 6.0541.18.0003, 6.0541.18.8.0003, 6.0541.78.8.0003, Noitech NO020680, Savara 9.28.427.00, 92842700, SO427, Sotras SH8206, Steyr 130100071001, 301.00.07.1001, 30100071001, Sullair 01798, Tecneco OL167, TRP 1534601, UFI Sofima 23.185.01, 2318501, S1920R, S8400R, Valeo 586087, Vic C105N, C-105-N, O403, O-403

    Agrifull 80.56; 80.56DT(MWM D227-3 Engine), Atmos E - Series E 140, E - Series E 170, E - Series E 60 M, E - Series E 70 Z, Bosch DDOD 27 18kW 25hp(Hatz D108N Engine) From 04/82 To 07/85, Case IHC C55 40kW 55hp(WD301 Engine) From 01/92 To 12/97, C64 47kW 64hp(WD301.83 Engine) From 01/92 To 12/97, C70 51kW 70hp(WD301.87 Engine) From 01/92 To 12/97, CS68; CS68A 50kW 68hp(WD 301.89 Engine) To 12/98, CS75 From 06/97 To 03/99, CS75; CS75A 55kW 75hp(WD 301.88 Engine) To 12/98, Demag V Series 42 S(MWM D308-3 Engine), Dexheimer 250SC 31kW 42hp(MWM D302-3 Engine), 360SC; 360SI 44kW 60hp(MWM D226-3 Engine), 370SC Turbo 48kW 65hp(MWM TD327-3T Engine), Fendt Farmer 102; 102 S/SA/LSA 31kW 42hp(MWM D 226-3, D 325-3 Engine) From 03/72 To 10/87, Farmer 103; 103 S/LS/LSA/SA 35kW 48hp(MWM D 225-3, D 226-3 Engine) From 03/72 To 10/87, Farmer 104 S/LS/LSA/SA 40kW 55hp(MWM D 226-3 Engine) From 01/76 To 12/82, Farmer 300 Series 303 LS/LSA 38kW 52hp(MWM D223-3 Engine) From 01/80 To 08/93, Farmer 300 Series 304 LS/LSA 42kW 57hp(TD 226.3.B Engine) From 01/80 To 08/93, Farmer 300 Series 307 S/LS/LSA 55kW 75hp(MWM TD226-4 Engine) From 01/80 To 08/93, Farmer 300 Series 307 Turbo T307.210 55kW 75hp(MWM TD226-B3 Engine) From 09/93 To 12/01, Farmer Series 2 S 30kW 41hp(MWM D 203-3 Engine) From 01/68 To 12/72, Farmer Series 4 S 41kW 56hp(MWM D 208-4 Engine) From 01/70, Favorit (erste Reihe) 2 34kW 46hp(MWM KD412D Engine) From 01/59 To 12/64, Favorit (erste Reihe) 3 FW/FWA 150 38kW 52hp(MWM KD210,5V, an 1966 D208-4 Engine) From 01/63 To 12/67, GT Series 220 GT F 220/1 GT 14kW 18hp(MWM AKD 311 Z Engine) From 01/63 To 12/64, GT Series 230 GT F 230 GT 22kW 30hp(MWM AKD 210,5 D Engine) From 01/64 To 12/67, GT Series 231 GT T 231.001 24kW 33hp(MWM D327-3 Engine) From 01/67 To 12/78, GT Series 250 GT T 250.100 33kW 45hp(MWM D 329-L3 Engine) From 01/70 To 12/77, Glas V 8 2600 V8 2580cc Petrol 110kW 150hp From 10/66 To 12/68, V 8 3000 V8 2982cc Petrol 118kW 160hp From 06/67 To 12/68, Holder A Series 30, A Series 45, A Series 55, Krieger KS Series 42; 42A(MWM Engine), KS Series 50; 50A(MWM Engine), KS Series 55A(MWM Engine), KTK Series 52 37kW 50hp(MWM D226-3 Engine), KTK Series 60 44kW 60hp(MWM D226-3 Engine), Miag K Series 6.5(MWM D308-2 Engine), MWM D208-3, D225-3, D226-3, D302-3, D308-3, D325-3, D327-3, D916-3, Renault 32-50, 32-60, 34-60, 361; 361M(MWM D325-3 Engine), 421(MWM D327-3 Engine), 421M(MWM D325-2 Engine), 456(MWM D325-3 Engine), 460(MWM D325-3 Engine), 461; 461M; 461M Special(MWM D327-3R Engine), 462(MWM D327-3 Engine), 466S(MWM D327-3R Engine), 480S; 480V(MWM D327-3 Engine), 486(MWM D325-3 Engine), 489(MWM D226-3 Engine), 51 7256(MWM 325-3 Engine), 551; 551-4(MWM D226-3 Engine), 551-43, 556; 556S(MWM D226-3 Engine), 56 7251(MWM 325-3 Engine), 58.32 MX, 58.34MX, 60 7253(MWM 325-3 Engine), 60S(MWM D325-3 Engine), 61 7254(MWM 325-3 Engine), 61.12RS, 61.14S; 61.14RS(MWM D325-3 Engine), 65.12LS, 65.32MX(MWM D226-3 Engine), 65.32MX, 70(MWM D305-3R Engine), 700M, 704M, 720M, 724M, 7252(MWM 325-3 Engine), 80(MWM D305-3R Engine), 80(MWM D325-3R Engine), 80 7282(MWM 325-3 Engine), 80S; 80V(MWM D327-3 Engine), 86, 86 7281(MWM 325-3 Engine), 89(D 226-3 Engine), 92, Ceres 70; Ceres 70 X(MWM D 226-3 Engine), Ceres 75; Ceres 75 X(MWM Engine), Ceres 85; Ceres 85 X(MWM D 226-4 Engine), Ceres Series 65(MWM D 226-3 Engine), Sauerburger FSX Series 420 A(MWM D302-3 Engine), FSX Series 500 A/AS(MWM D327-3 Engine), Schanzlin 44L, Gigant Series G 400, Gigant Series G 450; 450 K, Steyr 9078M 57kW 78hp(WD401.81 Engine) To 12/98, 9083M 61kW 83hp(WD401.82 Engine) To 12/98, 9086M 63kW 86hp(WD401.83 Engine) To 12/98, 9094M 69kW 94hp(WD401.85 Engine) To 12/98, 955; 955A 41kW 56hp(WD 301.42/43 Engine), 964; 964A 47kW 64hp(WD 301.83 Engine), 968 M968; 968A 50kW 68hp(WD 301.89 Engine) To 12/98, 970; 970A 51kW 70hp(WD 301.87 Engine), 975 M975; 975A 55kW 75hp(WD 301.88 Engine) To 12/98, M968 From 06/97 To 03/99, M968; M968A 50kW 68hp(WD 320.80 Engine) From 01/99, M975 From 06/97 To 03/99, M975A 55kW 75hp(320.81 Engine) From 01/99, Sullair F Series F 28D(Deutz F2L511D Engine), F Series F 40D(Deutz F2L511D Engine), FD Series FD25D(Deutz F2L411 Engine), SK Series SK 20E10, SK Series SK 20E7, SK Series SK 20EM, SK Series SK 25E10, SK Series SK 25E7, SK Series SK 35E10, SK Series SK 35E7, Tamrock FS - Series FS 11 T3, FS - Series FS 5, FS - Series FS 7, FX - Series FX 5, FX - Series FX 7, MC - Series MC, RM - Series RM, TA - Series TA, TERRIER - Series TERRIER

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