FMH-W913-1 FILTER-Lube(Brand Specific-Mann W913/1)

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  • Part Number FMH-W913-1
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-W913-1
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Brand Specific-Mann W913/1)
    Category: Filters-Lube, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Details: Filter Type: Lube
    Remarks: Brand Specific Mann product.
    Updated: 01/07/2020

    Height: 0mm

    Ammann 541732132430, 54-1732132430, Inline Filters FB24062, FMHW913/1, FMH-W913/1, FMHW9131, FMH-W9131, FMH-W913-1, FMHW913-1, Mann 50638800, W 913/1, W9131, W913-1

    Kubota KH060 17kW 23hp(D1302 Engine), KH91(D 1402-BH-5 Engine), KX040-4(D1803-CR-TE4-BH1 Engine), KX101H 26kW 35hp(V1902-BH-5 Engine), KX101H 26kW 35hp(V1902-BH-5 Engine), KX121-2(V2203-BH-4 Engine), KX121-2S(V2203-EBH-4 Engine), KX151H(V1902-BH-6 Engine), KX151H(V1902-BH-6 Engine), KX161-2(V2203-BH-5 Engine), KX161-2S(V2203-EBH-5 Engine), L235DT(D1102-A Engine), L235F(D1102-A Engine), L275 21kW 28hp(Kubota D1302-A Engine) From 01/81 To 12/85, L3000DT; L3000F 23kW 32hp(D1503-ELA Engine) From 01/99, L3010DT(D1503-L-AN PN#1G722-22001 Engine), L3010F(D1503-L-AN PN#1G722-22001 Engine), L3010GST 18kW 24hp(D1503-L-AN PN#1G722-10001 Engine) From 01/98, L3010HST 18kW 24hp(D1503-L-AN PN#1G722-10001 Engine) From 01/98, L3130DT(D1503-MA-E-GST Engine) From 01/03, L3130F; L3130GST(D1503-MA-E-GST PN# 1G801-00001 Engine) From 01/03, L3130HST(D1503-MA-E-HST PN#1G802-00001 Engine) From 01/03, L3200(D1703-MA Engine) From 01/11, L3200, L3200DT(D1503-M-E3-LB2-BB Engine), L3200DT; L3200F(D1503-M-E3-LB2-BB Engine) From 01/11, L3200F(D1503-M-E3-LB2-BB Engine), L3200HST(D1503-M-E3-LB3-BB Engine), L3240DT; L3240F; L3240GST(D1703-M-E2 PN#1G420-12001 Engine) From 01/07 To 01/13, L3240HST(D1703-M-E2 PN#1G420-13001 Engine) From 01/07 To 01/13, L3240HSTC(D1703-M-E2 PN#1G420-11001 Engine) From 01/07 To 01/13, L3250DT 24kW 32hp(V1902-DI-A Engine) From 01/89, L3250F 24kW 32hp(V1902-DI-A Engine) From 01/89, L3300DT 21kW 28hp(D1703-A PN#1G752-10001 Engine) From 01/94, L3300DT; L3300GST(D1703-A PN#1G752-10001 Engine) From 01/94, L3300F 21kW 28hp(D1703-A PN#1G752-10001 Engine) From 01/94, L3350HDT; L3350MDT 24kW 32hp(V1902-DI-A Engine) From 01/85, L3400DT; L3400F(D1703-MA-E2A PN#1J830-10001 Engine) From 01/04 To 01/10, L3400HST(D1703-MA-E2A PN#1G758-10001 Engine), L3410DT 21kW 29hp(D1703-A PN#1G752-22001 Engine) From 01/98, L3410GST 21kW 29hp(D1703-AN PN#1G752-91001 Engine) From 01/98, L3410HST 20kW 27hp(D1503-L-AN PN#1G752-91001 Engine) From 01/98, L3430(D1703-MAE Engine) From 01/03 To 12/07, L3430 26kW(D1703 Engine) From 01/03 To 01/07, L3430DT(D1703-MA-E-GST PN#1G803-00001 Engine), L3430GST(D1703-MA-E-GST PN#1G803-00001 Engine), L3430HST(D1703-MA-E-HST PN#1G804-00001 Engine), L3430HSTC(D1703-MA-E-HST Engine), L3450DT 22kW 30hp(V1902-DI-AE Engine) From 01/91, L3450DTGST(V1902-DI-AE Engine), L3450F 22kW 30hp(V1902-DI-AE Engine) From 01/91, L3540(D1803-ME2 Engine) From 01/07 To 12/13, L3540, L3540GST(D1803-M-E2 PN#1G423-13001 Engine) From 01/07 To 12/13, L3540HST; L3540HSTC(D1803-M-E2 PN#1G423-11001 Engine) From 01/07 To 12/13, L355SS 21kW 29hp(V1702-A Engine) From 01/82, L3560DT; L3560GST 27kW 37hp(D1803CRE41 PN#1J812-00001 Engine) From 01/13, L3560HST(D1803-CR-E4-GL2 PN# 1J812-1000 Engine) From 01/13, L3560HSTC(D1803-CR-E4-GL3 PN# 1J812-1100 Engine) From 01/13, L35TL(D1703TLB Engine) From 01/01, L3600DT; L3600GST(V1903-A PN#1G762-10001 Engine), L3600DTC; L3600GSTC 23kW 31hp(V1903-A PN#1G762-10001 Engine) From 01/94, L3650DTGST(V1902-DI-X-A Engine), L3700SUHSTP(D1803-M-E3-LB3 PN#1J830-11001 Engine) From 01/10, L3710DT 23kW 31hp(V1903-AN PN#1G762-22001 Engine) From 01/98, L3710GST 23kW 31hp(903-AN PN# 1G762-21000 Engine) From 01/98, L3710HST 22kW 30hp(V1903-AN PN# 1G762-13001 Engine) From 01/98, L3710HSTC 22kW 30hp(V1903-AN PN#1G762-13001 Engine) From 01/98, L3750 33kW 45hp(Kubota D2302-DI-L Engine) From 01/84 To 12/90, L3800DT; L3800F(D1803ME3LB4BB PN#1J83012001 Engine) From 01/11, L3800HST(D1803-ME3LB5-BB PN#1J830-13001 Engine), L3830(D1803-ME Engine) From 01/04 To 01/07, L3830 29kW 39hp From 01/03 To 01/07, L3830DT; L3830; L3830GST(D1803-M-E-GST PN#1G805-00001 Engine), L3830HST(D1803-M-E-HST PN#1G806-00001 Engine), L39(D1803-M-E-HST PN#1G806-00001 Engine) From 01/05, L3940DT; L3940GST(V2003-M-E2 PN#1G422-13001 Engine) From 01/07 To 12/13, L3940HST; L3940HSTC(V2003-M-E2 PN#1G422-13001 Engine), L4060HST(V2403CRE42 Engine), L4060HSTC(V2403CRE43 Engine), L4100(V2203-M-E2-EU3 Engine), L4100 29kW(E-TVCS Engine) From 01/09 To 01/13, L4150DTN 29kW 40hp(F2302-DI Engine) From 01/88, L4200DTGST; L4200DTGSTC 27kW 37hp(V2203-A PN#1G782-91001 Engine) From 01/94, L4240DT From 01/07 To 12/13, L4240DT; L4240GST(V2203-M-E2 Engine), L4240HST; L4240HSTC(V2203-M-E2 Engine), L4240HSTC-3(V2203-M-E3-HST1 PN#1G424-16001 Engine), L4300DT; L4300F(V2203- Engine) From 01/01 To 12/05, L4310DT; L4310F; L4310GST 27kW 37hp(V2203-AN PN#1G782-23001 Engine) From 01/98, L4310GSTC(V2203-AN PN#1G782-24001 Engine), L4310HST 26kW 36hp(V2203-AN PN#1G782-10001 Engine) From 01/98, L4310HSTC(V2203-AN PN#1G872-24001 Engine), L4330DT; L4330GST(V2203-MA-E-GST PN# 1G807-00001 Engine), L4330HST; L4330HSTC(V2203-MA-E-HST PN# 1G807-00001 Engine), L4350DT(V2203-DI Engine), L4400DT; L4400DW; L4400FV; L4400FW(V2203-M-E2A-2 PN#1G799-10001 Engine) From 01/04 To 12/10, L4400H(V2203-M-E2A-2 PN#1J846-00001 Engine), L4600DT(V2203-M-E3-LB3 PN#1J846-13001 Engine) From 01/11, L4600HST(V2203-M-E3-LB3 PN#1J846-13001 Engine), L4610GST 29kW 39hp(V2203-EHA Engine) From 01/99 To 12/02, L4610HST; L4610HSTC 29kW 39hp(V2203-EHA Engine) From 01/99, L4630(V2203-MBE Engine) From 01/04 To 01/07, L4630 33kW 45hp From 01/03 To 01/07, L4630DT; L4630GST(V2203-MB-E-GST PN#1G809-00001 Engine), L4630HST(V2203-MB-E-HST PN#1G810-00001 Engine), L4630HSTC(V2203-MB-E-GST PN#1G809-00001 Engine), L4740(V2403-M-E2 PN# 1G425-13001 Engine) From 01/07 To 12/13, L4740GST-3(V2403-M-E3-GST1 PN#1G425-12001 Engine), L4740HST-3; L4740HSTC-3(V2403-M-E3-HST1 PN#1G425-11001 Engine), L4760GST(V2403CRE45 PN#1J810-12001 Engine) From 01/13, L4760HST(V2403CRE45 PN#1J810-13001 Engine), L4760HSTC(V2403CRE46 PN#1J810-14001 Engine), L4850DT(F2503-DI Engine), L48TL(V2403-M-ETLB Engine), L5030(V2403-MAE Engine) From 01/04 To 01/07, L5030GST(V2403-MA-E-GST PN#1G811-00001 Engine), L5030HST(V2403-MA-E-HST PN#1G812-00001 Engine), L5030HSTC(V2403-MA-E-HST Engine), L5040 GSTC, L5040GST(V2403-M-E2 PN# 1G426-10001 Engine), L5040GST-3(V2403-M-TE3-GST1 Engine), L5040GSTC(V2403-M-TE3-EU1 Engine), L5060GST(V2403CRT41 Engine) From 01/13, L5240(V2403-M-TE2 Engine) From 01/07, L5240 HSTC, L5240HST-3(V2403-M-TE3-HST1 PN#1G426-0000 Engine), L5240HSTC(V2403-M-TE3-EU2 Engine), L5450DT(F2803-DI Engine), L5450DT(F2803-DI Engine), L5460HST(V2403CRT42 Engine) From 01/13, L5460HSTC(V2403CRT43 Engine), L5740(V2403-M-TE2 PN#1J860-17001 Engine) From 01/07, L5740 HSTC, L5740HST-3; L5740HSTC-3(V2403-M-TE2-HST2 PN#1J860-0000 Engine), L5740HSTC(V2403-M-TE3-EU3 Engine), L6060HST(V2403CRT44 PN#1J811-12001 Engine) From 01/13, L6060HSTC(V2403CRT45 PN#1J811-13001 Engine), LL2050DT 15kW 20hp(D1102-AE-2 Engine) From 01/89, LL2250DT 15kW 21hp(D1302-DI-A Engine) From 01/85, LL2250F 15kW 21hp(D1302-DI-A Engine) From 01/85, LL2350 18kW 25hp(Kubota D1102-AE Engine) From 01/91 To 12/97, LL2500DT 16kW 22hp(D1403-AE Engine) From 01/97, LL2500F 16kW 22hp(D1403-AE Engine) From 01/97, LL2600DT; LL2600F 20kW 27hp(D1403-AE Engine) From 01/99, LL2650DT 17kW 23hp(D1402-DI-AE Engine) From 01/91, LL2650DT; LL2650DTGST(D1402-DI-AE Engine), LL2650DTW 17kW 23hp(D1402-DI-AE Engine) From 01/90, LL2650F 17kW 23hp(D1402-DI-AE Engine) From 01/91, LL2800DHV; LL2800DHW(D1403-M-E2A PN#1G703-00001 Engine) From 01/04 To 01/08, LL2800DT; LL2800F(D1403-M-E2A PN#1G703-00001 Engine), LL2850DT(V1702-DI-A Engine), LL2850DTGST(V1702-DI-AE Engine), LL2850F 20kW 27hp(V1702-DI-A Engine) From 01/85, LL2900DT; LL2900DTGST 18kW 25hp(D1503-L-A PN#1G722-91001 Engine) From 01/94, LL2900F 18kW 25hp(D1503-L-A PN#1G722-91001 Engine) From 01/94, LL2950DT(D1462-DI-AE Engine), LL2950DTGST(D1462-DI-AE Engine), LL2950F(D1462-DI-AE Engine), M4700 38kW 51hp(Kubota Engine) From 01/95 To 12/97, M4700DT 31kW 42hp(F2803-ELA Engine) From 01/95, M4800SU 32kW 43hp(V2403-M-EA-SU Engine) From 01/02, M4900; M4900DT(F2803-ELA Engine), M4900DTC(F2803-ELA Engine), M4900S; M4900SD; M4900SCS-F; M4900SU; M4900SUD 33kW 45hp(F2803 Engine) From 01/00, M4900SC; M4900SDC(F2803 PN#1G834-12001 Engine), M5140DT; M5140F(V2403TE3S4 Engine), M5140DTC; M5140FC(V2403TE3S5 Engine), M5140HD(V2403TE3S2 Engine), M5140HDC(V2403TE3S3 PN#1J860-20001 Engine), M5400 43kW 58hp(F2803-EA PN# 1G833-00001 Engine) From 01/99, M5400DT 37kW 50hp(F2803-EA PN# 1G833-00001 Engine) From 01/95, M5400DTN Emission(F2803-EA PN# 1G833-00001 Engine), M5640SUD(V2403-M-TE3 Engine), M5700, M5700 46kW 62hp(Kubota F2803-EA Engine), M5700 46kW 62hp(Kubota F2803-EA Engine), M5700C(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 Engine), M5700C, M5700DT(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 Engine), M5700DT, M5700DTC(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 Engine), M5700DTC, M5700DTN(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 Engine), M5700DTN, M5700HDC(F2803-EA PN# 1G838-12001 Engine), M5700HDC, M5700HDF(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 Engine), M5700HDF, M5700S, M5700S; M5700SD; M5700SC; M5700SDC 38kW 52hp(F2803-EA PN#1G835-12001 Engine) From 01/00, M5700SC, M5700SDC, M5700SDN, M59(V2403-M-TE2-HST2PN#1J860-10001 Engine), ME5700, ME5700DTH(F2803 Engine), ME5700DTH(F2803-EA-1 Engine), ME5700DTHC(F2803 Engine), ME5700DTHC(F2803-EA-2Q Engine), MX4700DT; MX4700F(V2403E3MX2 PN#1G813-11001 Engine), MX4700HST(V2403E3MX3 PN#1G813-12001 Engine), MX5000DT; MX5000F(V2403-M-EA PN#1G813-00001 Engine), MX5100DT(V2403-M-EA PN#1G813-00001 Engine), MX5100F(V2403-M-TE3 Engine), MX5100HST(V2403-M-TE3 PN#1J854-15001 Engine), R400(V1902 Engine), R410LST(V1902 Engine), R420LST(D1503-T Engine), R420S 39hp(D1503-M-T-E3 Engine), R510 New Type LST(V2203-DI-BDW Engine), R510 Old Type LST(V2203-BDW Engine), R520(V2203 Engine), RTV1100(D1105-E2-UV Engine), RTV1100CW9; RTV1100RW9(D1105E3UV Engine), STA35, STV32, STV32 23kW 31hp(Kubota D1503M Engine) From 01/04, STV36, STV36 25kW 34hp(Kubota D1703M Engine) From 01/04, STV40(STV40 Engine), STV40 28kW 38hp(Kubota D1803M Engine) From 01/04, U15T3(D782E2U15 Engine)

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