FMH-W814-80 FILTER-Lube(Brand Specific-Mann W814/80)

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  • Part Number FMH-W814-80
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-W814-80
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Brand Specific-Mann W814/80)
    Category: Brands, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Details: Filter Type: Lube
    Remarks: Brand Specific Mann product.
    Updated: 22/05/2020

    Height: 94mm
    OD/Width Max: 84mm
    OD/Width Min: 82mm

    Alco SP-919, AP Lockheed AP3249, AP3249A, LK-1016, LK-1080, LK1080B, LK-1080B, LK-1191, LK-3837, Asahi AMC HO823, HO-823, MO-523, Bobcat Melroe 7004996, Bosch 0986452059, 0986452554, 0986452906, 0986AF0065, 9000022700, 9000022702, Crosland 672/8, Daihatsu 1560187310LOC, 15601-87310-LOC, Fil ZP585, ZP94, Filtron OP623, Ford 5016963, 5016964, GIF GL267, GL559, Halfords HOF228, HOF256, Hengst H90W25, Hyundai S2630035A00, Inline Filters FB24036, FMHW814/80, FMH-W814/80, FMHW81480, FMH-W81480, FMH-W814-80, FMHW814-80, Isuzu 8941357411, 8-94135-741-1, 89425111011, 8-94251-110-11, 9-44128-15, Jungheinrich 14115570, Komatsu 3EB-15-31550, YM12915035160, YM129150-35160, Kubota 15241-3209-0, 1584132439, 15841-32439, 16271-3209-2, 16271-32093, HH15232432, HH152-32432, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4255, Leyland Daf BL LRF000020, LRF100120, M Filter MH3319, MH3319X, Mann 6742259030, W 814/80, W814/80, W81480, Motaquip VFL157, Nipparts J1314004, J1314013, Purflux LS460, Purolator Facet PER4004, Savara, Subaru 30887-2100, Sullair 415673, 68415673, Tecneco OL994, Tecnocar R511, Teho 4144, OK144, OK60, TRP 1500856, UFI 23.243.00, Union C-532, Vapormatic VPD5101, Vauxhall GM 649006, Wacker Neuson 1000018587, 4505549, Wirtgen 2160199, Yanmar 124550-35100, 129150-35160

    Airman PDSPDS90S-71-501(YANMAR 3T75HL-HKS Engine), PDSPDS90S-71-502(YANMAR 3T75HL-HKSA Engine), Bobcat Melroe E60 37kW 50hp(Yanmar 4TNV98-ESDB6 Engine), E80 43kW 57hp(Yanmar 4TNV98-ZWDB8 Engine), X220, X313(Kohler Engine), X320(Kubota D750 Engine), Bomag BMP8500 14kW(Kubota D1005 Engine) From 01/09, Case IHC CK25(Kubota D1105BH Engine), CK28(Kubota V1505BH Engine), Farymann FK2, FK3, Gehl SL1625 16kW 22hp(Isuzu QT23 Engine) From 01/92, SL2610 18kW 25hp(Isuzu QT23 Engine) From 01/95, Genie Z34/22 IC (KUBOTA D905E Engine), Hokuetsu Kogyo PDS90S(Yanmar 3TNC 78L-RHK Engine), Honda BF115 Mid HP; BF115 High HP, BF130 Mid HP; BF130 High HP, BF75 Mid HP; BF75 High HP, BF90 Mid HP; BF90 High HP, Hyster H25XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H35XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H40XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H50XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), H60XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S25XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S35XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S40XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), S60XL(Mazda M4-121G Engine), Hyundai H100 2.4 2351cc Petrol 84kW 114hp From 01/97 To 03/00, Isuzu Gemini 1.5 1481cc Petrol 52kW 71hp(4XC1UKat Engine) From 01/88 To 12/92, NKR 2.6 17L (4ZE1 Engine) From 05/93, John Deere 1050 24kW 33hp(Yanmar Engine) From 01/80 To 12/89, 4052M(Yanmar 4-cyl diesel Engine), 4052R(Yanmar 4-cyl diesel Engine), 4066M, 4066R 49kW 67hp, 650 12kW 16hp(YANMAR Engine) From 01/81 To 12/89, 750 15kW 20hp(Yanmar Engine) From 01/81 To 12/89, 850 16kW 22hp(Yanmar Engine) From 01/78 To 12/89, 855 18kW 24hp(Yanmar Engine) From 01/86 To 12/98, 900HC 18kW 25hp(John Deere Engine) From 01/86 To 12/90, 950(YANMAR Engine) From 01/78 To 12/89, Komatsu PC05-5(3 D 84-1 Engine), PC27R 19kW 26hp(3D82AE-3FA Engine), PC30MRX-1 20kW 27hp(3D84E-3KJ Engine), PC35MR-2 21kW 29hp(Yanmar 3D88E-3FAE Engine), PC35MR-3, PC35R; PC35R-8P; PC35R-8E 21kW 28hp(3D84E-3FA Engine), PC40MR-2 29kW 39hp(4D88E-5 Engine), PC45R-8(4D 84 E-3D Engine), PC50MR-2 29kW 39hp(4D88E-5 Engine), PW110R 71kW 95hp(Yanmar/Komatsu S4D106-1FB Engine) From 01/99 To 12/01, PW95R-2 62kW 86hp(Komatsu 4D106-1FB Engine) From 01/00 To 12/06, PW95R-2 62kW 86hp(Yanmar 4D106-25FB Engine) From 01/00 To 12/06, PW95R-2 62kW 86hp(Yanmar YD 4400DNLCES Engine) From 01/00 To 12/06, SK1020-5 51kW 70hp(4 SD 98 E Engine), SK714-5 34kW 47hp(4 D 88 E Engine), SK815-5 Turbo 34kW 47hp(S4 D 84 E Engine), SK818-5(4 D 88 E Engine), WA115 PT-3 65kW 88hp(S4 D 106 -1HC Engine), WB140 63kW 85hp(S4D 106-1FH Turbo Engine), WB150 63kW 85hp(S4D 106-1FH Turbo Engine), Kramer 350 23kW 31hp(Yanmar 3TNV88 Engine) From 01/07, Kubota B1710 12kW(D 905 E-BX Engine) From 01/00 To 01/07, B2710HDB 20kW From 01/00 To 01/05, B2710HSD 20kW(V1305-E-D12 Engine) From 01/00 To 01/07, B3000 HSDC 22kW 30hp(V1505-E3-D21-Q Engine) From 01/11, B3000 HSDCC 22kW 30hp(V1505-E3-D21-Q2 Engine) From 01/11, B3030 HDB; B3030 HDB-C(Kubota V1505 Engine) From 01/07 To 01/13, B3030 HSD; B3030 HSDC(V1505-E2-D21 PN#1G089-30001 Engine) From 01/07, B3030HDB, B3030HDB-C, B3200 HSD(V1505-E3-D24 PN#1G088-20001 Engine), B3300 SU 23kW(V1505-E3-D24H Engine) From 01/08, B3350 HSD; B3350 HSDC 24kW(V1505-E4-D26-Q Engine) From 01/13, B5000 6kW(Z500 Engine) From 01/73 To 01/77, B5001, B5100 10kW 13hp(Kubota Engine) From 01/73 To 12/77, B5200 10kW 13hp(Kubota Engine) From 01/83 To 12/96, B6001, B6100 10kW 14hp(Kubota Engine) From 01/78 To 12/84, B6200 11kW 15hp(Kubota Engine) From 01/83 To 12/84, B7000, B7001, B7200 13kW 17hp(Kubota Engine) From 01/83 To 12/90, B7800HSD(V1505-E-D16 Engine) From 01/03, B8100, B8200 14kW 19hp(Kubota Engine) From 01/83 To 12/90, BB1200 11kW From 01/99, BB1400 14kW From 01/99, BB1402 14kW(D850L Engine) From 01/82 To 01/88, BB1500 14kW From 01/99, BB1502 11kW(D850 Engine) From 01/82 To 01/88, BB1600 To 01/98, BB1702 12kW From 01/82 To 01/88, BB2650HSD/C 19kW(D1305E4D26Q PN# 1J061-00001 Engine) From 01/13, BB2710HDB 20kW 27hp From 01/00 To 01/07, BB2710HSD 20kW 27hp(V1305-E-D12 Engine) From 01/98, BB2910HSD 22kW 30hp(V1505-E-D16 Engine) From 01/98 To 01/05, F2400 18kW 24hp(D1105-FM PN#1G049-00001 Engine), F3060, F3060(V1305-FM PN#1G079-00001 Engine), F3060R, F3060R(V1305-FM PN#1G079-00001 Engine), F3680 26kW 36hp(V1505E2-FM3 PN# 1G871-20001 Engine), FZ 2100 15kW 21hp(D905-FZ PN#1G030-00001 Engine), G1800; G1800S 12kW 16hp, G1900; G1900S 13kW 18hp, G2000 15kW 21hp, G3200 7kW 10hp(Z400 PN#77700-05535 Engine), G5200H 10kW 14hp, G6200H(D640 Engine), K008 12kW 16hp(D 722 Engine) From 01/97 To 01/02, K008-3 7kW 10hp(D722-EBH-3 PN#1J021-00001 Engine), KX008-3, KX41 -2SV 16kW 22hp(D 1105-EBH-6 Engine), KX41H 16kW 22hp(D 1105-BH Engine), KX61-2 18kW 24hp(D 1105-BH6 Engine), KX61-2S(D1105-EBH-6 Engine), KX61-3 18kW 24hp(V1505-E2-BH-9EU Engine), KX71-3, KX71-3(V1505-E2-BH10 Engine), KX71-3 20kW 27hp(V1505-E2-BH-10EU Engine), KX71H 24kW 32hp(V 1505 - BH Engine), KX91-2(V1505-BH-7 Engine), KX91-2S(V1505-EBH-7 Engine), R310LST(V1305 Engine), RTV1100CW9; RTV1100RW9(D1105E3UV Engine), T1600H 10kW 14hp(Z482 Engine), U15-3(D782 Engine), U15T4(D782-E2-BH-4 Engine), U17-3A, Leyland Daf BL Rover 200 216 1.6 GSi 1590cc Petrol 82kW 112hp(D 16 Z2 Engine) From 10/89 To 10/95, Rover 200 216 1.6 GTi 1590cc Petrol 90kW 122hp(D 16 A8 Engine) From 09/90 To 11/99, Rover 200 216 GSi 1590cc Petrol 85kW 116hp From 10/89 To 10/95, Rover 200 216 GTi 1590cc Petrol 96kW 130hp From 09/90 To 10/95, Rover 400 (Mk. I) 416 1.6 GSI 1590cc Petrol 82kW 112hp(D 16 Z2 Engine) From 04/90 To 04/95, Rover 400 (Mk. I) 416 1.6 GTI 1590cc Petrol 90kW 122hp(D 16 A8 Engine) From 04/90 To 11/98, Rover 400 (Mk. I) 416 1.6i XW 1590cc Petrol 82kW 112hp(D 16 Z2 Engine) From 05/94 To 11/98, Rover 400 (Mk. I) 416 GSI/GSE 1590cc Petrol 85kW 116hp(ZC4 Engine) From 04/90 To 04/95, Rover 400 (Mk. I) 416 GTI/GTE 1590cc Petrol 96kW 131hp(ZC2 Engine) From 04/90 To 04/95, Rover 400 (Mk. II) 416 1.6 i 16V Automatic 1590cc Petrol 83kW 112hp(D16A (Honda) Engine) From 05/95 To 03/00, Rover 600 618i;Si 1850cc Petrol 85kW 115hp From 03/96 To 02/99, Rover 600 620 Si 1997cc Petrol 96kW 131hp(F 20 Z1 Engine) From 08/93 To 02/99, Rover 600 620i 1997cc Petrol 85kW 115hp(F 20 Z2 Engine) From 08/93 To 06/96, Rover 600 623 Si 2259cc Petrol 116kW 158hp(H 23 A3 Engine) From 08/93 To 02/99, Rover Tourer 1.6i 1590cc Petrol 90kW 122hp(D 16 A8 Engine) From 05/94, Rover Tourer 1.8i 1795cc Petrol 107kW 146hp From 06/96, Nanni Diesel 3.100HE Kubota 21kW 29hp, 3.100HE Kubota 21kW 29hp, Schaeff HR10 20kW 27hp(Mits. K4E Engine) From 01/83, Takeuchi TB020 15kW 20hp(Kubota D1105-B4 Engine) From 01/91, TB025 14kW 19hp(Yanmar 3TN84L Engine) From 01/86 To 12/99, TCR 50 68kW 92hp(Yanmar 4 TNE 106 Engine), TL150 74kW 101hp(Yanmar 4TNE106T Engine), Vauxhall GM Astra Mk II 1.5TD Belmont 1499cc Diesel 49kW 67hp(15 DT (T4EC1) Engine) From 01/88 To 08/90, Astra Mk II 1.5TD Belmont 1499cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(15 DT (T4EC1) Engine) From 01/87 To 08/89, Kadett-E 1.5TD 1487cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(15DTR/TC4EC1 Engine) From 08/88 To 10/91, Wacker Neuson 2503(Yanmar 3TNV88-BSNS Engine) From AG00597, 2503(Yanmar 3TNV88-SNS Engine) To AE02833, 3503(Yanmar 4TNV88-BWNS Engine) From AG00593, 3503(Yanmar 4TNV88-WNS Engine) To AE02832, 3703(Yanmar 4TNV88-BWNS Engine) From AG00580, 3703(Yanmar 4TNV88-WNS Engine) To AE02799, 6002 43kW 58hp(Yanmar 4 TNE 98-NSR(1) Engine), 6502WD(Yanmar 4TNV98-VNS Engine) To AB03043, 6502WD 43kW 58hp(Yanmar 4TNE98-NSR(1) Engine) To AB03034, Yanmar 2QM; 3QM, 2QM20, 3HM; 3HMF, 3HM35; 3HM35F, 3QM30, 4LH-DTE; 4LH-STE, T2T72HLE, T2T75HLE, T2T90LE, T3T72HLE, T3T75HLE, T3T80LE, T3T84HLE-S/G1, T3T90LE, YB10(3T72L Engine), YB1200(2TR2 Engine), YB1200S(2TR2 Engine), YB1200SS, YB1800S(3T90T Engine), YB1800S, YB20(3T72L/3T75H Engine), YB201(3T75H Engine), YB25; YB25E(3T75H Engine), YB251W(3T84H Engine), YB30(3T84H Engine), YB301(3T84H Engine), YB35(3T75H/3T84H Engine), YB351(3T84H Engine), YB40(3T90T Engine), YB45, YB50(3T90T Engine), YD240; YD240D, YD300, YFW25D(2T75HLF Engine), YTB1200, YTB1200 S, YTB1300 S, YTB1400 S, YTB650 S

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