FMH-W719-4 FILTER-Hydraulic(Mann W719/4)

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  • Part Number FMH-W719-4
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    FILTER-Hydraulic(Mann W719/4). Hydraulic. .

    Height: 0mm

    Alco SP-930, Asahi AMC NO222, NO-222, Case IHC S-62427, Crosland 2105, Delphi Lucas CAV FX0142, Digoema DGM/O719/5, DGMO7195, Fil Filters ZP523, Ford 1498016, 5000186, D1PI6731A, Fram PH28165, Gehl 061511, 605751, GIF GL288, Guiot GH2870, Hengst H14/1W, Hifi Hirschi Jura SH56106, In-Line Filters FB24004, FMH-W719/4, FMHW7194, FMH-W7194, FMH-W719-4, FMHW719-4, Kubota 15213-3209-0, 15213-3243-0, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4719, M Filter MH387, Mahle Knecht HC45, Mann and Hummel 6740359136, W719/4, W7194, Mercedes A0030940601, A0031840601, Purolator Facet PC213o.F., PER202M25, PER202Mic25, Savara SO061, TRP 1534552, Volvo 1526188-6

    Antonio Carraro 420.5(VM HR392A Engine), Supertigre 4800 (VM HR392A Engine), Supertigre 5500 35kW 48hp(VM HR394H Engine), Tigretrac 5500 22 35kW 48hp(VM HR394 Engine), Tigretrac 7700 22 46kW 63hp(VM HR394 Engine), Tigrone 4800 (VM HR392 Engine), Unicar/Unitrans 4800 (VM HR392A Engine), Broyt Elite 14 11kW 16hp(B+S Vang. 16HP Engine), Elite 14 14kW 20hp(B+S Vang. 20 HP Engine), Elite 14 9kW 13hp(Kubota Engine), Elite 8 8kW 11hp(Kubota Engine), Elite 9 6kW 9hp(Kubota Engine), Case IHC 1056; 1056XL; 1056XLA 77kW 105hp(D 358 Engine), 323 19kW 26hp(D 155 Engine), 353 25kW 34hp(D 155 Engine), 383 26kW 35hp(D 155 Engine), 423 29kW 39hp(D 155 Engine), 453 33kW 45hp(D 155 Engine), 483, 523; 523A 33kW 45hp, 544(D 239 Engine), 553; 553A 38kW 52hp(D 155 Engine), 554 40kW 55hp(D 206 Engine), 624; 624A 43kW 59hp(D 206 Engine), 644; 644A 44kW 60hp(D 206 Engine), 654; 654A 44kW 60hp(D 206 Engine), 724; 724A 49kW 67hp(D 239 Engine), 743; 743A; 743S; 743SA; 743XL; 743XLA 49kW 67hp(D 239 Engine), 744; 744A 51kW 70hp(D 239 Engine), 745; 745S; 745SA; 745XL; 745XLA 53kW 72hp(D 239 Engine), 824; 824A 54kW 73hp(D 239 Engine), 826; 826A(D 358 Engine), 844; 844A; 844S; 844SA; 844XL; 844XLA 59kW 80hp(D 246/268 Engine), 846; 846A(D 239 Engine), 956XL; 956XLA 70kW 95hp(D 358 Engine), C1056A, Gehl HL Series HL2500(NHMS Onan Engine), HL Series HL2500(NHC Onan Engine), HL Series HL2500A(NHC Onan Engine), HL Series HL2600(NHC Onan Engine), HL Series HL2600(NHC Onan Engine), HL Series HL360(B48G Onan Engine), HL Series HL4400(134 Ford Engine), HL Series HL4400(4.108 Perkins Engine), HL Series HL4400(VH4D Wisconsin Engine), Goldoni C45L; C45M; C45N; C45S(VM RA394 Engine), 3050DT(VM Engine), Kubota LL175 13kW 17hp(Kubota Z750A Engine), LL185; 185DT 13kW 17hp(Kubota Z751A Engine), L200 Series L200 15kW 21hp(Kubota Z1100 Engine), L200 Series L210 15kW 21hp(Kubota Z1100-A Engine), L200 Series L225/225DT 18kW 24hp(Kubota D1100-A Engine), L200 Series L245; 245HC 18kW 25hp(Kubota DH 1101A Engine), L200 Series L245DT 16kW 22hp(DH1101-A Engine), L200 Series L260 18kW 24hp(Kubota Z1300 Engine), L200 Series L295F 19kW 26hp(D1301-A Engine), L300 Series L305 25kW 34hp(Kubota D1301-DA Engine), Ls Agricultural Machinery G Series G3033H 24kW 33hp(LS L3BL (Tier4 Interim) Engine), G Series G3038H 24kW 38hp(LS L3AL (Tier4 Interim) Engine), I Series I3030H Hydrostatic 28hp(Mitsubishi S4L Engine), I Series I3040H Hydrostatic 98hp(Mitsubishi S4L2 Engine), R Series R3029H, R Series R3039H, R Series R4010H, R Series R4020H, R Series R4041EZ, R Series R4041H, R Series R4047EZ, R Series R4047H, XG Series XG3032H 32hp(N843T-F-24 (Tier4) Engine), XG Series XG3037H 36hp(N843T-F-27 (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR3032H 32hp(ISM N843T-F (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR3037H 36hp(ISM N843T-F (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR3135H 26kW 35hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4040H 29kW 40hp(ISM N844L-F (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4040HC 29kW 40hp(ISM N844L-F (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4046H 29kW 46hp(ISM N844L-F (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4046HC 29kW 46hp(ISM N844L-F (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4140H 29kW 40hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4140HC 29kW 40hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4145H 29kW 45hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4145HC 29kW 45hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4150H 29kW 50hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4150HC 29kW 50hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4155H 29kW 55hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), XR Series XR4155HC 29kW 55hp(L3C19-T (Tier4) Engine), New Holland 1400(Ford 2715E Engine), 1890(Caterpillar 3208 Engine), 975(Ford Petrol Engine), 980(Ford Petrol Engine), 985(Ford Petrol Engine), 990(Ford Petrol Engine), 995(Ford Petrol Engine), VM Motori HR392A, HR394H, RA394, Volvo F 12 (77-94) F 12 (TD 122 Engine), F 12 (77-94) F 12 (TD 123 E Engine), F 12 (77-94) F 12 (TD 120 C Engine), F 12 (77-94) F 12 (TD 121 F Engine), F 16 (87-94) F 16 (TD162F/FJ/FL/FS Engine), F 16 (87-94) F 16 357kW 500hp(TD 163 ES Engine), FH 12 (92-05) FH 12 (12-340/380/420/460) (D 12A/B/C/D Engine), FH 16; FH 16 Classic (93-) FH 16 (16-470/520)(D 16A/B Engine), N 12 (80-) N 12 283kW 385hp(TD 121 F Engine)

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