FMH-W1140-11 FILTER-Lube(Mann W1140/11)

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  • Part Number FMH-W1140-11
  • Shipping Weight: 0.86kgs
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-W1140-11
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Mann W1140/11)
    Category: Brands, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Oil. Genuine Mann product.

    Height: 0mm

    Agco 6219784M1, Alco SP1341, SP-1341, Bosch 0451104012, Case IHC 162000070700, Donaldson P502433, Fil Filter ZP3056, Filtron OP698/3, OP6983, In-Line Filters FB23853, FMH-W1140/11, FMHW114011, FMH-W114011, FMH-W1140-11, FMHW1140-11, JCB 02/950201, 02950201, M Filter MH3368, Mahle Knecht OC335, Mann and Hummel 6760459250, 6760459260, W 1140/11, W1140/11, W114011, McCormick 008366258000, New Holland 162000070762, 47335745, Schnell 1-019-005, Steyr 1620.00.07.0744, 620.00.070.744, TRP 1534606, Valtra Valmet 836640990, 836679586, V20147133, Vapormatic VPD5152

    Agco 8775(Cummins Engine), 8785(Cummins Engine), 9735(Valmet Engine), 9745(Valmet Engine), Case IHC CS105 PRO Tier 3 77kW 105hp(4.4-litre Sisu Engine) From 01/08, CS110; 110 A 81kW 110hp(420.80 Engine), CS120; CS120A 88kW 120hp(620.84 Engine), CS130; CS130A 96kW 131hp(620.82 Engine), CS150 107kW 146hp(WD 620.83 Engine) From 04/96 To 04/00, CS150; CS150A 112kW 152hp(620.83 Engine) From 04/00 To 07/03, CS78; CS78A 57kW 78hp(420.81 Engine) From 01/99, CS80 PRO 60kW 82hp From 10/07, CS85 PRO Tier 3 63kW 86hp(Sisus Engine) From 01/08, CS86; CS86A 63kW 86hp(420.82 Engine) From 01/99 To 01/04, CS90 PRO 66kW 89hp From 10/07, CS94; CS94A 69kW 94hp(420.83 Engine) From 01/99 To 01/04, CS95 PRO Tier 3 68kW 93hp From 01/08, CVX1135 101kW 137hp, CVX1145 108kW 147hp, CVX1155 115kW 156hp, CVX1170 126kW 171hp, CVX1190 141kW 192hp, CVX120; CVX120A 85kW 116hp(620.87 Engine) From 07/99, CVX130; CVX130A 92kW 125hp(620.88 Engine) From 07/99, CVX140 104kW 141hp From 01/07, CVX150 111kW 150hp From 01/07, CVX150; CVX150A 107kW 146hp(620.89 Engine) From 07/99, CVX160 118kW 160hp From 01/07, CVX170; CVX170A 121kW 165hp(620.90 Engine) From 07/99, CVX175 129kW 175hp From 01/07, CVX195 144kW 196hp(SISU 6.6 L Engine) From 01/07 To 12/09, Caterpillar MT635(SISU C8.4L Engine), MT645(SISU C8.4L Engine), Massey Ferguson 22 From 01/94 To 12/98, 23 From 01/00 To 12/03, 25, 26, 30, 32, 3670 113kW 154hp(Valmet Engine) From 01/92 To 12/94, 3670 125kW 170hp(Valmet 620DS Engine), 3690 125kW 170hp(Valmet Engine) From 01/91 To 12/94, 5470(44DTA Engine), 5470 92kW 125hp(SisuDiesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 5470 92kW 125hp(SisuDiesel 44DTA Engine), 5470 Tier 3(1106D-E66TA Engine), 5480 99kW 135hp(SisuDiesel 49CWA-4V Engine) From 10/07, 5480 Tier 3(44CWA-4V / 49CWA-4V Engine), 6460 Tier 3 85kW 115hp(SiSu Diesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 6460 Tier 3 85kW 115hp(SiSu Diesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 6460T3 Tier 3(44CWA-4V Engine), 6470 Tier 3 92kW 125hp(Sisu Diesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 6470T3 Tier 3(44CWA-4V Engine), 6475 Dyna-6 99kW 135hp(Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine) From 02/07, 6480 Dyna-6 107kW 145hp(Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine), 6485(66ETA Engine), 6485 113kW 154hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine) From 05/03, 6485 Tier 3 118kW 160hp(SiSu Siesel 66CTA-4V Engine), 6485T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V Engine), 6490(66ETA Engine), 6490 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine) From 05/03, 6490 Dyna-6 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 6490 Tier 3 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66CTA-4V Engine), 6490T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V Engine), 6495(66ETA Engine), 6495 137kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine) From 05/03, 6495 Dyna-6 137kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 6495 Tier 3 136kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66CTA-4V Engine), 6495T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V Engine), 6497(66ETA Engine), 6497 136kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine) From 10/03, 6497 Dyna-6 147kW 200hp(SiSu Diesel 74.CTA Engine), 6497 Tier 3 147kW 200hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V Engine), 6497T3 Tier 3(74CTA-4V Engine), 6499(66ETA Engine), 6499 137kW 186hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine) From 05/03, 6499 Dyna-6 158kW 215hp(SiSu Diesel 74.CTA Engine), 6499 Tier 3 158kW 215hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V Engine), 6614 Gear Type Dyna-VT 103kW 140hp(AGCO POWER 4-cyl Tier 3B Engine) From 10/13, 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7480 Dyna-VT 110kW 150hp(Sisu Diesel Engine), 7485 120kW 163hp(Sisu 66.ETA Engine) From 02/03, 7485 Dyna-VT 121kW 165hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 7490 132kW 179hp(Sisu 66.ETA Engine) From 02/03, 7490 Dyna-VT 129kW 175hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 7495 143kW 194hp(Sisu 66.ETA Engine) From 02/03, 7495 Dyna-VT 140kW 190hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 7497 Dyna-VT Tier 3 151kW 205hp(Sisu Diesel Engine) From 01/09, 7499 Tier 3 162kW 220hp(Sisu Diesel Engine), 7615 Dyna-6 110kW 150hp(AGCO Power Engine Engine), 7618 Dyna-VT 121kW 165hp(AGCO POWER 66AWI Engine), 7619 Dyna VT 125kW 170hp(AGCO POWER

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