FMH-W1140-11 FILTER-Lube(Mann W1140/11)

Price(Ex Vat): £14.45

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  • Part Number FMH-W1140-11
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    FILTER-Lube(Mann W1140/11). Oil. .

    Height: 0mm

    Agco 6219784M1, Alco SP1341, SP-1341, Bosch 0451104012, Case IHC 162000070700, Donaldson P502433, Fil Filters ZP3056, Filtron OP698/3, OP6983, In-Line Filters FB23853, FMH-W1140/11, FMHW114011, FMH-W114011, FMH-W1140-11, FMHW1140-11, JCB 02/950201, 02950201, M Filter MH3368, Mahle Knecht OC335, Mann and Hummel 6760459260, W1140/11, W114011, McCormick 008366258000, New Holland 162000070762, 47335745, Schnell 1-019-005, Steyr 1620.00.07.0744, 620.00.070.744, TRP 1534606, Valtra Valmet 836640990, 836679586, V20147133, Vapormatic VPD5152

    Agco 8775(Cummins Engine), 8785(Cummins Engine), 9735(Valmet Engine), 9745(Valmet Engine), Case IHC CS105 PRO Tier 3 77kW 105hp(4.4-litre Sisu Engine), CS110; 110 A 81kW 110hp(420.80 Engine), CS120; CS120A 88kW 120hp(620.84 Engine), CS130; CS130A 96kW 131hp(620.82 Engine), CS150 107kW 146hp(WD 620.83 Engine), CS150; CS150A 112kW 152hp(620.83 Engine), CS78; CS78A 57kW 78hp(420.81 Engine), CS80 PRO 60kW 82hp, CS85 PRO Tier 3 63kW 86hp(Sisus Engine), CS86; CS86A 63kW 86hp(420.82 Engine), CS90 PRO 66kW 89hp, CS94; CS94A 69kW 94hp(420.83 Engine), CS95 PRO Tier 3 68kW 93hp, CVX1135 101kW 137hp, CVX1145 108kW 147hp, CVX1155 115kW 156hp, CVX1170 126kW 171hp, CVX1190 141kW 192hp, CVX120; CVX120A 85kW 116hp(620.87 Engine), CVX130; CVX130A 92kW 125hp(620.88 Engine), CVX140 104kW 141hp, CVX150 111kW 150hp, CVX150; CVX150A 107kW 146hp(620.89 Engine), CVX160 118kW 160hp, CVX170; CVX170A 121kW 165hp(620.90 Engine), CVX175 129kW 175hp, CVX195 144kW 196hp(SISU 6.6 L Engine), Caterpillar MT635(SISU C8.4L Engine), MT645(SISU C8.4L Engine), Massey Ferguson 22, 23, 25, 26, 30, 32, 3670 113kW 154hp(Valmet Engine), 3670 125kW 170hp(Valmet 620DS Engine), 3690 125kW 170hp(Valmet Engine), 5470 92kW 125hp(SisuDiesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 5470 92kW 125hp(SisuDiesel 44DTA Engine), 5480 99kW 135hp(SisuDiesel 49CWA-4V Engine), 5470(44DTA Engine), 5470 Tier 3(1106D-E66TA Engine), 5480 Tier 3(44CWA-4V / 49CWA-4V Engine), 6460 Tier 3 85kW 115hp(SiSu Diesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 6460 Tier 3 85kW 115hp(SiSu Diesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 6470 Tier 3 92kW 125hp(Sisu Diesel 44CWA-4V Engine), 6475 Dyna-6 99kW 135hp(Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine), 6480 Dyna-6 107kW 145hp(Perkins 1106D-E66TA Engine), 6485 113kW 154hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine), 6485 Tier 3 118kW 160hp(SiSu Siesel 66CTA-4V Engine), 6490 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine), 6490 Dyna-6 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 6490 Tier 3 125kW 170hp(SiSu Diesel 66CTA-4V Engine), 6495 137kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine), 6495 Dyna-6 137kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 6495 Tier 3 136kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66CTA-4V Engine), 6497 136kW 185hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine), 6497 Dyna-6 147kW 200hp(SiSu Diesel 74.CTA Engine), 6497 Tier 3 147kW 200hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V Engine), 6499 137kW 186hp(SiSu Diesel 66.ETA Engine), 6499 Dyna-6 158kW 215hp(SiSu Diesel 74.CTA Engine), 6499 Tier 3 158kW 215hp(SiSu Diesel 74CTA-4V Engine), 6614 Gear Type Dyna-VT 103kW 140hp(AGCO POWER 4-cyl Tier 3B Engine), 6485(66ETA Engine), 6490(66ETA Engine), 6495(66ETA Engine), 6497(66ETA Engine), 6499(66ETA Engine), 6460T3 Tier 3(44CWA-4V Engine), 6470T3 Tier 3(44CWA-4V Engine), 6485T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V Engine), 6490T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V Engine), 6495T3 Tier 3(66CTA-4V Engine), 6497T3 Tier 3(74CTA-4V Engine), 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7247S Activa 202kW 275hp(SISU 74CTA-4V Engine), 7480 Dyna-VT 110kW 150hp(Sisu Diesel Engine), 7485 120kW 163hp(Sisu 66.ETA Engine), 7485 Dyna-VT 121kW 165hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 7490 132kW 179hp(Sisu 66.ETA Engine), 7490 Dyna-VT 129kW 175hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 7495 143kW 194hp(Sisu 66.ETA Engine), 7495 Dyna-VT 140kW 190hp(Sisu Diesel 66.CTA Engine), 7497 Dyna-VT Tier 3 151kW 205hp(Sisu Diesel Engine), 7499 Tier 3 162kW 220hp(Sisu Diesel Engine), 7615 Dyna-6 110kW 150hp(AGCO Power Engine Engine), 7618 Dyna-VT 121kW 165hp(AGCO POWER 66AWI Engine), 7619 Dyna VT 125kW 170hp(AGCO POWER

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