FMH-W1130 FILTER-Lube(Mann W1130)

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  • Part Number FMH-W1130
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    FILTER-Lube(Mann W1130). Oil. .

    Height: 0mm

    AC Delco X4127E, Alco SP-906, AP Lockheed AP3618, LK3618, LK-3618, Bosch 0451203112, 0451203177, 045120317730N, 0451203177-30N, Champion C118, Delphi Lucas CAV FX0086, Fil Filters ZP508A, Hengst H205W02, Huerlimann 0.4415.540, In-Line Filters FB23846, FMHW1130, FMH-W1130, Lamborghini 0441.554.0, Lautrette Mecafilter ELH4124, M Filter MH391, Mahle Knecht DW108, Mann and Hummel 6760359186, W1130, Purolator Facet L27204, Saurer 2060471915000, Savara, 92825211, Schupp SF SP4391, Still 1000011, Tecneco OL138T, Teho Filter OK114, UFI Sofima 22.030.00, 2203000, S8310R, Volkswagen 0004434825, Wix 51189E, Zetor 6400-1006

    Alfa Romeo AR 6 2.4D 10/13AR6 2445cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(Sofim-8144.61.200 Engine), AR 8 2.4D 30/32/35/40AR8 2445cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(Sofim-8140.61.200 Engine), Deutz AG Fahr KHD AgroCompact 70F; 70V; 70AF 51kW 70hp(Same 1000.4 W / 1000.3 WT Engine), AgroCompact 80F; 80V; 80AF 59kW 80hp(Same 1000.4 W Engine), AgroCompact 90F; 90V; 90AF 65kW 89hp(Same 1000.4 WT Engine), Eicher 2070A 51kW 70hp(Same 1000.4W Engine), 2080A 59kW 80hp(Same 1000.4W Engine), Fiat 131 2.0D 1995cc Diesel 44kW 60hp(8144.65 Engine), 131 2.5D 2428cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 Engine), 131 2.5D Super AF 2428cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 Engine), 132 2.0D 1995cc Diesel 44kW 60hp, 132 2.5D 2445cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 Engine), Argenta (132A) 2500D 2429cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 Engine), Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.4D 2428cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 Engine), Ducato (279/280/282/284/290) 2.5D 2500cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8144.67 Engine), Goldoni 652 Compact(Sofim 8141 Engine), 654 Compact(Sofim 8141 Engine), Huerlimann H300 Series 305 XE 37kW 50hp(1000.3A Engine), H300 Series 306 XE 44kW 60hp(1000.3A Engine), H300 Series 335 F, H300 Series 355, H300 Series 355 F, H300 Series 356, H300 Series 358(Perkins H-1000.3 W Engine), H300 Series 358.4, H300 Series 360, H300 Series 361; 361 F/V/XF 44kW 60hp(1000.3 / Same 1053 P Engine), H400 Series 460, H400 Series 465, H400 Series 466; 466.4 48kW 65hp, H400 Series 468; 468.4 51kW 70hp(Perkins H-1000.4 W Engine), H400 Series 470 55kW 75hp, H400 Series 476; 476 F/XF; 476.4 55kW 75hp(Perkins H-1000.3 WT Engine), H400 Series 478; 478.4 65kW 88hp(Perkins H-1000.4 W1 Engine), H400 Series 480 60kW 82hp, H400 Series 481 XF 59kW 80hp(Perkins H-1000.4 W Engine), H400 Series 485, H400 Series 491 XF 64kW 87hp(Perkins H-1000.4 WT Engine), H600 Series (XA) 606 XA DT 44kW 60hp(1000.3W1 Engine), H600 Series (XA) 607 XA DT 52kW 71hp(1000.4W4 Engine), H600 Series (XA) 655 XA 41kW 56hp(1000.3A Engine), H600 Series (XA) 656 XA T/DT 47kW 64hp(1000.3W1 Engine), H600 Series (XA) 657 XA 53kW 72hp(1000.4A Engine), H700 Series (XN) 706 XN 44kW 60hp(1003.3W Engine), H700 Series (XN) 707 XN 51kW 70hp(1000.4W Engine), H700 Series (XN) 708 XN 59kW 80hp(1000.4W Engine), H700 Series (XN) 709 XN 65kW 89hp(1000.4W Engine), H900 Series (XT) 910.6 XT DTA 77kW 105hp(1000.6W1 Engine), Iveco 8131, 8140, 88141, 88160, Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 30-8 2445cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 Engine), Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 30-8 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 Engine), Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 35- 8 2445cc Diesel 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 Engine), Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 35- 8 60kW 82hp(8140.61.200 Engine), Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 40- 8 2445cc Diesel 55kW 75hp(8140.61.200 Engine), Daily I / Grinta (78-89) 40- 8 55kW 75hp(8140.61.200 Engine), Grinta 30 OM 8 Grinta 39kW 53hp(8140.61 Engine), Grinta 32 OM 8 Grinta 39kW 53hp(8140.61 Engine), Grinta 35 OM 8 Grinta 39kW 53hp(8140.61 Engine), Grinta 40 OM 8 Grinta 39kW 53hp(8140.61 Engine), U 8 Series 30 U 8 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 Engine), U 8 Series 35 U 8 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 Engine), U 8 Series 40 U 8 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 Engine), Z Series Z 110 81kW 110hp(8060.04.661 Engine), Z Series Z 220 96kW 120hp(8060.04.662 Engine), Lamborghini 1R1106; R1106DT, R240, R345, 554-50; 554-50DTA Crono 37kW 50hp(1000.3A3 Engine), 564-60 DTA Crono 44kW 60hp(1000.3A4 Engine), 574-70DTA Crono 51kW 70hp(1000.3AT Engine), C554; C554 Compact Ergom., 654-55 DTA; 654-55 2RM Sprint 41kW 56hp(1000.3W Engine), 660F Plus; 660F Plus DT 44kW 60hp(1000.3A2 Engine), 660S; 660V Agile 44kW 60hp(1000.3W Engine), 664-60DT Sprint 44kW 60hp(1000.3W1 Engine), 664-65DTA; 664-65 2RM Sprint 46kW 63hp(1000.3WT Engine), 674-70DT Grand Prix LS 51kW 70hp(1000.4W Engine), 674-70DT Sprint 52kW 71hp(1000.4W4 Engine), 674-75DTA; 674-75 2RM Sprint 53kW 72hp(1000.4W Engine), 684-85DTA; 684-85 2RM Sprint 61kW 83hp(1004.4WT Engine), C664 Ergomatic, C683, R600; R600DT, R653, R654; R654DT, R660F; R660V(Perkins 1000.3-A Engine), R660; R660DT, R674-70, R683, R684, 770S Agile 51kW 70hp(1000.3T Engine), 774-80DT Grand Prix LS 59kW 80hp(1000.4W Engine), 775F Plus 55kW 75hp(1000.3A Engine), 775V Agile 55kW 75hp(1000.4A Engine), C774-80, C784, R700; R700DT, R754; R754DT, R774-80, R775, R784, R854; R854 DT, R956; R956DT, Renault B70FN 40 53kW 72hp(Sofim-8140.61 Engine), Master I 2.5D Q..4 2445cc Diesel 52kW 72hp(Sofim-8140.61 Engine), TP Series TP 3 56kW 76hp(712 Engine), Trafic I 2.5D 2445cc Diesel 51kW 69hp(S8U 720/722 Engine), Trafic I 2.5D P..4 2499cc Diesel 55kW 76hp(S8U 720/752 Engine), Same Argon 50; 50DTA 37kW 50hp(1000.3 A Engine), Argon 60; 60 DTA 44kW 60hp(1000.3 A Engine), Argon 70; 70DTA 52kW 71hp(1000.3 AT Engine), Aster Series 60(Perkins 1000.3-A Engine), Centauro Series 70 Export 50kW 68hp(100.4P Engine), Centauro Series 70 Special/Syncro 50kW 68hp(100.4P Engine), Centurion Series 75; 75 Export/Special 55kW 75hp(105.4P Engine), Condor Series 55 40kW 55hp(100.3P Engine), Condor Series C 37kW 50hp(983L Engine), Corsaro Series 60, Corsaro Series 70 DT/Syncro, Corsaro Series 70 Frutteto 48kW 66hp(984P Engine), Dorado Series 60 DT 44kW 60hp(1000.3-A5 Engine), Dorado Series 65 DTA 45kW 64hp(1000.3-A5 Engine), Dorado Series 70 DT 52kW 71hp(1000.4-A5 Engine), Explorer II / Special / C Series 60 DT 44kW 60hp, Explorer II / Special / C Series 70 DT 52kW 71hp(1000.4-A Engine), Explorer II / Special / C Series 70 Top 52kW 71hp(1000.4-A Engine), Explorer II / Special / C Series 80 DT 59kW 80hp(1000.4A Engine), Explorer I Series 55 40kW 55hp(916.3A Engine), Explorer I Series 65; 65 C 48kW 65hp(916.4A Engine), Explorer I Series 70; 70 Export/Special 51kW 70hp(1000.4A Engine), Explorer I Series 75; 75 C 55kW 75hp(916.4A Engine), Explorer I Series 80; 80 Export/Special 59kW 80hp(10004.A Engine), Falcon Series C, Frutteto Series 60 DT Frutteto II 44kW 60hp(1000.3-A2 Engine), Frutteto Series 75 DT Frutteto II 55kW 75hp(1000.4-A3 Engine), Golden Series 60 44kW 60hp(1000.3 A Engine), Golden Series 75 55kW 75hp(1000.4 A Engine), Leopard Series 85 62kW 85hp, Leopard Series C 55kW 75hp(105.4P Engine), Mercury Series 85 61kW 83hp(105.4P Engine), Minitauro Series 60 Syncro, Rock Series 55 40kW 55hp(1000.3 A Engine), Rock Series 60 44kW 60hp(1000.3 A Engine), Rock Series 70 51kW 70hp(1000.4 A Engine), Row Crop Series 80, Row Crop Series 85, Saturno Series 80, Silver Series 80 DTA 59kW 80hp(1000.4-A4 Engine), Solar Series 55, Solar Series 60(Same 1053P Engine), Taurus Series 60 43kW 59hp(105.3P Engine), Vigneron Series 60, Vigneron Series 62(Perkins 1000.3-A Engine), Vigneron Series 70, Saurer Grinta 30 OM 8 Grinta 39kW 53hp(Fiat-8140.61 Engine), Seat 131 2.5D 2445cc Diesel 53kW 72hp(8144.61 Engine), Veb Multicar M 25 / M 25A (4VD 8,8/8,5-3 Engine), Zetor 14245 URII; 14245 Crystal(Z8602.13 Engine), 16245 URII; 16245 Crystal(Z8602.12 Engine)

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