FMH-PF1025 FILTER-Lube(Mann PF1025)

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  • Part Number FMH-PF1025
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-PF1025
    Description: FILTER-Lube(Mann PF1025)
    Category: Brands, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Oil. Genuine Mann product.

    Height: 0mm

    AC Delco C25, P112, Case IHC 010070-AB, 103251, 103261, 103261H1, 114029HX, 114929, 114929H1, 122128, 422547, Cummins FL-504, Donaldson P550023, Evobus Setra 5.125.420.100, 8.011.601.51, Faun Frisch 0794367, 0794-367, 3590794367, 3590-794-367, Fiat 74613317, Fram C843, Giesse LH70, GIF LI516, LI602, Guiot GE3100, Hengst E20.14/99, E20N01, H20.14, In-Line Filters FB23675, FMHPF1025, FMH-PF1025, Krauss Maffei 80.11601.51, Mahle Knecht EN120/0, MAN 90.80116-0153, 90.80116-1188, 90801160153, Mann and Hummel 6550657299, PF 1025, PF1025, Massey Ferguson 1035713, 2870074M1, 2870094, 841241, Orenstein and Koppel 014525, Purolator Facet N50, PM356A, Savara 2042/20, 204220, 2096/20SV, 209620SV, TRP 1534672, UFI Sofima S1300PO

    Aveling Barford Centaur 35; 40; 50(GMC 12V71 Engine), M Series MG; MGH; MT(GMC 4-71 Engine), S Series SL(GMC 4-71 Engine), Barber Greene KL Series 35(Herc. G3400 Engine), TA Series 65(GMC 6-71 Engine), Bauer LR Series 25(GMC 6V-71N Engine), LR Series 6; 12(Deutz F6/10L714 Engine), Bauscher 15(Herc. JDX Engine), 150T(Herc. JXD Engine), 151(GMC 2-71/3-53 Engine), 180T; 185; 190(Waukesha 6RSKR Engine), 30(GMC 2-71/3-53 Engine), 30U(GMC 4057 Engine), 37(GMC 3-71 Engine), 40(Herc. JXD Engine), 40U(GMC 4057 Engine), 42; 45(GMC 3-71 Engine), 45(GMC 2-71/3-53 Engine), 45(Waukesha 6RSKR Engine), 450; 451(GMC 3057 Engine), 59(GMC Engine), 60(GMC 4057 Engine), 60(Waukesha 6RSKR Engine), 600(GMC 4080 Engine), 63; 64T(GMC 4080 Engine), 72(GMC 6057 Engine), 720(GMC 4080 Engine), Blaw Knox PF Series 90(DD 4-71/6-71 Engine), Clark 110-14(GMC 6/8V71N Engine), 300; 301(GMC 4-71/6V-53 Engine), 501(GMC 6V-71 Engine), 75A(GMC 6V-53 Engine), 85A; 85A III(GMC 6V-53 Engine), Cleveland D560(GMC 3-71 Engine), D562(GMC 4-71 Engine), D565(GMC 4-71 Engine), D600(GMC 4-71 Engine), D640(GMC 4-71 Engine), Curtiss Wright CW220; CWD220(GMC 6-110T Engine), CW221; CWD221(GMC 6-110T Engine), CW226; CWD226(GMC 6-110T Engine), CW27; CWD27(GMC 4-71 Engine), CW28; CWD28(GMC 4-71 Engine), Davey Paxman 400RPV(GMC 4-71 Engine), 406 RPV(GMC 4-71 Engine), 600RPV(GMC 6-71 Engine), Euclid B Series B63(GMC 12V-71 Engine), B Series B70(GMC 12V-71 Engine), B30(GMC 8V-71N Engine), C6(GMC 6-71 Engine), L Series 15(GMC 3-71 Engine), L Series 20(GMC 3-71 Engine), L Series 25(GMC 4-71 Engine), L Series 30(GMC 4-71 Engine), R Series R 100(GMC 12V-149 Engine), R Series R 130(GMC 12V-149TIB Engine), R Series R 17(GMC 6-71 Engine), R Series R 170(GMC 16V-149TIB Engine), R Series R 18(GMC 6-71 Engine), R Series R 190(GMC 16V-149TIB Engine), R Series R 20(GMC 6-71 Engine), R Series R 25(GMC 8V-71 Engine), R Series R 27(GMC 6-110 Engine), R Series R 30(GMC 6-110/12V-71N Engine), R Series R 35(GMC 6-110/12V-71N Engine), R Series R 35(GMC 6-71 Engine), R Series R 40(GMC 6-71 Engine), R Series R 45(GMC 6-71 Engine), R Series R 50(GMC 12V-92TA Engine), R Series R 50(GMC 6-110 Engine), R Series R 62(GMC 6-110 Engine), TC Series TC 12(GMC 6-71 Engine), TC Series TC 6(GMC 6-71 Engine), Hanomag Henschel GR (R) Series R 11 A, GR (R) Series R 12 T, GR (R) Series R 8, K Series 7 B/E/L(Hanomag Engine), Robust Series 800, Harnischfeger OMEGA Series 60(GMC 6V-71 Engine), OMEGA Series 65(GMC 6V-71 Engine), Hymac 888(GMC 6/8V-71 Engine), BT Series BT33F(GMC 12V-71 Engine), LW Series 40(GMC 12V-71 Engine), LW Series 50(GMC 12V-71 Engine), LW Series 60(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Hyster C441A(GMC 6V-53N Engine), Iveco BM35(GM-DD 12V-71 Engine), Kobelco K/KW Series 935(GMC 6-71N Engine), Liebherr LG Series LG 1250(GMC 12V71T Engine), Manitou 4500(GMC 12V71 Engine), 4500(GMC 6-71 Engine), 4600(GMC 12V71 Engine), 4600(GMC 6-71 Engine), NCK 440(GMC 4-71 Engine), 466(GMC4-71 Engine), New Holland 1880(GMC 4-71 Engine), Poclain LC/LY Series 2 P(Agrom 6R316 Engine), LC/LY Series 80; 80 M(Agrom 6R316 Engine), LC/LY Series LCL(Agrom 6R316 Engine), T Series TC 45; 45A(Agrom 4R316 Engine), T Series TCS(Agrom 4R316 Engine), T Series TY 2P(Agrom 4R316 Engine), T Series TY 45A(Agrom 4R316 Engine), T Series TYS(Agrom 4R316 Engine), Priestman Sea Lion (GMC 8V-71N Engine), Ruston 15RBH(GMC 3-53 Engine), 22RBH(GMC 4-71 Engine), 25SC(GMC 4-71 Engine), 30RB; 30RBH(GMC 6V71/6V53 Engine), 38RB(GMC6-71 Engine), 71RB(GMC 12V-71 Engine), Sambron AM10; AM10H(Agrom 372 Engine), Schramm 375(GMC 6V-71 Engine), C42A; C42HA, KT Series 42 HA(GMC 6V-71/8V-71 Engine), Terex 72-21(Detr.Dies. 3-71 Engine), 72-31(Detr.Dies. 4-71 Engine), 72-41(Detr.Dies. 4-71N Engine), 72-51(Detr.Dies. 6-71 Engine), 72-81(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), S Series S 24(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), S Series S 32(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), S Series S 7(Detr.Dies. 4-71 Engine), S Series SS 24(Detr.Dies. 12V-71 Engine), TS Series TS 14, TS Series TS 24, TS Series TS 32, Towmotor 540D, 600D, 670 D, 680DP, LT Series LT 60 D, LT Series LT 62 D, Vauxhall GM 12V-71; 12V-71N; 12V-71T, 12V-92, 16V-71; 16V71T, 16V-71; 16V71T, 2-53, 2-71, 3-71, 4-71; 4-71T, 6-110, 6-71; 6-71E; 6-71N; 6-71T, 6V-53; 6V-53T, 6V-71; 6V-71N; 6V-71T, 8V-71; 8V-71T, Waukesha 135DK; 135DKB, 135GK; 135GZ, 140GK; 140GZ, 145GK; 145GZ, 6BA; 6BC; 6BK; 6BM; 6BZ, 6MK; 6MZ; 6MZA, 6WAKD, F1197D; F1197DS, Yale and Towne 300; 300A(GMC 6V-53 Engine), 304(GMC 8V-53/8V-71 Engine), Trojan Series 3000(GM 6V-53 Engine), Trojan Series 4000(GM 8V-53 Engine), Trojan Series 6000(GM 8V-53 Engine), Trojan Series 8000(GM 12V-71 Engine)

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