FMH-HD513-11 FILTER-Hydraulic(Mann HD513/11)

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  • Part Number FMH-HD513-11
  • Shipping Weight: 0.26kgs
  • Manufactured by: Mann

    Part No: FMH-HD513-11
    Description: FILTER-Hydraulic(Mann HD513/11)
    Category: Brands, BrandSpecific, Mann
    Hydraulic. Genuine Mann product.

    Height: 0mm

    FAI 06540556, Fil Filter ML1569MG, In-Line Filters FB23178, FMH-HD513/11, FMHHD51311, FMH-HD51311, FMH-HD513-11, FMHHD513-11, Mann and Hummel 6730257370, HD 513/11, HD513/11, HD51311, Same 2.4419.721.0, TRP 1535221, Vapormatic VPJ4516

    Claas Ares 546 5312 71kW 96hp(DPS 4045T Engine) From 09/03, Ares 547 5342 49kW 66hp(DPS Engine), Ares 556 5322 77kW 104hp(DPS 4045T Engine) From 09/03, Ares 557 5352 74kW 100hp(DPS Engine), Ares 566 5332 84kW 114hp(DPS 4045T Engine) From 09/03, Ares 567 5362 81kW 110hp(DPS Engine), Ares 577 5372 88kW 120hp(DPS Engine), Ares 616 8212 85kW 115hp(DPS 6068T Engine) From 09/03, Ares 617 8252 81kW 110hp(DPS Engine), Ares 656 8232 97kW 132hp(DPS 6068T Engine) From 09/03, Ares 657 8262 92kW 125hp(DPS Engine), Ares 696 8242 107kW 146hp(DPS 6068T Engine) From 09/03, Ares 697 8272 105kW 143hp(DPS Engine) From 01/05 To 12/07, Ares ATX; ATZ 547, Ares ATX; ATZ 547, Ares ATZ617, Ares ATZ697, Arion 510 1804 77kW 105hp(DPS Engine), Arion 520 1814 85kW 115hp(DPS Engine), Arion 530 1824 92kW 125hp(DPS Engine), Arion 540 1824 96kW 130hp(DPS Engine), Arion 610C 2004 96kW 130hp(DPS Engine), Arion 620C 2014 96kW 130hp(DPS Engine), Arion 630C 2024 103kW 140hp(DPS Engine), Axos 310 2204 (A22) 54kW 74hp(Perkins Engine), Axos 320 2214 (A22) 63kW 86hp(Perkins Engine), Axos 330 2224 (A22) 66kW 90hp(Perkins Engine), Axos 340 2234 (A22) 74kW 100hp(Perkins Engine), Celtis 426 3611 / 3612 55kW 75hp(DPS 4045 Engine) From 09/03, Celtis 436 3621 / 3622 62kW 84hp(DPS 4045T Engine) From 09/03, Celtis 446 3631 / 3632 68kW 92hp(DPS 4045T Engine) From 09/03, Celtis 456 3642 75kW 102hp(DPS 4045TRT Engine) From 09/03, Ergos 436 2RM, Ergos 436 2RM Hydroshift, Ergos 436 4RM, Ergos 436 4RM Hydroshift, Ergos 446 2RM, Ergos 446 4RM, Ergos 446 4RM Hydroshift, Ergos 456 2RM, Ergos 456 4RM, Ergos 456 4RM Hydroshift, Ergos 466 2RM, Ergos 466 4RM, Ergos 466 4RM Hydroshift, Deutz AG Fahr KHD Agroplus S100 70kW 95hp(1000.4 WT Euro II Engine) From 01/05 To 12/07, Agroplus S70 51kW 70hp(1000.3 WT Euro II Engine) From 01/05 To 12/07, Agroplus S75 54kW 74hp(1000.4 W Euro II Engine) From 01/05 To 12/07, Agroplus S90 64kW 87hp(1000.4 WT Euro II Engine) From 01/05 To 12/07, Huerlimann XS Series 100, XS Series 75, XS Series 90, Lamborghini Agile 660-S, Agile 660-V, Agile XAG770-S, Agile XAG775-V, Agile XAG880-S, Agile XAG990-S, Landini Legend I 130 (Legend) 92kW 125hp(Perkins 1006.6TLR2 Engine), Legend I 145 (Legend) 101kW 138hp(Perkins 1006.6THR2 Engine), Legend I 160 (1006-6 THR Engine), Legend I 165 (Legend) 117kW 160hp(Perkins 1006.6THR2 Engine), Legend I 165 DT (1006-6 THR Engine), Massey Ferguson 3315(903.27 Engine), 3325(903.27T Engine), 3330(1004.4 Engine), 3425 46kW 64hp(Perkins 1103C-33T Engine) From 01/05, 3435(1104C-44 Engine), 3435 60kW 80hp(Perkins 1104C-44 Engine) From 01/02, 3445(1104C-44T Engine), 3445 67kW 90hp(Perkins 1104C-44T Engine) From 01/02, 3455(1104C-44T Engine), 3455 72kW 98hp(Perkins 1104C-44T Engine) From 01/02, 66110 52kW 71hp(Perkins 1004.4 Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, 66120 59kW 80hp(Perkins 1004.4 Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, 66130 63kW 86hp(Perkins 1004.4TLR Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, 66140 66kW 90hp(Perkins 1004-4T2 Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, 66150 70kW 95hp(Perkins 1004.4THR2 Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, 66160 73kW 100hp(Perkins 1006.6HR4 Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, 66170 81kW 110hp(Perkins 1006.6HR3 Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, 66190 96kW 131hp(Perkins 1006.6THR2 Engine) From 01/95 To 12/99, MF6110, MF6120, MF6130, MF6140, MF6150, MF6160, MF6170, MF6180, Renault 610RX; 610RZ; 610RXA; 610RZA Ares 81kW 110hp(6068DRT Engine), 620RX; 620RZ; 620RXA; 620RZA Ares 88kW 120hp(6068DRT Engine), 630RX; 630RZ; 630RZA Ares 96kW 130hp(6068TRT Engine), Same Dorado S100 70kW 95hp(1000.4 WT EURO II Engine), Dorado S70 51kW 70hp(1000.3 WT EURO II Engine), Dorado S75 54kW 74hp(1000.4 W EURO II Engine), Dorado S90 64kW 87hp(1000.4 WT EURO II Engine), Golden Series 60 44kW 60hp(1000.3 A Engine), Golden Series 65 49kW 67hp(1000.3 AT Engine), Golden Series 75 55kW 75hp(1000.4 A Engine), Golden Series 85 62kW 85hp(1000.4 AT Engine)

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