FFR-CAK259 FILTER-Air(With Fins)

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  • Part Number FFR-CAK259

    FILTER-Air(With Fins). Air Element with Fins. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also [1] Included F-Gasket.

    Height: 318mm
    OD/Width Max: 349mm
    OD/Width Min: 283mm
    ID/Depth Max: 171mm
    ID/Depth Min: 16mm

    AC Delco A221C, A221CL, PC144, PC144K, Alco MD554K, Allis Chalmers 4062434, AP Lockheed AP3588, AP853, AP853K, LK3588, LK853, Asahi AMC 14S, A669AS, HA669, IA369, IA-369, NA2282, Baldwin PA1637FN, PA1637-FN, Bauer N01817, Bomag 05730103, 05730109, 5730103, 5730109, Case IHC 218532, 218532H1, 218532-H1, 218889H1, 218889-H1, 218889H2, 218889-H2, 221347, 250522C91, 250522-C91, 250552C91, 250552-C91, 250552C92, 250552-C92, 269685, 269685C9, 269685-C9, 269685C91, 269685-C91, 269695C91, 269695-C91, 298226C91, 298226-C91, 300207C91, 306907C91, 306907-C91, 306910C9, 306910-C9, 306910C91, 306910-C91, 306911C9, 306911-C9, 316372C9, 316372-C9, 316372C91, 316372-C91, 316972C91, 316972-C91, 323274C9, 323274-C9, 323274C91, 323274-C91, 323275, 323275C91, 323275-C91, 323276, 323276C91, 323276-C91, 356181C9, 356181-C9, 356181C91, 356181-C91, 366380C91, 366380-C91, 366380C92, 366380-C92, 372572C91, 372572-C91, 389259C9, 389259-C9, 389259C91, 389259-C91, 389845C91, 389845-C91, 398845C91, 398845-C91, 411519C91, 411519-C91, 413681C91, 413681-C91, 438713R91, 438713-R91, 439505R91, 439505-R91, 439505R92, 439505-R92, 439703R91, 439703-R91, 439704R91, 439704-R91, 48540, 505887, 751050C91, 751050-C91, 757295C91, 757295-C91, 757996C91, 757996-C91, 758262C91, 758262-C91, 760392C91, 760392-C91, 760737C91, 760737-C91, 763200C91, 763200-C91, 771265C9, 771265-C9, 771265C91, 771265-C91, 771457C9, 771457-C9, 771457C91, 771457-C91, 771457C93, 771457-C93, 797295C91, 797295-C91, 877600C9, 877600-C9, 877600C91, 877600-C91, 877744C91, 877744-C91, 877744C92, 877744-C92, 878945C91, 878945-C91, 878945C92, 878945-C92, 925012R91, 925012-R91, 925102R2, 925102-R2, 925102R91, 925102-R91, 94188, A48318, A48540, S221347, W15254, XL22027, Caterpillar 3I0102, 3I0162, 3I0759, 7C8301, Chain Belt 10282103, Chrysler 2550873, 2552007, 2553081, L420, Clarcor FMK0013, Clark 0941809, 161WA698, 161WA699, 1766617, 1773003, 2318021, 503836, 540699, 570350, 851SA227, 941089, 941809, 944809, HCF17684, HCF18339, Climax 100X50, 10CX50, 172133, 172661, Coles 8751228, 8754228, Consolidated 95PS269, 95PS2690, Continental PCA259, Coopers Fiaam GUD AZA316, AZC302, DU1543, FLI6713, Crane 102A0036, 102A133, 102A36, 102A54, 102A66, 102A67, 1A36, 3A4968, Crosland 9589K, Cummins 156770, 156771, 156772, 158878, 299351, 2MD196, 707706, Daimler 188144, Demag 204274, Donaldson A140003, EBP100240, FWA140000, FWA140002, FWA140003, FWA140007, FWA140017, FWA140018, FWA140019, FWA140021, FWA140027, FWA140031, FWA140032, FWA140033, FWA140036, FWA140038, FWA140046, FWA140048, FWA140052, FWA140056, FWA140057, FWA140071, FWA140076, FWA140086, FWA140087, FWA140088, FWA140096, FWA140097, FWA140099, FWA140102, FWA140107, FWA140113, FWA140114, FWA140115, FWA140119, FWA140136, FWA140142, FWA140146, FWA140154, FWA140159, FWA140165, FWA140166, FWA140168, FWA140169, FWA140183, FWA140192, FWA160136, FWG140000, FWG140003, FWG140006, FWG140016, FWG140017, FWG140064, FWG140072, FWG140077, FWG140083, FWG140087, FWG140092, FWG140101, FWG140129, FWG140167, G140077, G140083, KAX002333, KYX002512, P101040, P101095, P101240, P101242, P105954, P113371, P117331, P117383, P117451, P117638, P119232, P122529, P122854, P132981, P152658, P181000, P184011, SMP181000, Donit 4930108, Dynahoe 106940, 106-940, 106954, 106-954, 109320, 109-320, Eaton 105481A, 123P035, Euclid 9039986, Eurofilter 2-12, E212, Faun Frisch 794007, Filter Control FCL2142, Fleetguard AF351K, AF4814K, Fleetrite AFR8351K, AFR84814K, Ford 3H-219, 5011332, 5011561, A830X9601ATA, A830X-9601-ATA, A830X9601CMA, A830X-9601-CMA, C5TE9600B, C5TE-9600-B, C5TE9600E, C5TE-9600-E, C5TS9600E, C5TS-9600-E, C5TS9600F, C5TS-9600-F, C7TS9600A, C7TS-9600-A, C7TS9601A, C7TS-9601-A, C8HA9600Z, C8HA-9600-Z, C8HS9600Z, C8HS-9600-Z, C9TZ9601B, C9TZ-9601-B, D8PJ9601BA, D8PJ-9601-BA, Fram CA259, CAK259, CAK5051S, Greyfriars 286A, 286AF, Grove 7304100024, 9304100026, Harnischfeger 1046Z293, 46Z141, 46Z186, Hino 178011020, 17801-1020, 178011470, 17801-1470, 178011470A, 17801-1470A, 178011520, 17801-1520, 178011710, 17801-1710, 178011710A, 17801-1710A, 178011930A, 17801-1930A, 178012090, 17801-2090, 6071220010, 60712-20010, 6071220094, 60712-20094, 6072220000, 60722-20000, Hitachi 4055040, 4198852, 4515089, 76548200, L4515089, X4055040, Hokuetsu Kogyo 3214300700, 3214303500, Huber Warco 105370, 301360, 301369, Hyster 151548, 179934, 183761, 196958, 246109, Ingersoll Rand 35911858, 50279397, 50513118, 50554500, 50590049, 59387373, 59500249, 59651240, 93602894, A28895, H028937, H028938, H28895, H28896, H28937, H28938, In-Line Filters FFRCAK259, FFR-CAK259, Isuzu 1142150090, 1-14215-009-0, 1142150141, 1-14215-014-1, 1142150200, 1-14215-020-0, 1142150430, 1-14215-043-0, 1142150431, 1-14215-043-1, 1142150450, 1-14215-045-0, 1142150970, 1-14215-097-0, 1142151431, 1-14215-143-1, 1142151870, 1-14215-187-0, 14215009, 14215-009, 14215043, 14215-043, 14215069, 14215-069, 14215134, 14215-134, 187100690, 1-87100-690, 1878100680, 1-87810-068-0, 1878100690, 1-87810-069-0, 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    Allis Chalmers DES200; DES220; DES250; DES275(21000, 25000 Eng.), Bomag KB4(Cummins 6V352 Eng.), Case IHC 2000 Fleetstar Series, 4070 Transtar II, 400 Transtar, 4000 Series(GMC 6-71, 6V-71N Eng.), 50D(Case Eng.), 50E(Detroit Diesel Eng.), Clark 110 Series I Scraper; 110 Series III Scraper(GMC 6V-53 Eng.), 110-12 Series IIIH Scraper(GMC 6V-53 Eng.), 175A Series III Articulated Wheel Loader(GMC 6V-71N Eng.), 175A Series III Wheel Loader(Cummins V8R240C1 Eng.), 180 Series I Dozer(GMC 6V-53 Eng.), 180 Series III Dozer(GMC 6V-53 Eng.), 667(Cummins Eng.), Drott 50D(GMC Diesel Eng.), Euclid 72-31(GMC 4-71 Eng.), 72-40(GMC 6V-71, 8V-71 Engs.), 72-41(GMC 4-71 Eng.), Grove 2535 Crane(Cat 3208 Eng.), RT65S(GMC 8V-71 Eng.), RT740 Crane; RT745; RT755 Crane(Cat 3208 Eng.), RT740 Crane; RT755 Crane(Cummins V555C Eng.), TM1150 Crane(Cat 3208 Eng.), TM1400 Crane(Cat 3208 Eng.), TM2500 Crane(M.A.N. D2566 Eng.), TMS185 Crane; TMS200 Crane; TMS250 Crane(Cat 3208 Eng.), Hino KG301; HG301; HG311(EA100 Eng.), K-HE366(EF700 Eng.), K-HH341(EF700 Eng.), K-HH341; HH341(EF700 Eng.), HE336(EF500 Eng.), HE366; HE366(EF700 Eng.), KF703(EF300 Eng.), KF706(EF300 Eng.), KF707(EF300 Eng.), KF746(EF300 Eng.), KF766(EF300 Eng.), KF783(EF300 Eng.), KF786(EF300 Eng.), KF797(EF300 Eng.), KFF505(EF550 Eng.), K-HT275;K HU275(EK200 Eng.), K-HT276; K-HU276(EK200 Eng.), K-KB314(EB300 Eng. (9/79-5/81)), K-KB324(EB300 Eng. (9/79-5/81)), K-KB344(EB300 Eng. (9/79-5/81)), K-KB384(EB300 Eng. (9/79-5/81)), K-KB394(EB300 Eng. (9/79-5/81)), K-KB501(EK100 Eng.), K-KB721(EB300 Eng.), K-KC562; K-TC562(EF700 Eng.), K-KF505(EF500 Eng.), KKF700(EF350 Eng.), KKF704(EF350 Eng.), KKF724(EF350 Eng.), KKF747(EF350 Eng.), K-KF767(EF350 Eng.), K-KF787(EF350 Eng.), K-KF797(EF350 Eng.), K-RC701(EK200 Eng.), K-RC721(EK200 Eng.), KRS121; KRS121P(EF350 Eng.), K-RS141; K-RS141P(EF350 Eng.), K-RS161; K-RS161P(EF350 Eng.), KRS320; KRS320P(EF500 Eng.), KRS340(EF500 Eng.), KRS360; KRS360P(EF500 Eng.), KRV531(EF500 Eng.), KRV561(EF500 Eng.), KRV731(EF350 Eng.), KRV732(EF350 Eng.), KRV741(EF350 Eng.), KRV742(EF350 Eng.), K-RV761(EF350 Eng.), KS341; K-KS341(EK100 Eng.), KS390; KS391(EK100 Eng.), KTC562; KKC562; TC562(EF700 Eng.), KTC582; KTC585(EF500 Eng.), KTC703(EF350 Eng.), K-TC922(EK100 Eng.), K-TC942(EK100 Eng.), K-ZC101(EK100 Eng.), K-ZC121(EK100 Eng.), K-ZM302(EK100 Eng.), K-ZM303; ZM303(EK100 Eng.), KZM500(EF500 Eng.), KZM540(EF500 Eng.), KZM560(EF500 Eng.), K-ZM704(EF300 Eng.), KZM705(EF350 Eng.), KZM706(EF350 Eng.), K-ZM744(EF300 Eng.), KZM745(EF350 Eng.), K-ZM764(EF300 Eng.), KZM765(EF350 Eng.), KZM785(EF350 Eng.), RS120(EF300 Eng.), RS120P(EF300 Eng.), RS360; RS360P(EF500 Eng.), RV531(EF500 Eng. (1978-79)), RV541(EF500 Eng. (1978-79)), RV561(EF500 Eng. (1978-79)), RV731(EF300 Eng. (1978-79)), RV741(EF300 Eng. (1978-79)), RV761(EF300 Eng. (1978-79)), WD300D; K-WD300D(EK100 Eng.), ZM302(EK100 Eng.), ZM500(EF500 Eng.), ZM540(EF500 Eng.), ZM560(EF500 Eng.), ZM704(EF300 Eng.), ZM705(EF300 Eng.), ZR255; K-ZR255, Hitachi KH1000(Isuzu 12PB1 Eng.), KH300(Isuzu 8MA1 Eng.), KH300-2(Isuzu 8MA1 Eng.), KH500(Isuzu 12PB1 Eng.), KH700(Isuzu 8MA1 Eng.), KH700-2(Isuzu 12PB1 Eng.), UH14(Isuzu E120 Eng.), UH141(Isuzu E120 Eng.), UH171(Isuzu E120 Eng.), UH30, Hough D90 Series C(Cummins V6R180 Eng.), H90 Series C(IHC DT573, DVT573 Series Engs.), H90 Series C; H90 Series E(Cummins Eng.), H90 Series E(IHC DVT573 Eng.), Ingersoll Rand SPF60 Compactor(DETROIT DIESEL 6V-71 Eng.), John Deere 400 Hay Cuber(GMC 6V-71 Eng.), Kenworth K100(Allis Chalmers 21000,25000), K100; K100E(Cat 3306 Eng.), W900(Al Chalm. 21000,25000), Linkbelt LS118(GMC Diesel Eng.), LS128DL Crane; LS128DLC Crane(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Eng.), HC218A Crane(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Eng.), LS7400; LS7400A(Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Eng.), Mitsubishi K-MS613; K-MS615; K-MS713, MS512, MS513, Terex 72-31(GMC Diesel Eng.), Waukesha F475D; F475DS; F476D; F476DS(Waukesha F475D, F475DS, F476D, F476DS Eng.), F673D; F673DS; F674D; F674DS(Waukesha F673D, F673DS, F674D, F674DS Eng.)

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Mann, Fleetguard, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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    Unless labelled Brand Specific the make of product may vary, we can then second source to complete orders quickly. Application data, if listed, is provided as a guide only as models can have several variations. For full compatibility ensure all of our Specifications match your requirements.

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