FFR-CH2962 FILTER-Lube(Cartridge)

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  • Part Number FFR-CH2962

    Pack Qty x1. FILTER-Lube(Cartridge). Full-Flow Lube Element. Reinforced Centertube. Also [4] Included F-Gasket. Also [1] Attached End Seal. Also [1] Attached Spring.

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    Height: 264mm
    OD/Width Max: 121mm
    OD/Width Min: 121mm
    ID/Depth Max: 55mm
    ID/Depth Min: 14mm

    AC Delco AC119, AC156, AC167, AC189, AC195, PF1073, Alco MD175, MD203, MD277, AP Lockheed AP3190, AP3190A, AP3372, AP3372A, AP3428, LK3190, LK3372, LK3428, Baldwin P294, P524, Bosch 1457429255, 1-457-429-255, 1457429595, 1-457-429-595, 1457429640, 1-457-429-640, 1457429740, 1-457-429-740, 1457429740001, 1-457-429-740-001, 1457429741, 1-457-429-741, 4142HE, 9457241420, 9-457-241-420, P9740, P9741, Case IHC 3371420R1, 3371420-R1, Claas 133529, 133629, 133629.0, 1336290, Coopers Fiaam AZF474, AZL098, AZL122, AZL473, AZL474, FA4830, FA4901, FA4901A, FB1518, FT4901, G943, G995, G995A, Crosland 9308, 9324, 9326, Demag 760142, 760424, 988768, Donaldson P172551, P550041, P553825, P779941, P779960, Donit 411089, Eurofilter 7291, 72-91, 72A91, 74A34, Filter Control FCL7171, FCL7193, FCL7194, MAN6413, Filtration Control FCL71070, Finn FFP232, Fleetguard LF3327, LF3598, LF4053, Fleetrite LFR83327, LFR83598, LFR84053, Ford 5011426, 5011447, 5011889, A730X6744HA, A730X-6744-HA, A830X6731AHA, A830X-6731-AHA, A830x6731CA, Forgeville LH472, Fram C2883, CH2829, CH2929, CH2962, CH7707, General Motors 25012208, 7984943, 9975291, Greyfriars 632P, 632P/1, 632P1, 689P, 689P/1, 689P1, Grove 9414992395, Harmo P284(Harmo), Hengst D11E25114, E213M, E22657, E23057H, E23514, E25114, E251H, E251HD11, Hifi Hirschi Jura SO3327 , In-Line Filters FFRCH2962, FFR-CH2962, John Deere AT253934, Kaelble 40001359, 400-01-359, 4001359, 400-13-59, Kassbohrer 8311999136, 831-199-9136, Kralinator K524, L659, Leyland Daf BMC BL BBU6227, BBU6547, Liebherr 5507784, 5602073, 560207308, 7002915, Luberfiner LFP2235, LP2224, LP2235, Mahle Knecht AF20, AF203, AF203D, AF2203D, OX69, OX69D, T208, MAN 51.05504.0039, 51.05504.0044, 51.05504.0046, 51.05504.0047, 51.05504.0069, 51.05504.0070, 51.05504.0071, 51.05504.0087, 51.05504.0090, 51.05504.0104, 51.05504-0104, 51055040039, 51055040044, 51055040046, 51055040047, 51055040069, 51055040071, 51055040087, 51055040090, 51055040104, 81.00000.0238, 81.05504.0031, 81.05504.0039, 81.05504.0041, 81000000238, 81055040031, 81055040039, 81055040041, Mann and Hummel 6761255306, H12109, H12109X, H12110/1, H12110/2, H12110/2X, H12110/3, H121101, H121102, H121102X, H121103, H12125, MAN6194, PF13140, Massey Ferguson AMO41905, Mercedes 0001843525, 0001843825, 0011843825, 0021847725, 11840325, 11840625, 11843825, 1801109, 1843825, 2031840025, 21847725, 4021800009, 402180009, 4031840025, 412180009, 4221800210, A4021800009, A40218000090010, Motorcraft EFL179, EFL229, EFL264, Nanni Diesel 51055040070, Napa 7609, Orenstein and Koppel 103899, 1499560, 1499562, P and H Harnischfeger 221046Z42, Permatic ELH4714, LI302, Purflux 6221699690, L565, Purolator Facet AF20/3, AF20/3D, L57429, PB3016, PM2376, PM2429, PM2429D, Renault 5000043298, 5000243098, 5001846631, 6005019815, Ryco R2362, R2362P, R2375, R2375P, Sakura O5302, O-5302, Savara 92192817, 92414217, SO928, Soparis CA409, CAP429, Sure SFO3327, Tadano 99704786343, Tecfil PL447, Tecneco OL710C, Tecnocar O113, OP627, UFI Sofima 25.423.00, 25.423.01, 2542300, 2542301, S7261PO, Wix 557609, 57609, 59096, 59098, Woodgate WGL12109, WGL12110/2, WGL121102, WGL12110-2

    Claas 820 Forager, 850 Jaguar Forager, 870 Jaguar Forager, 450 Lexion(Mercedes Eng.), 440 Lexion(Mercedes Eng.), 460 Lexion(Mercedes Eng.), 480 Lexion(Mercedes Eng.), Commandor 114CS; Dominator 114CS(Mercedes-Benz OM421 Eng.), Commandor 115CS; Dominator 115CS; Commandor 116CS; Dominator 116CS(Mercedes OM421A Eng.), Dominator 108SL(Mercedes OM421 Eng.), Dominator 68; Dominator 68R; Dominator 68S(Mercedes OM352 Eng.), Jaguar 690; Jaguar 690SL(Mercedes OM422A Eng.), Jaguar 820(Mercedes-Benz OM441LA Eng.), Jaguar 830(Mercedes-Benz OM457LA Eng.), Jaguar 840, Jaguar 850(Mercedes-Benz OM457LA Eng.), Jaguar 860, Jaguar 870(Mercedes-Benz OM457LA Eng.), Jaguar 880, Dominator 106 - Combine with Daimler Benz OM401 engine , Dominator 114CS, Commander 114CS - Combines with Daimler Benz OM421 engine , Dominator 116CS - Combine with Daimler Benz OM421A engine , Jaguar 690 Thresher with Daimler Benz OM422A engine , Jaguar 860 with Mercedes Benz OM442A engine , Jaguar 880 with Mercedes Benz OM442A engine , Lexion 450 - Combine with OM401LA engine , Lexion 480 - Combine with OM441LA engine , Demag AC100L(Mercedes-Benz Engs.), AC120(Mercedes-Benz Engs.), AC125(Mercedes Eng.), AC155(Mercedes Eng.), AC265; AC335, AC60, AC610; AC615, CC1000, CC4800, HC130; HC190(Mercedes Eng.), HC340(Mercedes Eng.), HC510(Mercedes Eng.), HC810(Mercedes Eng.), Fendt Favorit 622LS; Favorit 622LSA(M.A.N. D2566ME Eng.), Favorit 626 Series, Kassbohrer Setra, S200(Mercedes-Benz OM403 Eng.), S210 H(Mercedes-Benz OM421 Eng.), S211 H(Mercedes-Benz OM422 Eng.), S212(Mercedes-Benz OM403 Eng.), S212 H(M.A.N. D2566 Eng.), S213 H(Mercedes-Benz OM403 Eng.), S214 H(M.A.N. D2866 Eng.), S214 HD(Mercedes-Benz OM422 Eng.), S215 H(Mercedes-Benz OM402 Eng.), S215 H; S215 RL(Mercedes-Benz OM422 Eng.), S215 HDS(Mercedes-Benz OM422 Eng.), S215 NR(Mercedes-Benz OM447 Eng.), S215 SL(Mercedes-Benz OM447 Eng.), S215 SL; S215 UL(Mercedes-Benz OM407 Eng.), S216 HDS(Mercedes-Benz OM422 Eng.), S228 DT(Mercedes-Benz OM422, OM442 Engs.), S103 S(Mercedes-Benz OM407 Eng.), S130 S(M.A.N. D2566 Eng.), S140 ES(Mercedes-Benz OM407 Eng.), S250 Special(M.A.N. D2866 Eng.), S300 N(M.A.N. D2866 Eng.), S309 HD(Mercedes-Benz OM401 Eng.), S313 UL(M.A.N. D2866 Eng.), S315 GT-HD(M.A.N. D2866 Eng.), S315 HD; S315 HDH(Mercedes-Benz OM442 Eng.), S315 NF(Mercedes-Benz OM447 Eng.), S315 UL(Mercedes-Benz OM447 Eng.), S316 HDS(Mercedes-Benz OM442 Eng.), S316 UL(Mercedes-Benz OM457 Eng.), S317 HDH(Mercedes-Benz OM442 Eng.), S319 GT-HD(Mercedes-Benz OM442 Eng.), S319 NF; S319 UL(Mercedes-Benz OM447 Eng.), S319 UL(M.A.N. D2866 Eng.), S328 DT(Mercedes-Benz OM442 Eng.), SG219 SL(Mercedes-Benz OM407 Eng.), SG221 UL(M.A.N. D2866 Eng.), SG180(Mercedes-Benz OM407 Eng.), SG321 UL(Mercedes-Benz OM447 Eng.), Pistenbully PB39.170D with Mercedes Benz OM421A engine , S200 with Daimler Benz OM402, OM403 engines , S210 with Mercedes Benz OM421 engine , S212, S213, S215 series with Daimler Benz OM402 engine , S212, S213, S215 series with Daimler Benz OM403 engine , S213 with Daimler Benz OM422 engine , S214, S215, S216 with Daimler Benz OM422A, OM442LA engines , S215NR/UL with Daimler Benz 447ha engine , S228 with Daimler Benz OM422A, OM442LA engines , Liebherr LR641(Mercedes-Benz OM441A Eng.), LTM1120(Mercedes-Benz OM424 Eng.), LTM1160(D9408 Eng.), LT1035(Mercedes-Benz OM422 Eng.), LT1050(Mercedes-Benz OM422A Eng.), LT1300, LTM1040(Mercedes-Benz OM442 Eng.), LTM1070(Mercedes-Benz OM442A Eng.), LTM1200(Mercedes-Benz OM444A Eng.), LTM1300(Mercedes-Benz OM444A Eng.), LTM1400(Mercedes-Benz OM444A Eng.), PR731C, PR741C, PR741(B), PR741(M) , LG1130 with Daimler Benz OM404 engine , LG1140, LG1180, LG1200, LT1120 with Daimler Benz OM404 engine , LG1140, LG1180, LG1200, LT1120 with Daimler Benz OM402 engine , LG1250, LG1280, LG1300, LR1300, LG1350 with Daimler Benz OM403 engine , LT1045, LT1050, LT1075 with Daimler Benz OM403 engine , LT1080, LT1100, FG1130 with Daimler Benz OM404 engine , LTM1120 with Mercedes Benz OM424 engine , LTM1200, LTM1300, LTM1400 with Mercedes Benz OM444A engine , LTM1300, LTM1160 with Mercedes Benz OM424A engine , MAN 32.372(Eco Eng.), 24.400, 310 Bus, 14.220, 14.240(D2566 Eng.), 14.262, 14.272, 15.220(D2566 Eng.), 15.240(D2566 Eng.), 16.372(D2866 Eng.), 16.220(D2566 Eng.), 16.240(D2566 Eng.), 16.256(D2538 Eng.), 16.272(D2865 Eng.), 16.280(D2566MT Eng.), 16.281(D2566MK, D2566MKF Engs.), 16.320(D2538 Eng.), 16.321(D2566MK/MKF Engs.), 16.322(D2865 Eng.), 16.332;16.362(D2866 Eng.), 17.220(D2566 Eng.), 17.272(D2865 Eng.), 17.292, 17.322(D2865 Eng.), 17.332;17.362;18.362, 17.372; 18.372(D2866 Eng.), 19.330F, 19.332(D2866 Eng.), 19.240(D2566 Eng.), 19.240U(U12D Eng.), 19.241U(D2566 Eng.), 19.242(D2866 Eng.), 19.256(D2538 Eng.), 19.262(D2865 Eng.), 19.272(D2865 Eng.), 19.280(D2566MT Eng.), 19.281(D2566, MK/MKF Engs.), 19.292(D2866 Eng.), 19.321 Series(D2566, MK/MKF Engs.), 19.322(D2865 Eng.), 19.360(D2540MTF Eng.), 19.360F, 19.361 Series(D2866 Eng.), 19.362(D2866 Eng.), 19.372(D2866 Eng.), 19.390, 19.422(D2866 Eng.), 19.462; 19.502, 20.240(D2566 Eng.), 20.280(D2566MT Eng.), 20.281(D2566, MK/MKF Engs.), 20.320(D2538 Eng.), 20.321(D2566,-MK/MKF Engs.), 20.322(D2865 Eng.), 20.361(D2866 Eng.), 22.220, 22.240, 22.240; 22.240U(D2566 Eng.), 22.240U(U12D Eng.), 22.241UNL, 22.242(D2866 Eng.), 22.262(D2865 Eng.), 22.280, 22.281(D2566, MK/MKF Engs.), 22.292(D2866 Eng.), 22.320, 22.321; 22.321UNL(D2566, MK/MKF Engs.), 22.322(D2865 Eng.), 22.332(D2866 Eng.), 22.361(D2866 Eng.), 22.361U(D2866 Eng.), 22.362(D2866 Eng.), 22.372(D2866 Eng.), 22.422(D2866 Eng.), 22.462;22.502(D2866 Eng.), 23.321(D2566, MK/MKF Engs.), 24.372(D2866 Eng.), 24.242(D2866 Eng.), 24.262; 24.272(D2865 Eng.), 24.292(D2866 Eng.), 24.332;24.362;24.422(D2866 Eng.), 24.462; 24502(D2866 Eng.), 25.220(D2566 Eng.), 25.240(D2566 Eng.), 25.332(D2866 Eng.), 25.361(D2866 Eng.), 25.372(D2866 Eng.), 26.320(D2538 Eng.), 26.321(D2566MK Eng.), 26.322(D2865 Eng.), 26.256(D2538 Eng.), 26.272(D2865 Eng.), 26.280, 26.281(D2566MK Eng.), 26.332(D2866 Eng.), 26.361(D2866 Eng.), 26.362(D2866 Eng.), 26.365(D2840 Eng.), 26.372; 26.422(D2866 Eng.), 26.462; 26.502, 27.365(D2840 Eng.), 27.372(D2866 Eng.), 30.320(D2538 Eng.), 30.240(D2566 Eng.), 30.256(D2538 Eng.), 30.280(D2566MT Eng.), 30.281(D2566MK Eng.), 32.240(D2566 Eng.), 32.242(D2866 Eng.), 32.262;32.272(D2865 Eng.), 32.280(D2566MT Eng.), 32.281(D2566, MK/MKF Engs.), 32.292(D2866 Eng.), 32.320(D2538 Eng.), 32.321(D2566MK, D2566MKF Engs.), 32.322(D2865 Eng.), 32.332(D2866 Eng.), 32.361, 32.362(D2866 Eng.), 32.365; 33.365, 32.422(D2866 Eng.), 32.462(D2840 Eng.), 32.502(D2840 Eng.), 32XFG(D2876LF03 Eng.), 33.242(D2866 Eng.), 33.272(D2865 Eng.), 33.292(D2866 Eng.), 33.321(D2566MK, D2566MKF Engs.), 33.322(D2865 Eng.), 33.332, 33.362(D2866 Eng.), 33.372(D2866 Eng.), 33.422, 33.462(D2840 Eng.), 33.502(D2840 Eng.), 38.320, 40.242(D2866 Eng.), 40.262;40.272(D2865 Eng.), 40.280, 40.292(D2866 Eng.), 40.320, 40.322(D2865 Eng.), 40.332;40.362(D2866 Eng.), 40.365, 40.372(D2866 Eng.), 40.400, 40.422(D2866 Eng.), 40.462; 40.502, 41.262; 41.272(D2865 Eng.), 41.292(D2866 Eng.), 41.322(D2865 Eng.), 41.332(D2866 Eng.), 41.361, 41.362(D2866 Eng.), 41.372(D2866 Eng.), 48.242; 48.292, 48.321, 48.322(D2865 Eng.), 48.332;48.362(D2866 Eng.), 48.372(D2866 Eng.), 48.422(D2866 Eng.), 48.462; 48.502, 48.700, D2538 Series, D2566 Series, D2840LE4 (Marine); D2842LE4; D2848LE4; D2866LE4, D2842 Series, D2866 Series, D3530, RU240(D2866 Eng.), RU290; SG292,-H(D2866 Eng.), SD200;SL200(D2556, D2566MUM Engs.), SG220(D2556, D2566MUM Engs.), SG240,-H, SG242; UL242(D2866 Eng.), SL202, SR240; SU240(D2556, D2566MUM Engs.), SR280, SR321, SR361, UL272(D2866 Eng.), Mercedes 1222(OM421 Eng.), 1422(OM421 Eng.), 1424(OM402 Eng.), 1425(OM422 Eng.), 1426(OM442 Eng.), 1636(OM423 Eng.), 1638(OM422LA Eng.), 1644(OM442LA Eng.), 1622(OM421 Eng.), 1624(OM402 Eng.), 1625(OM422 Eng.), 1626(OM402, OM403 Engs.), 1628(OM422 Eng.), 1632(OM403 Eng.), 1633(OM422A Eng.), 1635(OM442A, OM442LA Engs.), 1748(OM442A Eng.), 1726(OM442 Eng.), 1729(OM442 Eng.), 1735(OM442A, OM442LA Engs.), 1844(OM442LA Eng.), 1944(OM442LA Eng.), 1948(OM442A Eng.), 1922(OM421 Eng.), 1926(OM402, OM403 Engs.), 1928(OM422 Eng.), 1929(OM442 Eng.), 1932(OM403 Series Engs.), 1933(OM422A Eng.), 1935(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 1936(OM423 Eng.), 1938(OM422LA Eng.), 2025(OM422 Eng.), 2026(OM402 Eng.), 2028(OM422 Eng.), 2033(OM422A Eng.), 2035(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 2036(OM423 Eng.), 2044(OM442LA Eng.), 2222(OM421 Eng.), 2224(OM402 Eng.), 2225(OM422 Eng.), 2226(OM402, OM403 Engs.), 2228(OM422 Eng.), 2232(OM403 Series Engs.), 2233(OM422A Eng.), 2235(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 2236(OM423 Eng.), 2238(OM422LA Eng.), 2244(OM442LA Eng.), 2435(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 2448(OM442A Eng.), 2422(OM421 Eng.), 2426(OM442 Eng.), 2428(OM422 Eng.), 2429(OM442 Eng.), 2533(OM422A Eng.), 2544(OM442LA Eng.), 2626(OM402 Eng.), 2628(OM422 Eng.), 2629(OM442 Eng.), 2632(OM403 Series Engs.), 2633(OM422A Eng.), 2635(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 2636(OM423 Eng.), 2638(OM422LA Eng.), 2644(OM442LA Eng.), 2648(OM442A Eng.), 3025(OM422 Eng.), 3028(OM422 Eng.), 3032(OM403 Series Engs.), 3033(OM422A Eng.), 3229(OM442 Eng.), 3244(OM442LA Eng.), 3250(Mercedes OM426LA, OM443LA Eng.), 3235(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 3328(OM422 Eng.), 3333(OM422A Eng.), 3336(OM423 Eng.), 3535(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 3536(OM423 Eng.), 3544(OM442LA Eng.), 3548(OM442A Eng.), 3850(OM426LA, OM443LA Engs.), 4435(OM442A,-LA Engs.), 4436(OM423 Eng.), 5038(OM422LA Eng.), O303, O305 Series(Mercedes OM407A,-HA Eng.), O305 Series; O307(Mercedes OM407H Eng.), O405 Series; O405G(Mercedes-Benz OM407A, 407HA Eng.), O407H(Mercedes OM427H, OM427HA Eng.), OM403; OM404; OM407, OM423; OM424; OM427; OM442; OM444, OM457; OM457A, Neoplan N116 Cityliner with Mercedes Benz OM 422A engine , N116/3 Cityliner with Mercedes Benz OM 442LA engine , N117/2, N122/2 with Mercedes Benz OM 422 engine , N117/3 Spaceliner with Mercedes Benz OM 442LA engine , N122/3 Skyliner with Mercedes Benz OM 442LA engine , N128/4 Megaliner with Mercedes Benz OM 442LA engine , N214 Jetliner with Mercedes Benz OM 442LA engine , N216 Jetliner with Mercedes Benz OM 422 engine , N316K Transliner with Mercedes Benz OM 442LA engine , N416 with Mercedes Benz OM 407h engine , N416 Starliner with M.A.N. D2866 engine 96-> 96->, N516, N516/3 Starliner with M.A.N. D2866 engine 96-> 96->, N4516 Centroliner with M.A.N. D2866 engine 02-> 02->, New Holland 8080 Harvester with Daimler Benz OM402 engine , 8080 Harvester with Daimler Benz OM421 engine , 8080 Harvester with Daimler Benz OM401 engine , TF44 Harvester with Mercedes Benz OM421 engine , Tadano ATF50-3(Mercedes-Benz OM441LA Eng.), Van Hool A300L with M.A.N. D2866OH engine , A500 with M.A.N. D2866OH engine , AG300 with M.A.N. D2866 engine , AG700 with M.A.N. D2866 engine , EOS 90, EOS 100, EOS 200 with M.A.N. D2866 engine , Series 760 Alizee, 815 Alizee with M.A.N. D2566 MTH engine , Series 818 Astron with M.A.N. D2566 MTUH engine , T812 Alizee with M.A.N. D2866OH engine , T815 Acron with Mercedes Benz OM 442 engine , T815 Alizee, T815 Acron with Mercedes Benz OM 422 engine , T815 Alizee, T815 Alicron, T815 Acron with M.A.N. D2866TOH engine , TD816 Altano-Royal with M.A.N. D2866LXOH engine , TD824 Astromega with Mercedes Benz OM 422, OM 442LA engines , TD824 Astromega with M.A.N. D2866LXOH engine , TG821 Acron, TG822 with M.A.N. D2866LF06 engine , A120, A120P Intercity with M.A.N. D2566 MUH engine , Zettelmeyer ZD3001, ZD3001SK with OM422 engine , ZL4000, ZL4001 with Daimler Benz OM402 engine , WD3001, WD3001SK with Daimler Benz engine

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