FBW-RS4971 FILTER-Air(Radial Seal)

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  • Part Number FBW-RS4971

    FILTER-Air(Radial Seal). Radial Seal Outer Air Element. Use with Baldwin RS5361. Flame Retardant Media. Outer air filter. For inner safety filter use FIN-FA11987.

    Height: 508mm
    OD/Width Max: 272mm
    OD/Width Min: 267mm
    ID/Depth Max: 159mm
    ID/Depth Min: 0mm

    Baldwin RS4971, Coopers Fiaam GUD AEM2858, Donaldson P782936, Fleetguard AF25894, Fleetrite AFR825894, Hengst E428L01, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA17256, In-Line Filters FBWRS4971, FBW-RS4971, Mahle Knecht LX1024, MAN 81.08405.0016, 81.08405.0020, 81.08405.0021, 81084050016, 81084050020, 81084050021, Mann 4592057464, C271250/1, Sakura A-68380

    ERF 10.35(MAN D2066 Eng. (06/05-on)), 10.43(MAN D2066 Eng. (06/05-on)), 12.36(MAN D2866 Eng. (05/02-on)), 13.46(MAN D2876 Eng. (05/02-on)), MAN TGA(TG390A Engine), 18,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 18,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 18,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 18,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 18,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 18,540(D2076 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 18.312(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.313(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.320(w/D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 18.360(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 18.362(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.363(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 18.410(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.412(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.413(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 18.460FLT(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 18.462(D2876LF Eng. (04/00-on)), 18.463(D2876LF Eng. (04/00-on)), 18.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 18.513(D2876LF Eng. (04/00-on)), 18.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 18.680 V8(D2868 (Euro 5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 19.360(w/D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 19.400(w/D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 19.440(w/D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 19.480(w/D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 19360(w/D 2066 Eng. (02/11-on)), 19400(w/D 2066 Eng. (02/11-on)), 19440(w/D 2066 Eng. (02/11-on)), 19480(w/D 2676 Eng. (02/11-on)), 24,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 24,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 24,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 24,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 24,480(D2076 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 24,540(D2076 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 24.320(w/D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 24.360(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 24.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 24.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 24.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 26,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 26,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 26,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 26,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 26,480(D2076 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 26,540(D2076 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 24.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 24.680 V8(D 2868 Eng. (10/07-on)), 26.320(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 26.360(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 26.362(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 26.363(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 26.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 26.410FPLT(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 26.412(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 26.413(D2866LF Eng. (05/00-03/04)), 26.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 26.462(D2876LF Eng. (04/00-on)), 26.463(D2876LF Eng. (04/00-on)), 26.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 26.513(D2876LF Eng. (04/00-on)), 26.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 26.680 V8(D 2868 Eng. (10/07-on)), 28,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 28,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 28,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 28.320(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 28.360(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 28.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 28.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 28.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 28.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 28.680 V8(D 2868 Eng. (10/07-on)), 32.400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 32.440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 32.320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 32.360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 28,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 28,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 28,540(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 32.480(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33,540(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33,680 V8(D2868 (Euro 5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 33.320(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 33.360(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 33.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 33.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 33.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 33.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 35,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 35,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/08-on)), 35,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/08-on)), 35,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/08-on)), 35,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/08-on)), 35,540(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/08-on)), 35.320(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 35.360(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 35.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 39,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 39,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 39,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 39,540(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 39.320(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 39.360(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 39.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 39.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 39.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 39.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 40,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 40,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 40.400(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 40.440(D 2066 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 41,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 41,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 41,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 35.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 35.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 35.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 37,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 37,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 37,400(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 37,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 37,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 39,320(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 39,360(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 41,440(D2066 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 41,480(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 41,540(D2676 (Euro 4/5) Eng. (03/08-on)), 41.440(D 2066, D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 41.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 41.540(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 41.680 V8(D2868 (Euro 5) Eng. (10/07-on)), 50.480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/12-on)), 50480(D 2676 (Euro 6) Eng. (09/08-on)), TG280A(D0836 Eng. (08/03-on)), TG310A(D2066 Eng. (02/04-on)), TG330A(D0836 Eng. (08/03-on)), TG350A(D2066 Eng. (02/04-on)), TG360A(D2866, D2876 Engs. (05/00-03/04)), TG390A(D2066 Eng. (02/04-on)), TG400A(D2066 (Euro 5) Eng. (06/06-on)), TG410A(D2866, D2876 Engs. (05/00-03/04)), TG430A(D2066 Eng. (02/04-on)), TG440A(D2066 (Euro 5) Eng. (06/06-on)), TG460A(D2866 Eng. (05/00-03/04)), TG480A(D2676 (Euro 5) Eng. (06/06-on)), TG510A(D2866, D2876 Engs. (05/00-03/04)), TG530A(D2876 Eng. (01/03-on)), TG540A(D2676 (Euro 5) Eng. (06/06-on)), TG660A(D2840 Eng. (09/02-on))

    We only supply quality Filter and Automotive Product Brands sourced from reputable UK Manufacturers, Distributors and Importers, we do NOT supply own branded product of unknown origin. For their unparalleled Product Range, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Technical Information, Service and Availability our primary Filter source is Baldwin with second sourcing from Mann, Fleetguard, Donaldson, Parker, Racor, MP Filtri & SF Filter.

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