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  • Part Number FFR-CA546SY

    Pack Qty x1. FILTER-Air(Inner). Inner Air Element. Fits inside Baldwin LL1902-FN, PA1902-FN, PA2523, LL2641, PA2641, PA4650-FN. Also [1] Attached A-Gasket. Also G103-N F-Gasket. Inner safety air filter. For outer use FFR-CAK546 or FFR-CA4276.

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    Height: 398mm
    OD/Width Max: 146mm
    OD/Width Min: 116mm
    ID/Depth Max: 87mm
    ID/Depth Min: 17mm

    AC Delco A476C, A476CL, PC333, Agco 312755077, 31-2755077, Alco MD648, MD7002, MD7340, Alexander Dennis 6108262, Allis Chalmers 0267962, 267931, 267962, 2679629, 267962-9, 3053289, 662608, 662608-9, 6626899, 662689-9, 666432, 7066260-8, AP Lockheed AP3523, AP3523A, AP3529, AP3529A, LK3523, LK3529, Asahi AMC KA1656, MA4464, Atlas Copco Weyhausen 0451878, 0466546, 276139, 2900511800, 2914500500, 2914-5005-00, 3216277200, 3216-2772-00, 466546, Aveling Barford 9007691, MT621024302, Baldwin PA1912, Bauer N08568, NO8568, Case IHC 1429718M1, 1429718-M1, 3154701R1, 3154701-R1, M1010578, P450544, R36360, R36361, Caterpillar 3I0128, 3I1434, 4438028018A, 5W3402, 9Y6806, Continental PCA546SY, Coopers Fiaam GUD ADG538, ADG753, AES2529, AZA328, AZA328T, AZC207, CD2501, CD2503, FL6424, FLI6424, FLI6622, Crosland 9635, Cummins 204624, 3812540, 3911017, Deutz AG Fahr KHD 04149022, 04319262, 4149022, Donaldson 5430106, E500226, FHG100036, KYX003507, P108674, P108764, P110555, P117395, P118674, P119375, P122155, P123486, P124526, P128797, P131350, P151910, P152718, P153361, P2155, P770494, P770520, P770565, P770728, P822142, P900831, SMP771532, STG100129, STG100180, XLP124526, XLP772532, Donit 4930142, Doosan Daewoo Chevrolet 24749011, 24749019, 2474-9019, Dynapac 802146, 814256, 814258, Euclid 4058189, Eurofilter 9-14, 96, 9-6, Fiat Allis 06626089, Fiat 1183993, 1909135, 1930752, 4319262, 6626089, 70267931, 70267962, 70662608, 706626899, 7066432, 71183993, 71930175, 73053289, 76626089, 79085657, 79957888, 8015450, Filter Control FCL2150, FCL2183, Filterline KA132, Filtrel FMA101, Fleetguard AA2921(Fleetguard), AF804, AF804M, AH1122, AH19068(Inner), Fleetrite AFR8804, AFR8804M, AHR819068(Inner), Ford 249570, 249572, C8TZ9600J, D2JL9600B1, D2JL-9600-B1, Fram CA546SY, CAK546SY, Furukawa 510106023, 5101-06023, 550106023, Greyfriars 1239A, Grove 9304100099, Hanomag Henschel 1428718M91, 3096344M91, 83074308, Hengst E696LS, Hifi Hirschi Jura SA10754, Hino 178012030A, 17801-2030A, Hitachi 4080065, 502825, X89302X, Hyundai E2112104, Ingersoll Rand 50928885, 50938885, 51204865, 5120486500, 59825554, In-Line Filters FFRCA546SY, FFR-CA546SY, Isuzu 14215170, 14215-170, 5-10106-023, 510106024, 5-10106-024, 9142150170, 9-14215-017-0, 9142151700, 9-14215-170-0, Iveco 08015450, 7980507, JCB 32/208304, 32208300(Inner), 32208304, 32280500, John Deere T138857, Kaelble 874080789, 874-08-0789, 8874001546, 887-40-01546, 8874080789, 887-40-80789, Kawasaki YYP108674, Kobelco 2446U154S2, 2451U1803B, 2451U180-3B, 2451U2063, Koehring 21001107, Komatsu 106579, 1065-79, 6001816360, 6001816369, 600-181-6369, 6001818360, 600-181-8360, 6001818865, 600-181-8865, 6131827011, 6131-82-7011, 6131827011S, 6131-82-7011S, 986486C1, 986486-C1, Kralinator LA434, LA907, Lancer Boss 8620212, Liebherr 6425550, 6425950, 7360973, 7402027, Luberfiner LAF8077, LAF8674, Mahle Knecht LXS30, Mann and Hummel 4510055106(Mann), C12100, C121001, Massey Ferguson 1423747M91, 1423747-M91, 1428747M91, 1428747-M91, 1429718M91, 1429718-M91, 2712459M91, 2712459-M91, 3074308M1, 3074308-M1, 3096344-M91, 948272M91, Mitsubishi 3003084200, 30030-84200, 6660203700, 66602-03700, Motorcraft FA233, Napa 1259, 2920, 6643, Nelson Winslow 108674, 131350, 70104N, 70203N, Nissan 16546-96004, Onan 1401618, 140-1618, Orenstein and Koppel 101066, 202550, Poclain 450544, 4505-44, H1010578, H10105-78, H1050578, H10505-78, W0450544, W04505-44, WO450544, Purflux A875, Purolator Facet A63157, A64560, AF2256, AF3048, AF3157, AF4560, Renault 0003564126, 0003564127, 003564126, 003564127, 3564126, 3564127, Ryco HDA5328, HDA5465, Sakai 440414002, Sakura A6009, A-6009, A-9226-S, Same 2.4249.280.1, 242492801, Savara 92289711, 92289717, 923702, SA702, Schupp SF SL 6373, SL6373, Sofiltra 125002, Soparis FCA3306, FPA3206, Sullair 47543, Sumitomo BRH0576, Sure SFA0434SET, SFA0804S, Tadano 34670015040, Tecfil AR859, AS859, Tecnocar A734, Toyota 2361244790, 23612-44790, UFI Sofima 27.994.00, 2799400, S4370A, Vapormatic CPD7078, VPD4589, VPD7078, Vauxhall GM 6487756, 8994766, 8994767, 9974648, Virgis SC1011317, SC10-11317, VME 41130027A, 4113027, Volvo 4880632, 488063-2, 7009375, Wabco VS2395, Wagner 346276, 362541, Wako WA107A, Wix 42920, 46643, 546643, Woodgate WGA129S, Yale and Towne 440042468, 4400424-68, 747092

    Allis Chalmers 545; 545-H(2900 Eng.), 545B; TL545B(2900 Mark II Eng.), 605B(2900 Mark II Eng.), 7050, 7060, 7G Series B(3500 Eng.), FR10(Fiat 8065 Eng.), FR11, FR12, FR12B, HD6; HD6A; HD6B; HD6E; HD6EP(6000 Eng.), L(D3500 Diesel Eng.), L2(D3500, 6-70 Diesel Eng.), L3, MH3(370T Diesel Eng.), MH; MH2(6-70T, 3500 Eng.), L2, MH, MH2 - Combines with Allis-Chalmers 3500 engine , M-100, M-100 Series B with 10000 or 11000 engine , 7050, 7060 with 3700 engine , 7060 with Allis-Chalmers 6701 engine , HD6, HD6A, HD6B, HD6E, HD6EP, HD6G with HD344 engine , HD6, HD6A, HD6B, HD6E, HD6EP, HD6G with Allis-Chalmers 6000 engine , HD7G with Allis-Chalmers 3500 engine , TL545B, TL605B with Allis-Chalmers 2900 Mk. II engine , TL605 Series B with Allis-Chalmers 2900 Mk. II engine , Atlas Copco Weyhausen 2002; 2002D; 2002HD(Deutz F6L413 Eng.), AB1902D(Deutz F6L912 Eng.), AB1902E Series(Deutz F6L913 Eng.), AB2002EH; AB2202E(Deutz F8L413F Eng.), AB2004, AB2202D; AB2202HD(Deutz F8L413F Eng.), Aveling Barford AM120 with Ford 2715E engine , AM135 with Perkins T6.354 engine , Challenger 33 with Leyland 680 engine , Track Marshall 70, 70H, 75H, 90, 90C, 90H , Ingersoll Rand SD100D Compactor; SD100 Roller(Cummins 3.9L Eng.), Case IHC 1085; 1085B; 1086B(6T590 Eng.), 1085B; 1086B(6T-590 Eng.), 1085C(6T-590 Eng.), 1150B(451BD Eng.), 1150C(Diesel Eng.), 1150D(Diesel Eng.), 1150E(6T-590), 1150G(Cummins Eng.), 1155D(Diesel Eng.), 1155E(6T-590 Eng.), 1450(504 Eng.), 880D(6T-590 Eng.), 1150D with 504 engine , 1150D, 1150E with 830 engine , 1150E with 590 engine , 1155D with 830 engine , 1155D with 504 engine , 1155E with 590 engine , Caterpillar 214B; 214BFT(3116 Eng.), 224(Deutz Eng.), DP135(Mitsubishi 6D16, 6D16-T Engs.), DP150(Mitsubishi 6D16, 6D16-T Engs.), DP100(Mitsubishi 6D16, 6D16-T Engs.), DP115(Mitsubishi 6D16, 6D16-T Engs.), 224 Serial no 2JC1-> , Cummins V378C; VT378C(Cummins V378C, VT378C Eng.), Deutz AG Fahr KHD DX130, DX140; DX160, DX6.50(BF6L913 Eng.), DX7.10(BF6L913 Eng.), Doosan Daewoo Chevrolet DH180(Daewoo D0846HM Eng.), DH180LC(D0846HM Eng.), DH200; DH200LC(Daewoo D0846HM Eng.), DH200LC Excavator(D0846HM Eng.), DH200W(Daewoo D1146N Eng.), DH220LC, Mega 200(Daewoo DB58T Eng.), Solar 050(DC24 Eng.), Solar 220(D1146 Eng.), Solar 330(DE12T Eng.), Solar 450(DV15T Eng.), DH180LC - Excavator - Mini , DH200LC - Excavator - Mini , DH200W - Excavator - Mini , DH220LC - Excavator - Mini , Drott 75C; 75CK-CKE-B; 75P; 75P-B, 85CK-B; 90C; 90CK-CKE-B; 90P; 90P-B(Deutz Eng.), Dynapac CA251; CA251A; CA251D; CA251PD(Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng.), CA30 Series II(Detroit Diesel Eng.), CA301; CA301D; CA301PD(Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng.), CA51, CA511D; CA511PD; CA551D(Deutz Eng.), CA25 Series II(Cat 3208 Eng.), CC421; CC421C(Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng.), CC42A Roller(Detroit Diesel 3-53 Eng.), CC42 Series II(Deutz F6L912 Eng.), CC421(Deutz F6L912 Eng.), CP21 Pneumatic Tired Roller; CP22 Pneumatic Tired Roller(Mercedes Eng.), CP27(Mercedes-Benz Eng.), Fiat Allis 545B, 545B; 605B, 605B, FL10E, FR10, FR10; FR12, FR11; FR12B, 545B, 605B with Allis-Chalmers 2900 Mk II engine , FR10, FR12 with 8065DT engine , Furukawa FL170M, FL200A, FL200 , FL200A with 6BD 10C engine , FL200B with 6D 20C engine , Hanomag Henschel 55D, D600C, D600D, L600C, L600D , 55C, 55C Super , C55C Super , 44C, 44D Turbo , MF600C, MFD600C (K12C) with MFH D962K engine , MFC44C, MFC55C , MF55C , MF55C Super , MF66C , Hesston 980 Tractor, Hitachi W130 Loading Shovel, LX145E(Isuzu 6BG1T Eng.), LX145E-2(Isuzu BB-6BG1T Eng.), LX170; LX170E(Isuzu 6BG1T Eng.), LX170E-2(Isuzu BB-6BG1 Eng.), Huerlimann H6130, H6160, H6170T , Hyundai LC210 Robex, HL730-3(Cummins B3.9 Eng.), HL740-3; HL740TM-3(Cummins 6BT5.9 Eng.), R290LC-3; R290LC-3LR(Cummins 6CT8.3 Eng.), Robex 210-3, 210LC-3 with Cummins B5.9-C, 130HP engines , JCB Fastrac 1135, 125 , 130 Turbo with Perkins 1006.6T engine , 145 Turbo , 150T with Perkins Phaser 160TW engine , John Deere 750 , 643 - Feller Buncher , 755 , 648D , Kato HD1023(Mitsubishi 6D16T Eng.), HD1200G; HD1220SE; HD1220SE-II(Mitsubishi 6D22C Eng.), HD550SE-V(Mitsubishi 6D31T Eng.), HD550SE-VII(Mitsubishi 6D31T Eng.), HD700SEV; HS700SEV-II(Mitsubishi 6D31T Eng.), HD750(Cummins C160 Eng.), HD880SE(Mitsubishi 6D22C Eng.), HD880SE-II(Mitsubishi 6D14CT Eng.), HD900SE-V;HD900SE-VII(Mitsubishi 6D15T Eng.), Kawasaki 65ZII(Isuzu 6BG1 Eng.), 70BC(Cummins V504 Eng.), 70D(Isuzu 6BD1 Eng.), 70DC(Cummins V504 Eng.), KSS70BC(CUMMINS V504 Eng.), KSS70C(CUMMINS V504 Eng.), KSS70D(ISUZU 6BD1T Eng.), KLD65Z with Isuzu DA640 engine , KLD70, KLD80Z with Isuzu DA640T engine , KLD70II, KLD80Z with Nissan PD604 engine , Kobelco K905LC II, K907D(Mitsubishi Eng.), K909A(Mitsubishi 6D22C Eng.), LK400, LK500A, LK600(Nissan PD6T04 Eng.), LK600A, LK700A, K 909A with Mitsubishi 6D22C engine , LF 600 with Nissan PD604 engine , LK 400 with Nissan FD614 Turbo engine , LK 500 with Nissan FD6TO4 engine , Komatsu PC150, D40-3(6D105 Eng.), D40A-3; D40P-3; D40PL-3; D40PLL-3(6D105 Eng.), D41-3(6D105 Eng.), D41A-3; D41P-3; D41Q-3; D41S-3(6D105-1 Eng.), GD405A-1(6D105 Eng.), PC150-1(6D105-1 Eng.), PC100-2; PC100D-2; PC100L-2; PC100SS-2; PC120-2; PC120SS-2(S4D105-5 Eng.), PC200(S6D95 Eng.), PC200-1; PC200-2; PW200; PC220-1; PC220-2(6D105, S6D105 Engs.), PW100-1(S4D105-5 Eng.), WA100-1; WA120-1(6D95L Eng.), WA150-1(S6D95L Eng.), WA180-1(S6D95L Eng.), WA200-1(6D105-1 Eng.), WA250-3(S6D95L Eng.), D40 with 6D105-1 engine , D40 A, P, PL, PLL, Q Series 3, D41 A, P, PL, PLL, Q Series 3 with 6D105 engine , 12-HT, HL, HD-2 with S4D105 engine , P100-1, PC100-2, PC100L-1, PC100L-2, PC100N-1, PC100U-2 with S4D105-1 engine , PC120-1, PC120-2 with S4D105-5 engine , PC150-1 with 6D105-1 engine , PC200-2, PC200LC-2, PC200LC-2H with 6D105-1 engine , PW100-1 with S4D105-5 engine , GD405A-1 with 6D105 engine , 515-2, 520B with 6D105-1 engine , JH63-2 with 6D105 engine , W60-1, W70-1, W70-2, W70-3 with 6D105, S6D105 engines , WA150-1, WA180-1 with S6D95L-1A engine , WA180-1 with Dresser 610T engine , WA200-1 with 6D105-1Z, 6D105-1BB, 6D105-1EE engines , Lamborghini 1356, 1356DT , 1506DT Turbo , 1556DT , 1706DT Turbo , Landini R14500, DT11500 , Liebherr 912, 925 Backhoe, 945 Backhoe, A912; R912HD; R912LC; R912(Deutz F6L912 Eng.), A922; R922LC(Deutz F6L912 Eng.), LR631B; LR631C, LR611; LR611 LH; LR611M(D924T Eng.), LR621B, LR621B; LR621C(LH Eng.), LR621C, LR622; LR622M(D924T Eng.), PR712; PR712B(D924T Eng.), PR721C, PR722; PR722B(D924T Eng.), PR731C, PR751(Cummins KT1150 Eng.), R925 Track Excavator(Deutz F6L912 Eng.), PR751 with Cummins KT1150 engine , A912, R912, R912LC with Deutz F5L912, F6L912 engines , MAN D2530MTE.304HP, D2542ME , Marshall AM120 with Ford 2715E engine , AM135 with Perkins T6.354 engine , TM110, TM135, TM155 with Perkins 6.354.4 engine , TM120 with Ford 2725E engine , Massey Ferguson MF600C, MFD600C (K12C) with MFH D962K engine , MF55C, MFC55C with MFH D962B engine , MF66 with Cummins NH250 engine , MF500 with Perkins V8-510 engine , MF600C , Mitsubishi FD70(Mitsubishi S6S Eng.), MG300, MS180-2(Mits. 6D15C Eng.), Motori VM 1310V, 1312V, Ti 1316V, 2300, Ti 1306V, Ti 1308V, Ti 1310V, Ti 1312V , TI1306V Turbo, TI1308V Turbo, TI1310V Turbo, TI1312V Turbo , New Holland 1550, Orenstein and Koppel RH14, RH18, RH18-600HD, RH25, RH60 with Deutz F8L413 engine , RH18 Tropic , RH25 Tropics , RH9 Tropics with Deutz BF6L913 engine , 10.73 with Deutz BF6L913 engine , L10 Tropics with Deutz F4L912 engine , L15 Tropics , L20 with Deutz BF6L913 engine , L25 Tropics with Deutz F6L413 engine , L35 with Deutz F10L413 engine , Poclain 75P, 75CL, 75CL; 75P(Deutz F5L912, F6L912 Engs.), 85 Series B(Deutz F5L912, F6L912 Engs.), 90CK Excavator; 90CL Excavator; 90P(Deutz F5L912, F6L912 Engs.), 75ALT, 90ALT with Deutz engine , 75CK, 75CK Series B, 75CL, 75P, 75STD, 85 Series B, 85CK, 85CK Series B, 90CK, 90CL, 90P, 90STD with F5L912, F6L912 engines , Powerscreen Engine(Ford Eng.), Renault GBD 4x4 with MID 63.54.00 engine , Same Argon 50(1053P Eng.), Dorado 60, Galaxy 170, Laser 150, Solar C55; Solar C60(1053P Eng.), Titan 145(1000.6AT Eng.), Titan 190, Galaxy 170, Galaxy 170 Turbo , Hercules 160 Export , Laser 150, Laser 150 Turbo , Samsung 130(4 Cyl Eng.), SE130 Series; SE130W(Cummins 4BTA3.9-C Eng.), SE130LC, SE130LC-2, SE130LCM-2, SE130W-2 with Cummins 4BTA 3.9 Litre engine , Sullair 16-75L, Tadano TR300E, TR400E Crane, TCM 840-2, Thwaites TD18, Volvo DR826, DR860T, DR860TL, TC860T, TC860TL, TC861 with TD50B, TD60A engines , White 8600 Combine(Perkins Diesel Eng.), 8800 Combine(Perkins Diesel Eng.), 8900 Combine(Diesel Eng.), 8920 Combine(Perkins Eng.), 8600, 8800 - Combines with Perkins engine , 8900 - Combine with Perkins 6.354 engine , Yale and Towne 2000Z Loader(Deutz Eng.)

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